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MLB Checks


baseball party cake

baseball party supplies





Baseball Party and Baseball Party Supplies!

Plan a Baseball Party with these Baseball Party Supplies, Ideas, Invitations, Party Favors and more! This theme is not just for kids either - adults love Baseball and can show off their favorite team. So wind up for the best Baseball Party ever!


Baseball Party Invitations

Baseball Party Decorations

Baseball Party Games and Activities

Activities for Adult Baseball Party Theme

Baseball Party Food

Baseball Party Favors

Baseball Party Supplies:


Baseball Party Invitations:

Write the details of the party on real baseballs or on plastic or wooden baseball bats. A permanent marker or paint pen will work.

Create your own invitation. Write the party details on cardstock and attach to a box of Cracker Jacks. 

You could also create your own baseball party invitation by making it into a ticket for your birthday boy/girls' favorite team, or in the shape of a baseball (with or without a picture of the birthday child in uniform!).

If you are planning any physical activities, be sure that the invitation notes that guests should come dressed to participate.


Baseball Party Decorations:

Cover your table with a red, royal blue or green plastic table cover. 

Add placemats for each guest--Cut indoor/outdoor grass into diamond shapes and using white tape, mark the bases. Add real props to the table, and some sports confetti or curled curling ribbon.

Tie balloons to the ends of the table, or use balls or boxes of Cracker Jacks as balloon weights.
Hang sports pennants down the back of each chair, around the buffet or food table, gift table, etc. 
Stand life-sized cutouts of baseball greats around the table.

Turn plastic baseball hats upside down, and use them as serving bowls for dry snacks, such as chips, pretzels or Cracker Jacks.

A Baseball Yard Sign is a must for marking where the party is!

Baseball Party Games and Activities:


Create fantastic Baseball Crafts! Try the BASEBALL BAT PHOTO MAGNET CRAFT KIT

"Homerun Relay": Divide the guests into two equal teams. Create two starting lines with masking tape, and place two bases about 15-20 yards away. Line the teams up with the uniforms at the starting line. At the sound of the whistle, the first player on each team quickly dresses up, runs the course, and then returns the uniform to the next player. The first team to have all of its players complete the course wins. A batting helmet, oversized baseball jersey, men's sized cleats or cross-trainers, and a bat for each team will lead to some homerun fun! Even kids aged 12 & 13 will get a kick out of this game, as their competitive spirit kicks in!

Play the Inflatable Baseball Game or the Baseball Bean Bag Game

Fill a huge plastic tub with sporting equipment that you have sitting around at home. Balls, balls and more balls for starters, then add bats, catchers mitts, name it...they'll have a blast. Hopefully you have an area where they can cut loose...a basement or garage.

Sports trivia quiz - let your son or daughter help you create this, or surprise him/her with your knowledge (check out a couple of sports periodicals or ask us for help!).

Give trading cards out as prizes/favors, and then let the kids trade for the ones they need most.


Baseball Coloring Pages: Print out and keep the kids entertained while awaiting all your guests, or at the end while waiting on parent pickups.  MLB Mascot coloring pages, Kaboose Baseball Coloring Pages

Activities for Adult Baseball Party Theme

To get the fun started, place upside-down baseball hats filled with conversation starters on each table. These "ice breakers" should be designed to get people thinking. Some questions might include:


*Who was your first baseball hero?
*Tell us about the first baseball game you ever went to.
*Tell us an embarrassing moment about a softball or baseball game you played or attended.
*Tell us about your biggest baseball moment – homerun hit, strike out, great catch, you name it.
*If you could change one baseball rule, what would it be?
*Who is the greatest player of all time in your opinion?
You'll stir up a lively debate, and get the party off to a grand slam start!

*Which team was your favorite baseball team growing up?

Play Baseball Trivia!! List specific trivia questions on paper, and then either make one copy for each guest, or have each table work as a team to answer the questions. Design your questions so some are difficult and some are easy. 
Search the internet for good questions (and be sure you record the answers for your reference!). Or click here to print out our Baseball Trivia Questions and Answer Sheet

Take party guests to a facility with batting cages or to a high school, college or pro game if a baseball field isn’t available.

Baseball Party Food:

To feed a hungry group of guests serve "ball-game" food – hot dogs, nachos, peanuts in the shell, chips, popcorn, snow cones and soft pretzels. Although this will probably be enough, you might want to add some cut up fruit and veggies. For the birthday cake...try making a baseball cake. Wilton™ has a terrific ball pan, complete with instructions to make a baseball cake. If your child is not a cake lover, make a huge rice crispy treat in a large pizza pan. After it has set, frost the entire treat with white frosting. Add red "stitching", and a birthday message. Whether you use the cake or the rice crispy treat, place either on a board covered with well-washed indoor/outdoor "turf" cut to resemble the infield. Your child will love it!
baseball hat cake

Baseball Hat Cake

• 1 baked 8-inch round cake
• 1 dome cake (baked in a 1 1/2-quart bowl or 6-inch sphere)
• 3 cups frosting (blue and red)
• Red shoestring licorice
• 1 red gumdrop
• Red M"M's

Cut the 8-inch cake so that it is shaped like a brim and arrange it next to the bowl cake. Frost the hat blue and the brim red.

Add shoestring licorice to the crown with a gumdrop button. Outline your child's initial in M"M's.

Get Baseball Party Cake Decorating Supplies and Ideas at The Party Works

Baseball Party Favors:

Baseball beads, kick bags, water cups with ids, baseball caps, baseball trading cards

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