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Cupcake Party Supplies

What a fun theme for a child's birthday party... a Cupcake Party!  So easy to decorate and plan for.


Cupcake Party Invitations

Cupcake Party Supplies

Cupcake Party Decorations

Cupcake Party Food Ideas

Cupcake Party Games and Activities

Cupcake Party Favors


Cupcake Party Invitations


Create your own Cupcake Party Invitations by printing out a picture of a cupcake (can even be colored by the Birthday child!) and writing the party details on the back. Mail to your guests.


If your guests are being invited personally (say a classroom of kids), why not bake or purchase cupcakes and add the party details to a pick that is put on top of each cupcake?


If you really want to wow them, send them each a Cupcake Photo Frame, with the party details on paper inserted into frame. Then, the frame becomes a keepsake of the fun day!


Cupcake Party Supplies





Cupcake Party Decorations


Use colorful cupcake wrappers to create your own garland. Punch a hole in the middle of each wrapper and string them together. Or, you can tape or staple them end to end after flatting them out. Would be cool if you used several different colors of wrappers.


You can also create your own banners using printed out pictures of cupcakes. Create the triangles and glue the photos on each one, then string them together.  As a fun party activity, have each guest color one of the cupcake pictures before you string them up. Makes a nice party activity, and a great keepsake for the birthday child.


Use a cupcake stand as the centerpiece to your food table. They come in so many sizes, shapes and materials, there is one for everyone!


Hang a bunch of white balloons together and one red balloon in the middle (will represent white frosting with a cherry on top).



Cupcake Party Food Ideas


Of course you are going to want to have cupcakes at your Cupcake Party!  You can decorate them ahead of time for quick consumption, or have a cupcake decorating station so your guests can add their own colored icing and toppings.


Serve white, chocolate and strawberry flavored milk.


Offer non-sugary items as well: a vegetable tray, so crackers and cheese, etc.


Serve finger sandwiches cut with a cupcake-shaped cookie cutter. Same can be done for jello, ice cream (soften, cut out, then refreeze), or rice krispie treats.


Make a "cake" out of cupcakes. Create a design using the decorated cupcakes.


Get creative and serve all food in "cups".. mini pizza cups, lasagna cups, muffins, even pigs in blankets. You can use a mini muffin pan to make many of these yourself.



Cupcake Party Games and Activities


Have your guests decorate their own cupcakes, or cookies cut out in cupcake shapes. Have icing, sprinkles, mini m&ms, etc on hand for decorating.


Have them each decorate their own Design Your Own Cupcake Bank


For older guests, you could purchase them their own ceramic cupcakes and let them paint them and you get them fired and returned. Also fun is to go to a pottery painting place and have them paint them there before heading back for presents and dessert!


There are some adorable Cupcake Craft Kits:

Cupcake Ornament Craft Kit

Cupcake Wood Necklace Craft Kit


For younger kids, have them color pictures of cupcakes you print out from the internet.


Create your own Word Search or crossword puzzle using things related to cupcakes: wrappers, icing, decorations, candy, decorating, baking, etc


Play Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake Game. Can be easily created yourself with poster board, construction paper


Cupcake Party Favors


If you decorated cupcakes or cookies while at the party, send one home with each guest. You can get individual cupcake boxes to keep them safe.


There are adorable cupcake-shaped party favors available:

Cupcake lip gloss

Cupcake Pens and or pencils

Cupcake necklaces

Aprons for each baker (can even be decorated during the party with fabric pens/paints!)




ReasonToParty has your Cupcake Party Supplies

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