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Bridal Shower Ideas and Party Supplies!

Planning a Bridal shower can be fun!


If she's looking to have some fun with the girls, see our Bachelorette party supplies!


Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower Guest List Tips

Bridal Shower Decorations


Bridal Shower Party Supplies

Bridal Shower Decorations

Bridal Shower Games & Activities

Food Ideas

Party Favor Ideas


Bridal Shower Invitations:


The party is held in the morning over brunch or in the afternoon or evening with a dessert menu or light appetizers and drinks. 


A shower can take place anywhere between six months before the wedding up to two weeks before the big day. Whenever is the most convenient for the bride!

Send the invitations so that they arrive at least two weeks before the event. If you are inviting guests from out of town, a six to eight week lead-time would be more appropriate (and appreciated).

Be sure to include the following information in your invitation:
• Date, time, and length of shower
• Who is invited (adults only or are kids invited, etc)
• Names & locations of any bridal registry
• Bride’s name & groom’s name
• Map to the party location
• Description of theme (if applicable) and if gifts and attire should be tied to the theme
• RSVP phone number/email address and date RSVP is needed

If you are inviting a large group of guests to the shower, you may want to consider having a formal invitation printed to give your hands a rest from writing each one. 


Bridal Shower Guest List Tips:

The guest list for a bridal shower typically includes the bridesmaids, close friends of the bride, and female family members of both bride and groom's. If you host a shower for "work friends", or a "church" shower, for example, you would not be obligated to include anyone outside that circle of friends.

Today, more and more wedding showers are co-ed events. Typically referred to as a Jack & Jill Party, it really is much more like a party than the traditional bridal shower. If you are hosting a co-ed wedding shower, the groomsmen, ushers, friends of the groom, and male family members would be invited.

How many people should be included? There are no set rules as to the number of guests. The hostess really is the one who needs to define the number and the location and budget can affect the number as well.

In the off chance that you are hosting a multiple wedding and bridal showers, the only "rule" that generally applies to this situation is that, with the exception of immediate family, each guest (friend or extended family member) should only be on one guest list. Otherwise, your guests will feel compelled to purchase to registry gifts, and in this economy, it is not always an option.

Consult with the bride about the guest list. If the shower is a surprise, consult with the mother of the bride, the bride's sisters or bridesmaids, as to who to invite.

It is generally considered to be in good taste to include only people who will be invited to the wedding to a shower. There are some exceptions to this "rule". If the couple is getting married in the bride's home state of Indiana, but they reside in Texas…invite everyone to the shower held in Texas…chances are 95% of them wouldn't make it to the wedding (even if they were invited). Other exceptions would include: if the couple are having a small intimate wedding with only family members; or if the couple has chosen to marry at a location away from their home town (exotic destination weddings have become extremely popular).


Bridal Shower Party Supplies:


Bridal Shower Locations:

Traditionally, the most popular location for a wedding shower has been the home of the hostess.


That remains a popular option for the following reasons:
Least expensive option – no rental fees
Easy to prepare for if your time is limited (no booking, negotiating fees, contract signing, etc.)
You won't have to transport your shower goodies (gifts, decorations, party favors, etc.) elsewhere
Decorating and cooking can be done in advance
Whoever's home the party is held at will receive the majority of thanks for the party.

The following factors have caused some busy hosts to consider alternative locations to their own home:
After the party is over, the mess will be yours to contend with.
Amongst all the other preparations, your home will have to be cleaned and tidied.
For a few hours, you will need to empty your home of children and pets.
Guest list may be limited by size considerations.
Someone else can see to all the fun details (for a fee).
If you are co-hosting a shower, choose the home that will be most practical in terms of convenience for other guests, and space requirements.

For choices on alternative locations for their party, consider one of the following:

A hotel tearoom
A favorite restaurant (many have private rooms and don't add a surcharge for using them)
The home or grounds of the parents of the bride or groom, or a favorite relative
The beach
A park
A zoo
A community center or reception hall (VFW, etc)
A church hall
The Country Club
An art gallery or museum
An athletic facility or field
A building on campus at the bride or groom's Alma Mater
A barn (great for a Western theme – complete with bonfire)
Consider the interests, hobbies, honeymoon destination, careers, or family heritage of the bride and/or groom, and tie the theme and location together to honor the couple.


Bridal Shower Party Decorations:

Use Gossamer!. Choose either a bridal white or the colors of the wedding and simply drape the fabric over tables, tie bows on the backs of the chairs, swag it across a mantle, wrap it around pillars, and hang it from the ceiling. Add Twinkle Lights under the lightweight fabric.

Place pictures of the bride and her groom around the room. Make collages of them as babies and young adults. Be sure to include a collection of pictures of them together!

Hang a set of three Tissue Bells from the ceiling either over the food table or where the bride will be sitting.

Don’t underestimate the power of Balloons even for a more formal setting such as a bridal shower. Tie Curling Ribbon onto each balloon and hang them from the ceiling at varying heights.

Large bouquets of fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to your décor. Have them arranged using the colors of the wedding or an assortments of brightly colored flowers in season.

Place a White Parasol on the floor next to the bride’s chair. To “shower the bride” with gifts, have your guests place their packages under the umbrella as they arrive.

Plastic Lace Table Cover is an excellent choice. Can be placed over the top of a colored cloth for extra dimension. If you don’t have enough good china to serve all of your guests, plastic tableware is perfectly acceptable as a great alternative.

Great wedding and anniversary gifts for the beautiful new couple!

For your wedding or bridal shower centerpieces, we suggest one of the following options.

You can continue with the fresh flower suggestion and have a large arrangement at each table.

Purchase a beautiful wedding shower Centerpiece

Use framed pictures of the bride on each table.

Place a variety of Candles on your tables varying the height of each one for the most appealing look. A small piece of gossamer tied in a bow on pillar candles is a fantastic look.

Use your food as a centerpiece. Place large upside down buckets and paint cans of various sizes under your tablecloth. Place your food on beautiful serving pieces and place them on top of the makeshift platforms. Sprinkle rose petals between dishes.


Bridal Shower Games and Activities:

As guests arrive, make sure they are all introduced to each other. You could break the ice by providing name tags with a small note, like "I attended grammar school with Jenny". Great conversation starters. 


A fun game that allows your guests to become familiar with the groom as well as the bride, is the “How Well Do You Know The Bride” game. Here’s how you play: Before the day of the shower, ask the groom several questions about the bride. For example, “What is her favorite flower?” or “What is her dream date?” Videotape or write down his answers. At the shower, ask the same questions to the guests and have them write down their answers. Then ask each question to the bride then play the videotape or read her fiancee’s answers – just for fun. The one that gets the most answers right wins! 

Hanging Out To Dry - Each visitor is given a clothespin upon arrival to shower. They are told of two words they can not mention (i.e. "wedding", and the groom's name). If they do, they lose their clothespin(s) to the one who caught them mentioning the forbidden words. The one who has the most clothespins at the end of the day, wins the prize!

Playing “Bridal Gift Bingo” ensures that the guests will pay close attention to the gifts as they are opened! Before the bride opens any presents, have each guest create their own bingo card (print up blank cards beforehand for them). They must fill in each square with a shower gift that the bride might open that day. For example, one box would be bath towels, another box might be pots and pans. As the bride opens her presents, the guests can mark off a box if they wrote down that particular item. The first person to get bingo wins!

For this “Think Fast” game, everyone sits in a circle. The bride begins the game by throwing a Garter to someone. While attempting to catch it, she must name something found in the wedding ceremony (i.e. flowers, alter, camera). Once the garter is caught, it is quickly tossed to someone else who must name something. If she cannot answer quickly enough, that person is out of the game. Play until one person is left!

Have a “Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt”. This activity actually takes place inside the guests’ purses! Make a list of items and assign a point system to each item. For example, 20 points for dental floss, $100 bill, or nail polish remover; 10 points for tweezers, rubber band, or shopping list; 5 points for pen, comb, or photos. The person with the most points wins!

For a funny yet meaningful moment, play “Name That Advice”. Go around the room and have the guests give the bride a piece of advice on marriage. The fun part of this is that the advice must be something that starts with the first letter of their name. For example, Jodi could tell the bride that “Jell-O is easy to make for a quick meal!”, or Laura could tell the bride to “Love him every moment”. At the end of this game, you could, as a group, award the bride with a Bridal Survival Kit.

"Toliet Paper Bride" - Each table receives a roll of toilet paper. Then, announce that each table must choose a "bride", preferably small in size, like a child. Then, tell the guests they must use the toilet paper, and ONLY the toilet paper to give their "bride" a dress. The real bride then chooses the table with the prettiest dress, and the winning bride gets a prize.

"I Never" This game works best if the attendees are good friends or all relatives. It brings a little embarrassment and lots of laughs! First, pass out 10 pieces of candy to each person. The object of this game is the keep your candy while making everyone else eat theirs! The guest of honor starts by stating something true about herself. For example, “I never dated two guys at the same time”. Any one that has done that must eat a piece of their candy. The game continues to the next player who makes a true statement about herself. After everyone has had a turn, the person with the most candy left wins.

Bridal Shower Recipes and Food Ideas:

Present the food with small edible flowers, herb leaves, or a few berries as accents. Some bakeries will bake specialty breads in fun colors.


Using a flower-shaped cookie cutter, cut bread slices into a pretty shape and top with a spoonful of chicken, egg, or tuna salad and place a garnish on top.

Drizzle a homemade raspberry sauce on each plate before placing the dessert in the center. Top with shavings of white chocolate.

Add edible glitter to any food. Can be found at Candy-making stores and specialty shops

Freeze a Jell-O™ ring mold with water and pansies for a floral float in a punch bowl.

Use goblets or Flutes to serve mousse or gelatin

For brunch or lunch dishes, try one of these ideas!
· Egg Casserole
· Stuffed French Toast
· Quiche
· Belgium Waffles and Strawberries
· Seafood Salad
· Fruit Plate
· Chicken Salad
· Caesar Salad
· Scallops with Fettucine

Finish the shower off with a delicious dessert! Here are some suggestions.
· Lemon Meringue Pie
· Cheesecake
· Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
· Cherry Delight
· French Silk Pie

Bridal Shower Party Favors:

Cake Bubbles are adorable and a great reminder of the upcoming special day!

Fill Favor Ribbons with small candies in the colors of the wedding. These lace favors look great on the table at each place setting. You can attach a small card with the guest’s names on each one and use them as placecards for assigned seating if desired.

Bridal Shower Party Supplies, Ideas, Decorations, Party Favors and more at ReasonToParty.


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