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Asian Party or Oriental Party!

Plan a terrific Asian or Oriental themed party for teens or adults with the free party planning tips and ideas below. From Invitations to Decorations, Games to Recipes we'll help you plan the perfect Asian Theme Party!


Asian Party Invitations

Asian Party Decorations

Asian Table Decorations


Asian Party Recipes

Party Games & Activities

Asian Party Favors



Asian Party Invitations

There are many beautiful invitations that would be perfect for an Asian theme party. Or you can create your own!


Include some great Chinese Character Confetti inside for flair!


Or you can hand-deliver Oriental Mini Party Boxes to your guests, with a hand-written invitation inside along with some wrapped fortune cookies.


Send your invitation tied to a pair of chopsticks. Use red card stock and a gold paint pen for the invitation. Tie the invitation to the chopsticks with a black ribbon.

Create your own Asian Theme Party Invitation by using red card stock to create your own fan. Write the party details in gold pen.

Asian Party Decorations

Choose red and black as your theme colors with splashes of gold and white. Hang Balloons and Gossamer Streamers around the room in these colors.


Hang some Giant Dragon Fans on the walls!


Hang Round Paper Lanterns from your ceilings and outside from trees. Hang a piece of red Curling Ribbon or Gossamer Streamer from the bottom of the lantern.


Use Asian Gossamer to create bows, swags and drapes around your party. This product is economical, lightweight and holds its shape beautifully! Gossamer is also great for covering tables and creating table skirts.

Asian Party Table Decorations

There is a large variety of tableware that would be great for this Asian theme party.
Start by choosing Table Covers and Skirting in red and black.


Add Metallic Gold Plates to incorporate some glitz into your table decorations.


Create your own Fortune Cookies. Take some regular, store bought fortune cookies and microwave them for about five seconds. Now that they are soft, you will be able to bend them to take out the fortune message. Replace the message with your own special message.


Make a Fortune Cookie shaped Cake. It's easy!

Try the following recipe for making a Fortune Cookie Cake:

Fortune Cookie Cake
2 tb Butter
30 Regular sized marshmallows
8 oz Milk or white chocolate -Chopped
40 Fortune cookies
1 ts Vanilla
4 c Crisp rice cereal
In a large saucepan melt butter with vanilla and marshmallows over low heat. Stir in cereal. Spread in greased, 8-inch round springform pan. In medium bowl placed over saucepan of simmering water, melt chocolate just until smooth. Dip cookie bottoms into melted chocolate mixture; stack cookies on cake in layers to form a pyramid shape. Drizzle any extra chocolate down sides. Refrigerate cake at least one hour. To serve, pull cookies off cake and slice cake.

Asian Party Centerpieces

Use Mini Fans on your tables or a Japanese Lantern Centerpiece


Asian Party Recipes

Recipes for an Asian or Oriental Themed Party can be up to you. Try some of these food ideas:

You can either choose one type of food from a specific country, or offer an array of different Asian tastes.

If you opt for just one country's cuisine, select from Japanese, Chinese or Thai food. These are the most popular and easy to find.

If you are not up for making the food yourself, simply order take-out from your local Asian restaurant. When you get the food home, display it on your own platters to make it look more homemade.

Really cool idea? Hire an Asian chef to come to your party! You can either hire a sushi chef to give a demonstration (and then let the guests roll their own for a fun activity), or a stir-fry chef to cook up each guest's specific dish. 

Beef, Pork or Chicken Dumplings, Egg rolls and Springrolls, Dim Sum and more

Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings with Soy Dipping Sauce
Soy Dipping Sauce:
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sweet hot chili sauce
2 slices fresh ginger root
1/4 pound ground chicken
6 shrimp , peeled and minced
2 teaspoons chopped ginger
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 green onion, chopped
2 teaspoons chopped basil
1 tablespoon sweet hot chili sauce
soy sauce to taste
24 wonton wrappers
1/2 cup chicken stock
To make the sauce, place all the ingredients in a small sauce pan and bring up to a boil. Remove from the heat then allow to cool before serving. In a small bowl combine chicken and shrimp and mix well. Add ginger, garlic, onion, basil and chili sauce and mix well. Season with soy sauce. In the middle of a fresh wonton wrapper place a heaping teaspoon of the shrimp mixture. Bring the sides up around the filling pleating the sides. Continue with the rest of the filling. In a large saute pan heat oil until very hot. Gently place the dumplings in the saute pan and brown. When the dumplings are brown, add stock and steam about 2 minutes or until tender. Remove and serve hot with soy dipping sauce. Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings with Soy Dipping Sauce

Baked Egg Rolls
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon corn starch
4 cups finely shredded napa, Chinese or regular white cabbage
1 cup mung bean sprouts
1 medium or large carrot finely grated (about 1/2 cup)
2 tablespoons finely sliced green onions
4 cloves finely chopped garlic, divided
1/2 pound ground turkey or hamburger (optional)
1 cup mixture of mushrooms, more cabbage, bean sprouts and/or carrots
2 teaspoons grated ginger root
14 egg roll skins found in produce section of grocery store
These can be made with or without meat. They have a different texture than fried egg rolls but it's worth it. These were still pretty crispy! Mix soy sauce with corn starch. Set aside.
Spray non-stick skillet or wok with nonstick cooking spray or heat one tablespoon cooking oil. Over high heat stir-fry 1-2 cloves garlic and ginger for a few seconds. Add cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot and green onions. Stir fry a few minutes until cabbage is wilted. If cooking meat, remove vegetables from pan. Add remaining 1-2 cloves garlic. Add ground turkey or hamburger. Stir fry until no longer pink. Drain off any fat. Add reserved soy sauce/corn starch and the vegetables. Cook 1 minute or so until thickened. Remove from heat and allow to cool a little.

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Turn egg roll skin so it looks like a diamond. Place 1/4 cup filling just below the center. Fold the lower point of the diamond over the filling tucking it under the filling. Fold the left and right corners over that. Tightly roll the egg roll. Moisten the top corner with a bit of water to prevent it from unrolling. Repeat until you run out of skins or filling. (Note: Keep the egg roll skins in their wrapper or cover with a moist towel so they don't dry out.) Place egg rolls seam side down on the pan. They can be close together but not touching. Lightly spray the egg rolls with the nonstick cooking spray. Bake 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Asian Party Games & Activities

For a Child's party, have the children make Asian-style Kites with White Gossamer.

Your younger guests would also enjoy decorating Oriental Mini Party Boxes with red and black Asian symbols (provide some books with Asian designs that they can copy).

Young kids will also love to decorate chop sticks with red, black and gold paint pens or decorate their own fans.

Try a sushi-making session using candy and sweet items instead of fish! 

For the Adult Asian themed party, a fun and tasty idea is to hire a sushi chef to attend the party. They can give a demonstration about how to make sushi to all the guests. Guests can then make their own sushi. Provide containers for them to store the sushi in, so that they can take it home at the end of the party


Hire someone who speaks an Asian language to come to the party and teach your guests phrases or words and explain the history behind the language.


For a unique entertainment, arrange for a Chinese acrobat performance. 

Asian Party Favors

Oriental Mini Party Boxes. They look just like the "To-Go" containers you get at Asian restaurants. Fill these with candy, nuts or mints. 

Floral Fans would make great favors


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