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Cheerleading Party Ideas and Supplies!

Hosting a cheerleading theme party is a perfect and fun idea for a group of "cheerful" young girls!


 Cheerleading Party Invitations:



A cute idea for invitations would be to give everyone a small, inexpensive Megaphone with a computer-generated sticker on the side stating the details of the party and telling the guests to bring the megaphone with them that day for some winning spirit!


 Cheerleading Party Activity Ideas:



If the girls do not have cheerleading outfits, create a "uniform" for the day by using a white T-shirt and some fabric paint. Make a big bold letter on the front of the shirt and add some stars and chevrons on the sleeve. If you want to go all out, purchase knit shorts for each guest. Using big bold letters write "CHEER" across the backside!

Add Funtoos to each girl's their cheek when she arrives for extra fun!

Let the girls give each other makeovers with Body Glitter and Nail Polish. They will love getting all done up for the "big game"!


Have a local high school cheerleader give lessons and teach cheers to the group. Kids love this kind of interaction with a "real life" cheerleader that they can see at a Friday night game. Have the girls perform their cheer for the parents as they arrive at the end of the party.

Don't forget to have the group make pyramids and mounts and take pictures of them. In each thank you note that you send out, include a picture as a favor.


Decorate a Diary

(for younger girls' parties) - This is a great activity for the beginning of your party so the glue will have time to dry before guests go home.
You will need:
4 pieces of 8 x 11-inch paper per guest
1 piece of 6 x 9-inch lightweight cardboard per guest
Various pieces of colored paper, scraps of fabric, lace, or ribbon
Quilt batting for padding
Silk flowers
Glue, a stapler, and several pairs of scissors

Tell your guests to cut each piece of paper in half, so that each child has eight pieces of paper. Fold all eight pieces of paper in half to form the inside pages of the diary. Set the pages aside.
Fold the piece of cardboard in half to form the cover of the diary. (Don't staple in the pages yet! First, decorate the cover of the diary, so that the pages won’t get any glue on them.) Cover the cardboard with quilt batting, tacking the batting to the cardboard with a few dots of glue. Then, cover the batting with fabric, folding the fabric over the edges of the cover to make a neat edge. Glue the folded-over portion of the fabric to the inside of the cover. (For a neater look, glue another piece of fabric over the open edges for a smooth finish.) Add lace, ribbons, silk flowers, glitter, and any other decorations you have to make the cover look pretty.


After the glue has dried, staple the pages inside. Use three staples along the spine of the diary to fasten everything together. Personalize the diary by writing the owner’s name neatly on the inside cover, or on the front page.

Cheerleader Party Supplies:



Cheerleading Party Food Ideas:


Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts…anything you would find at a ball game concession stand would be perfect to serve at this party. Another fun idea would be to serve food that matches your theme colors, such as layering Jell-O™ in parfait glasses in alternating colors. Popcorn, candy or pretzels served in upside down Cheer Phones with Caps will earn you three cheers for the fun food!


Shake your Pompoms, give a cheer…an awesome cheerleader cake is here!



What you'll need:
1 cake mix
1 - 16 oz. container of ready-made frosting to frost the megaphone
1 - 16 oz. container of ready-made frosting to frost the pompoms, outline the megaphone, and write a birthday message on the cake.
2 containers of coloring paste or gel to tint the frosting. Use the colors you have selected as your theme colors (this can be your child's favorites, school colors, favorite team colors, etc.)
2 Hostess Snowballs™ for the pompoms
Small container of edible glitter (optional) to cover the pompoms. (As an
alternative, flake coconut can be colored and sprinkled on the frosted

Does a BIG birthday cake taste better than a small cake? No, but a really big cake sure is fun to look at, and makes a great centerpiece for a birthday table! The following guidelines will give you an idea of what size to choose for your party:

9" X 13" Rectangle pan - 1 mix: serves 12-18 guests
18" X 13" Rectangle pan - 2 mixes: serves 18-28 guests (If you are using this size pan, just double the amount of frosting…all other ingredients beyond the cake mix and frosting amounts will remain the same.)

Because you are cutting the cake into a shape, you will be discarding some of the cake, and will need to adjust the size accordingly. If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by 2 boxed mixes, we recommend that you either bake extra cupcakes, or an extra rectangular cake. All can just be frosted simply, and cut and served behind the scenes. Cut and assemble the cake according to the diagrams below.


Step One:

cheerleading party


Step Two:


cheerleading cake ideas


Using frosting in one of the two theme colors, frost entire megaphone. Using a piping bag with a writing tip, or a quart-sized ziplock bag (with a small hole snipped from one of the bottom corners,) outline the outside edge of the megaphone with the second color of frosting. Using the same method, write a message on the cake for the birthday girl. This can be in the form of a cheer like, "GO ABBI!" or a simple Happy Birthday greeting. Next, frost the top of the Snowballs™ in the same color as the megaphone outline. Sprinkle with edible glitter or colored coconut. Enjoy!


 Cheerleading Party Decorations:  


Give your party guests a loud "cheerful" welcome with our Megaphone Entrance! Set it up right outside your home or inside a large room. (It is not weather-resistant.) It will instantly get all the girls in the mood to cheer!


Pom Poms are an easy way to create the cheerleading idea by hanging them or simply having them sit on the floor. Their presence will be a sure hit!


Make your own pom poms using Crape Streamers. Cut many strips of about 14 inches long and tie them together in the middle with a small piece of string. Pull and fluff the streamers to make them fluffy like pom pons.


Hang Pennants around the party area. Choose from a variety of pennants or make your own out of construction paper. Cut the paper into long triangles and write the names of each guest on them. Glue them onto a small dowel rod and use them as adorable placecards on your party table. or hang them around the room. This could also be a great party activity to create the pennants with your guests.

Balloons!  Choose the birthday girl's favorite colors for your balloons, fill them with helium, and tie them on each chair.

Purchase several Styrofoam Letters and spray paint them in vibrant colors. Arrange the letters to state "GO, FIGHT, WIN" and "GO TEAM" and hang them on the wall.

Cover your tables with Paper Tablecovers and jazz them up by writing randomly all over them with a paint pen. Use words like "Let's Go" and "Victory" to fit your theme.

On the table, be sure to have some Metallic Shred lying in different piles of coordinating bright colors to look like a bunch of pom poms. If your party guests all go to the same school, use the local school's colors to pull the theme together.

Cheerleading Party Favors:


Pom Poms

Hair Barretts or Bows


Sports cups

personalized buttons, bookmarks, key tags, luggage tags





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