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Adult Party Games

Our ever-growing list of Adult Party Games will help you in planning your next party, company event or shower. Check back often or Bookmark us as we are constantly adding new games! Have a game you'd like to see listed? Email us today and we'll include it in our list.

A Century of Trivia

Name That Tune

Balloon Popping

To Speak or Not to Speak ?

Name Game

Pass The Package

Act it Out

Pass The Ball (or orange)

Earth, Wind, Air and Fire

Fill in The Blanks

Have You Ever

I Never

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Musical Partners

Mix and Match

Lap Stack

Name and Number

Describe Me

Hand to Hand

Mimed Grapevine

The Women Game

Two Truths - One Lie

A Century of Trivia
Print out our Century of Trivia Questions
And don't forget to print out the Century of Trivia Answer Key!


Balloon Popping Contest
Divide guests into two equal groups. About 25 yards away place two bags of inflated balloons in colors to match your theme colors. These balloons should be overinflated to make popping easier. At the sound of a ringing bell or whistle, the first two relay contestants, one from each team, run to the bag, and remove one balloon. Each must sit on it until it pops. Once the balloon pops, the players run back to the starting line, and tag the next player in line. The first team to complete the course wins. Not a quiet game…but a guaranteed favorite! This one may sound like it is just for kids, but your party will live on in your guest's memories forever if you play this game!
Using balloons in colors to match your theme - Divide the group into two teams. Tie the balloons to everyone's ankles. Say "go" and watch the teams trying to burst the other team's balloons first. The team with the last balloon wins. As your balloon is burst you withdraw from the game.

Name Game
Provide each guest with 5 small pieces of paper and a pencil. Have them write down the names of 5 famous people… actors, authors, sports figures, politicians, artists, inventors, scientists, etc. Fold the papers, and put them into a hat. Seat guests in a large circle. Each round is limited to 30 seconds, so have a watch with a second hand available. The first player pulls out a name, and tries to get the person beside them to guess the name. After the name is guessed, the clue giver can continue pulling names out of the hat for the full 30 seconds. Here are the rules: They can talk, but can't point to items. They can't spell out the name, but can say the letter the name starts with. They can reference just about anything, but the person's name. As an example, if the name is "Sammy Sosa", the clue giver might say…"The guy who had almost as many homeruns as Mark McGuire in the 1998 baseball season." "He plays for the Chicago Cubs", etc. Both the clue "giver" and the clue "guesser" get points for as many names as they guess in the 30-second time frame. Have each participant track his/her own points. The turn then passes to the guesser, who now becomes the clue giver, and his/her neighbor becomes the new guesser. This game is tons of fun and really is not as difficult as these instructions would make it seem! 

To Speak or Not to Speak?
Give each player a bag or goodie box with 10 small treasures in it (candy, chocolates, little favors). Have bags labeled with players' names, so they don't get mixed up. Let players know at the start of the game exactly when the game will be ending—this game can be played throughout an entire party if you so choose. The object of the game is to catch fellow players saying one of the forbidden words or phrases:
Choose 5 or 6 words or phrases related to the theme of your party.
For example, for a Christmas party, you might select: TREE, PRESENT, PACKAGE, CAROLS, ORNAMENT
For a luau, you might select: PALM TREE, LEI, COCONUT, BEACH, TROPICAL
For a Retro Party, you might select: GROOVY, DISCO, FAR OUT, SMILEY FACE, PEACE, YEAH BABY
For a Wedding Shower, you might select: BRIDE, GROOM, GIFTS, HONEYMOON, RECEPTION
(Select words or phrases that would be natural for guests to say considering the occasion.)
To help players, post the words prominently on a board where they can be seen often. If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, that person has to give up a treasure from their stash. The player with the biggest haul of goodies at the end of the game is the winner! Lots of fun!

Name That Tune
Keep track of points and award the winner a music CD. If your group is large, play a variation on this game. Using famous songs, list song titles on one side of a page, and the original Artists or songwriters on the other side. Make enough copies for all guests. Challenge guests to match as many as possible. A challenging but fun adventure!

Pass the Package
Use two props related to your party theme, or wrap two boxes to look like beautiful gifts (approximately shoe box size). Divide guests into two teams and have them form two lines. At the signal to "go", the prop is to be passed from person to person. The catch is that guests can use any part of their bodies except their hands. If the gift touches the ground at any time, it must go back to the beginning of the line again. Whichever team manages to get the prop to the end of the line first wins the game. You may want to fill each box with little prizes or candy (enough for all), so that both teams can open the gift and be rewarded for their efforts. We have several very inexpensive prizes in our Party Favor Store. Giggling good grown-up fun!
As an alternative, provide one plastic spoon for each player. Divide guests into two teams, and have them form two lines. Have each player put the spoon handle into his/her mouth. To begin the game, put one piece of candy into the spoon of the first person in each line. Players have to pass the candy down the line – without using their hands! If the candy falls, it goes back to the start of the line. The team that gets the candy to the end of the line first wins!

Act it Out
Four people are chosen for the round and three of the four are taken out of the room. The one that remains is told to mime one of the following (or one of your own ideas) in approximately 20 seconds:  
1. Changing the diapers of twins  
2. Bathing an elephant  
3. Jumping from a large tower into a huge bowl of Jello  
Before they start, a second person is brought into the room and told to watch. When the first demonstration has been completed, the first person is allowed to retake their place and the third person is brought into the room. The second (who has just seen the demonstration) is told that they have to act out what they have just seen for the third person. After it's done, the fourth person enters and the scene is acted out again by the thired person. The games ends when the third person has done the mime, and the fourth person is asked what they have just seen. They get three guesses. Funny, funny!

Pass The Ball
Line up into 2 teams (is fun to line up boy/girl/boy/girl, etc) The first person in each team is given a ball (or an orange) to place under his or her chin. They must pass the ball to the next in line but neither may use their hands. The players can use all the parts of their bodies to pass the ball but it's forbidden to drop it. The first team to get the ball all the way to the last person is the winner.

Earth, Wind, Air and Fire
Have the host stand in front of the group or in a circle around the group so that the host can single out any one individual. The host should choose and point to someone in the group and say "Earth" "Air" "Fire" or "Water" and then count to ten as fast as he/she can. If they say "Earth" the person must name an animal before the host gets to ten or if they say "Air" the person must name a bird. And, if they call "Water" the person must name a fish and finally if they call "Fire" the person must remain absolutely silent! No two animals, birds or fish can be the same in one game. Each time you mess up you get a point. Once you get 3 points you are out. The game continues until there is a winner.

Fill in The Blanks
This game is a great icebreaker and resembles the MadLibs games we all know. Ask the guests for 10 adjectives and then fill in the blanks for the story below! It can be easily tailored to suit your own business or occasion!

I represent Please Mom, the ___________ company in the world. We sell the _____________________ products. I am pleased to be in this __________________ home today. We must admit we have a ________________ hostess. Of all of the groups I have ever held a presentation for, you are by far the _____________________. And once again I 
want to thank our ______________ hostess for inviting me into her home this evening. I am sure by the end of the evening you will agree I am the ______________sales person you have ever met. I do hope that you have such a good time you will invite me into your ______________ home, so that you can receive some of our ____________ clothing free. Now I will continue with our presentation because afterwards our hostess will be serving some ___________ refreshments

Have You Ever?
Read this list to all player. Score one point for each one you have done. The player with the most points wins! This list can be changed or added to, to fit your needs/theme. Alternate game: Have your guests go around the room, each asking their own question (these can get interesting - Have You Ever...been drunk, been arrested, been naked in public, etc)

1. Locked yourself out of the house? 
2. Lost a member of the family while out shopping? 
3. Put something unusual in the refrigerator? 
4. Turned white colors pink (or another color) in the wash? 
5. Gone away from your home and left the iron on? 
6. Put your heel through the hem of a dress? 
7. Had your zipper break in public? 
8. Gone somewhere with two different shoes or socks on? 
9. Remembered an appointment after it was too late? 
10. Called a member of the family by another name? 
11. Been ready to bathe and found no hot water? 
12. Fallen up the stairs? 
13. Gone shopping for groceries and discovered you did not bring any money with you? 
14. Driven away from somewhere while a member of your party was still out of the car? 
15. Dialed a phone number and forgot who you called? 
16. Locked the keys in your car? 
17. Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going? 
18. Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it?

I Never
Put the group in a circle. There should be 1 less chair than people in the circle. Choose someone to stand in the circle. This person says, "I never..." then saying an action of something they have never done. For example, someone would say, "I never went to Hawaii." Then everyone who HAS gone to Hawaii gets up and finds a seat that is empty as fast as possible. The person left standing then goes to the middle and says, "I never..." and so forth. Play until you get tired of it.

Musical Partners
You need to have an even number of people to actually participate in this game. (The odd person, or the host, can be the one to stop the music). Turn some music on, and begin the game by selecting 2 people to dance with each other (fast or slow). Have someone turn the music off at different intervals, and tell the 2 people dancing to select new partners. Continue to play the game and select new partners until everyone is dancing.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon
This is a great way to introduce everyone if you have an even number of people at your party. Buy some yarn or ribbon, and cut the ribbon/yarn up into various lengths (at least 100-400 uneven pieces). Put everyone into pairs, and have them search throughout the house to find as many pieces of ribbon/yarn as they possibly can. They must work with their partner to tie each piece of ribbon/yarn together to create one long piece of yarn/ribbon. Whoever has the longest piece of ribbon/yarn at the end of 5 minutes wins the game (It is OK if not every piece of ribbon is found).

Lap Stack
Put everyone in a circle. Each player should have a chair. Ask these statements to the guests. When a person can answer yes to a question, that person moves to the next seat on their right. By the way.. After a while there will be several players sitting on laps...even 4 at a time. You will want to have your own list of questions or criteria. Here are a few suggestions: 
If you are wearing shoes that tie  
If you are wearing a watch  
If you have on a button  
If you went to church Sunday  
If you kissed your significant other today  
If you are wearing heels  
If you are wearing a ring  
If you are having fun  
If you are wearing yellow  
If you made the bed you slept in  
If you have a zipper  
If you are wearing pants  
If you have a son  
If you have green eyes 
If you have been to Hawaii 
If you like chocolate 
If speak a foreign language
 The first person who gets back to their original seat wins.

Name and Number
As people walk into the party, put their name on one side of an index card, and a number on the other side. As everyone walks around with their name showing (on the index card that is taped to their shirt), they have to try to introduce themselves to as many people as they can. After a bit of mingling, tell everyone to turn over his or her name tags, so that the number on each card is showing rather than the name. Now give everyone a numbered piece of paper, and see who can fill in the most names next to the corresponding number



Describe Me
What is everyone's first impression of other partygoers? As guests arrive, make sure that each person gets an index card taped to their back as well as a pencil. Have your guests mingle, and meet each other. As people get to know each other a little bit better, have each guest write their first impressions of the people they meet on the cards on their backs. Make sure to tell your guests to write funny things, but to stay away from anything resembling rude or mean comments. Write things like "quick wit," "bedroom eyes," "million dollar smile," "hot stepper," etc. After about 15-20 minutes, have each person read the card off the adjacent person's back for a few laughs.

Hand To Hand
Guests need to get into pairs and form two circles, one inside of the other. One person needs to be in charge of starting and stopping the music, and another person gets to be the leader. When the music begins, the two circles are to begin moving in opposite directions. The leader remains in the center of the circles barking out commands such as "Hand to foot," "Nose to back of head," "Elbow to hip," "Cheek to cheek," etc., and every time the music is stopped the people facing each other must obey the commands. When the music stops, the leader must find someone to pair up with, and then the person who is left out becomes the leader.

Mimed Grapevine
Four people are chosen for the round and three of the four are taken out of the room. The one that remains is told to mime one of the following (or one of your own ideas) in approximately 20 seconds:  
1. Changing the diapers of twins  
2. Bathing an elephant  
3. Jumping from a large tower into a huge bowl of Jello  
Before they start, a second person is brought into the room and told to watch. When the first demonstration has been completed, the first person is allowed to retake their place and the third person is brought into the room. The second (who has just seen the demonstration) is told that they have to act out what they have just seen for the third person. After it's done, the fourth person enters and the scene is acted out again by the thired person. The games ends when the third person has done the mime, and the fourth person is asked what they have just seen. They get three guesses. Let the humor begin!

The Women Game
Give everyone paper and pencils and have them keep score as you read this aloud. The woman with the highest score at the end wins!
This is a rather peculiar game 
It really does not have a name 
It's simple to play as a game should be 
You just do as you're told, you see 
So now if you'll please give me your attention 
We'll put an end to this suspension 
In the end, whoever scores the most 
Will receive a prize of which to boast 
Now since you're all fashionable girls 
Give yourself 5 if you have any pearls 
You may add 3 if your toes peek out 
And earrings will give you 2 more to shout 
Score yourself 5 if you show any red 
Add 6 more for a curl on your head 
Now before you think you are going to win 
Take away 2 for each safety pin 
Give yourself 6 if your pants are tight 
Add 1 for a scarf which is just about right 
Add 5 more if your shoes are black 
And take away 3 for a zipper in back 
Now count all your buttons, for each you get 2 
And take away 1 for each button that's blue 
Give yourself 5 if your heels are high 
And why not take 10 for the green in your eye 
10 more points for a rose on your clothes 
Take away 5 if you forgot to wear hose 
If your husband you kissed today - add 9 
If you didn't subtract 12 - you're subject to fine 
This is the end...there isn't anymore 
Who is the lucky lady with the highest score?

Two Truths - One Lie
This is a great game for people who are trying to get to know each other. Everyone sits in a circle and takes turns telling 3 things about themselves, one of them is a lie.
I have been to every continent in the world.
I won't use green towels.
I once had a ferret but it was killed by my cat.
Then everyone else guesses/votes on which is the lie. It's really funny to see what people come up with for their lie and you learn a lot of funny truths too

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