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Free Birthday Craft Projects and Ideas!

Using the free birthday craft projects listed below, you can plan fun activities for an upcoming child's birthday party or for any day with someone special!



Birthday Wheel
Make a Birthday Wheel, a handy birthday reminder. This device is made from stiff paper. Twirl it around to see whose birthday is coming up!
Supplies needed:
Stiff paper
A printer (or a compass to draw circles)
A brass paper fastener
A pen or pencil
Crayons or markers to decorate it
-Print out the 2 circles (top and bottom) from stiff paper.
-If you don't print the circles, cut out 2 large circles that are the same size as each other. On one, draw a wedge that is 1/12 th the circle. On the other circle, divide the circle into 12 wedges, then draw a series of concentric circles.
-Cut out the 2 large circles. Bottom
-Cut out the wedge shape from the top circle.
-Write the names of the months along the top of the lined wheel: January, February, March, April, May June, July, August, September, October, November, December.
-Put the top and bottom together using a brass paper fastener.
-Write the birthdays of your family and friends in your amazing birthday wheel! Decorate the cover.



Paper Bag Monster Pinata Craft
A simple-to-make pinata made from a paper bag and tissue paper. Pinatas are great at children's parties. When you're done making your candy-filled pinata, you can hang the pinata up and have children break it open with a soft bat (like a Nerf bat or a tightly-rolled-up and taped newspaper).
Supplies needed:
A large paper bag
Tissue paper
Crepe paper streamers
Optional: Googly eyes, paint
-Fill a paper bag about half way with goodies (like candies and small toys).
-Roll the top of the bag down, staple the folded top shut, and punch two holes along the top.
-Cut strips of tissue paper and cut fringes in them.
-Glue the fringes of tissue paper to the bag (glue along the top of the fringes). -Cover the bag with tissue paper.
-Decorate with paper cut-outs, markers, paint, and/or googly eyes.
-Tie a long string through the holes. You will eventually hang the pinata up using this string.
-Glue long crepe paper streamers from the bottom of the pinata.
-You now have a scary monster pinata. Hang it up and break it open with a soft bat (like a Nerf bat or a tightly-rolled-up and taped newspaper).

Sweet Necklace or Bracelet
This is an easy way to make a very sweet, edible necklace or bracelet using licorice whips and Fruit Loops cereal and/or Cheerios. This is a good group activity for a child's party.
Use long licorice whips for necklaces and short ones for bracelets - leave a lot of extra room for tying the ends.
String the cereal onto the licorice whips.
Tie the ends together.
Wear and eat!

Potato Prints
Supplies needed:

Poster paint or tempera
Paper, cardboard, or wood
sharp knife
-Cut potatoes in half or thirds.
-Draw desired design onto potato with the pencil.
-Young children can carve their whole design with
the pencil but if more detail is preferred,
an adult needs to cut around the pencil outline.
-Place paint in tray or paper plate in a thin layer.
-Press potato design into paint and firmly press
onto paper for impression.
Other options:
-Coloring with marker onto the potato
works as well although it produces a lighter effect.
-Practice a couple of times to get the
feel for how much paint you want on your print.
-To accomplish a textured effect try letting layers
dry and adding prints on top in different colors.


Making Stamps
Supplies needed:

Any of these items
Rubber erasers, Cork board, Styrofoam, cardboard
Inner tube rubber, Felt squares
Sharp utility knife
ink pad
Glue gun
-Cut the desired shape out of a rubber eraser for example:
-The tip of a pencil eraser will form a circle,
-Add notches to create flowers, carve letters
(don't forget to reverse for printmaking)
-When using felt, cork or cardboard attach the stamp
to a wood block with a glue gun.
Two inch dowel pieces work well.
-Press stamps onto ink pad and press on paper.
-Stamps will last longer if you keep a damp sponge
at work area to dab after each color.

How To Make Silly Putty
Supplies Needed:

2 parts Elmers' Glue-All
1 part liquid starch
Gradually pour starch into glue and mix. If mixture is sticky, add more starch. Cover and refrigerate overnight. This silly putty can be cut with scissors or be pulled or twisted.

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