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Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Party Ideas!


Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Party Supplies


Show her one big Girl's Night of Fun before her big day... Throw her a Bachelorette party she will never forget with these free tips and planning ideas and find the perfect Bachelorette party supplies, decorations, party favors and more!

Bachelorette Party Invitations:


There is no better occasion than a bachelorette party to let loose and have some wild and crazy fun with your girlfriends! Decide now whether you will be holding the blast at a nightclub, your home, or another location. If its at a location away from home, it will cut down on your decorating needs, but may not be as personal. For the most intimate surroundings, choose your own living room! To make the party memorable, why not choose a theme and build your evening around it?


Here are some theme ideas:
Round-the-Clock Theme
Lingerie theme
Kitchen theme (include recipes with gift)
Outdoor theme
Holiday theme


If you decide to go with a theme, make sure your invitations work well with it. For example, if you choose the Round-the-Clock theme, check out our As Time Goes By Invitation and set the clock differently for each guest. Explain on the inside of the invitation that they are to bring a gift that the bride will use at that given time of day. People have been known to be very creative with this!


A cute general invitation for a bachelorette party would be to create your own using a collection of pictures of the bride. Try to get several pictures of her with previous boyfriends and make a collage of them on the front of the invitation. On the inside of the card write something like, "Sally is finally settling down, let's celebrate this long-awaited event with a bash!"

Bachelorette Party Activity Ideas:


If you will be holding your party at home, here are a couple of suggestions for fun activities:

Have everyone bring pictures of their first boyfriends - have guests pick whose boyfriend goes with whom.

Hire a fortune teller to come in and predict everyone's future!

Play poker and tell jokes (just like the guys would).

If you feel especially daring, pull out some stogies! 


FRUITFUL ENTERTAINMENT - You will need to get each of your guests a banana and some extras for this one. Lay out some Playgirl magazines, open to the centerfold of course, and have the guest carve the examples penis out of the banana with their teeth! Pictures of this one are highly entertaining. Have the guests vote for their favorite one and hand the winner a prize. Cucumbers also work well for this!

If you will be going out on the town to party, here are a few fun ideas to make the bride-to-be turn three shades of red!!

Adorn the honoree with the Bride Hat and Bride T-shirt

On the back of the T-shirt have each of her friends write one piece of advice for the honeymoon.

Make sure that these are obnoxious and embarrassing things to make this really fun! Another idea to do with the T-shirt is to tie Lifesavers™ to the shirt and she has to collect a dollar from guys to eat the Lifesaver™ - "A suck for a buck"!
Attach a large teddy bear to the bride-to-be using handcuffs. This is great fun for her to drag around all night just like the "old ball and chain" suggestion.


Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Party Supplies

Send your friend on a Treasure Hunt. Have her gather the following items from each bar that you visit that night:
Book of Matches
Shot Glass
Dinner Receipt
Dry Rice
Gum/Breath Mints
Here are some other things that you could have the bride do throughout the evening:
Get 5 guys to buy her a drink
Get a guy to serenade her
Get 10 DJ's to play her favorite song


Take a white T-shirt and in large letters write BRIDE on it. Now is smaller lettering write the names of different guys all over the shirt. The bride must go up to men in the bars and out on the town and ask them if they can find their name on the shirt. She must then get them to sign the shirt as proof. The object is to find all of the guys names. For each one that is leftover the Bride must do a shot. For fun you have to throw in some toughies like Wendell and such.


This is a fun way to get the party started! As the guests arrive at the designated meeting place have everyone take a piece of paper and write a task for the Bachelorette to do that evening at the top. At the bottom each guest can write a special sentiment to the Bride and sign it.
Suggested tasks:
Kiss a bald man with a tattoo.
Do a "blow job" shot.
Find a guy with the same name as the Groom and kiss him.

During the evening while the Bride accomplishes the task take a picture. When you get the photos back match them up with the piece of paper with the task and make a memory book with the incriminating photos. You may also want to include a copy of the invitations as well. Makes for a great laugh looking back

Bachelorette Party Food Ideas:


Again, many bachelorette parties occur out on the town so no planning for food and drinks needs to be done. If you will be celebrating at home with a card game, movie night, or another activity, here are some suggestions for munchies:

Create a Mexican bar for guests to make their own tacos, nachos, etc.
Set up a table loaded with various dips and stuff to dip! (Crackers and cheeses, chips and salsa, etc.)
A potato bar is always a favorite for the female guest list!
Soup and salad is a lighter alternative to a big meal.
Pasta, pasta, and more pasta! Throw away those worries about the dress fitting and enjoy the carbs!



Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Party Supplies


Bachelorette Party Decorations:


Obviously, if you will be going out, you do not need to do much in terms of decorating, but if you are holding the party in your home or an event room you will want to add some decorating items to the room. Many times the host will choose to decorate based on the colors of the upcoming wedding. This is a nice touch and can be achieved easily by using a couple of inexpensive products like balloons and gossamer.

Bachelorette Party Favors

A fun way to give out favors during a bachelorette party is to periodically give them out during the evening to aid in the partying or make the bride feel even more embarrassed at the attention she is receiving! Here are some ideas
Poly Leis and Wrist Leis
Crystal Rings
Toss Beads
Glow Necklaces

ReasontoParty has all of your Bachelorette Party Supplies!

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