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A Fire Truck Party!

Fire Trucks, Firemen and Firegirl Party!

Planning a Fireman Birthday Party? Have a Birthday boy or girl who wants to drive a Fire Truck and celebrate their Birthday Party with their friends? See the Fireman Party Ideas and Supplies below.


Fire Truck, Fire Fighter Party Decorations

Firefighter Party, Fire Truck Party Activities/Games
Firefighter Party Favors

Firefighter Food/Cake Ideas



Fire Truck, Fire Fighter Party Decorations:

Welcome guests to the party by lining a walkway or sidewalk with Flags on Staffs.

Create a sign to place outside your home or party site saying "Mike's Firehouse" using red Corrugated Paper and 4" Design Letters

An awesome fire engine built around a play set or patio table will do triple-duty at your party! This easy-to-create decoration will provide hours of fun for the party guests as they play in the fire truck, and can be used as a photo op! You can create this fire truck using scissors and a staple gun in less than 30 minutes using the following materials:

Use the leftovers to create signs and some fire hydrants. 

1 roll of Red Corrugated Paper
1 roll of Black Corrugated Paper.
4" Design Letters.
Two 9" foil pie plates.
Tin foil.
1 garden hose.


Or, create your own fire truck by using an old refrigerator box and some markers, crayons, paper plates for headlights, construction paper and crepe paper, etc

Place a flashing Red Beacon Light on the tables and use stuffed Dalmatian dogs around your room too!


Turn a Fire Chief Hat upside down, it makes a terrific serving bowl for dry snacks such as chips, pretzels or candy. Be sure to fill it with red candies - red hots, twizzlers, cherry lifesavers and cinammon gum.

Add a little Fire Chief Badge to each place setting or in their favor boxes.


Firefighter Party, Fire Truck Party Activities/Games:

Offer the kids funtoos and bubbles. Always a big hit, both are perfect party starters. Let those who arrive early get "Funtooed" and play with Bubbles while they wait for all the guests to arrive. Our Patriotic Flag Funtoos are just right for all the little rescue heroes.

Set up a firefighter training course. Run a relay or set up an obstacle course using two Firefighter Costumes, two pairs of oversized rubber boots, some red-hot Flames to race through ,and a garden hose to jump over. You can even add a cuddly stuffed kitten stuck in a tree for the junior firefighters to rescue!

Sound the Alarm! Play this game using the same concept as the classic game of musical chairs…one less hat than there are children for each round. Use a Red Beacon Light and a bell or siren in place of music, and turn the light off and on as the children play. Place Fire Chief Hats on a table that the kids must walk around while the lights are flashing. When the light is turned off, the kids must scramble to put on a hat. The child without a hat must leave the game, and the game continues with one less hat until there is one child remaining - the winner!


Fire Hat Relay - Dash after that fire in this fun relay game. Before the party, cut four large fire hat shapes from red poster board (any cardboard will do, and you can color it). Each hat should be approximately 12-15 inches in diameter. Mark a start/finish line on the floor with masking tape. At the party, divide your guests into two teams and line them up. Give the first person in each line two fire hats. These hats become the only thing they can step on as they travel from the front of the line, around a chair, and back again. Place one hat on the ground, step on it, place the next hat in front, then step on it, etc. This relay game will keep them rolling in laughter as they race to the finish line.


Fire Alarm Relay - Sound the alarm and put on the gear - there’s no time to waste! Your fire fighters will need to dress as fast as possible, run to the blazing fire, attempt to put it out, undress, and return to their team line. Before the party, collect two sets of fire fighter’s clothing - boots, oversized jackets, hats, and gloves. Use masking take to mark the start/finish line on the floor. Put chairs across the room with an empty wrapping paper tube on them. This serves as the location of your fire and the hose to put it out. At the party, divide your fire fighters into two equal groups and have them get in two lines. Either you or the birthday child should demonstrate what you want them to do. 

They will need to run to the chair, pick up the hose, run around the chair with the hose spraying the fire, set the hose back on the chair, return to where they put on the clothes and take them off, and go back to their line. The next person in line then repeats all these actions until all team members have taken a turn. The team that completes the relay first, wins!

Stick the Hat on the Fire Fighter - Your friendly fire fighter can’t go to the fire without his trusty hat. Help him by trying to stick his hat on the top of his head. Before the party, draw a fire fighter on poster board or butcher paper and hang it on the wall. Use red construction paper to cut out a fire hat for each child. Cut a few extra in case of mishaps at the party. Put each child’s name on the fire hat, and just before it’s their turn, put a strip of double-sided tape on the back. Blindfold the first child, gently spin them around, and direct them toward the fire fighter. The fire hat that ends up closest to the top of the fire fighter’s head, wins! Children this age all need to feel like winners, so prepare extra awards for each participant. You can have fun handing them out by awarding things like closest to the belly button, closest to the eyes, etc. Note: Alter the game to play "Stick the Hat on the Dalmatian" for extra fun!

Bucket Brigade - Divide the children into two teams and place a large tub full of water between them. Set two empty tubs a short distance away, one for each team. To begin the game, give the first person in each line an empty bucket. When you say "go" the first two players fill their buckets with as much water as they can, carrying it to their team's empty tub. Each player pours the water in and runs back to the next player in line. The game is over when every player has participated in the bucket brigade. At the end, measure the water in each team's tub to determine a winner.

Put Out the Fire! - For this relay game, you'll need to divide your party guests into two teams. Give each team a blanket and blow up enough balloons for each player to have one. (Make sure your balloons are red or orange to represent flames!) Draw a simple house or car on poster board and tape your balloons to it, as if it is on fire. Or, simply place the balloons in two clusters. Line the children up a short distance away and give the first person in each line a blanket. When the game begins, the first player from each team runs to the "burning" object, takes a balloon, covers it with a blanket and sits on it until it pops. The game continues until every team member has smothered a flame to help put our their team's fire.


Rescue - Divide the guests into 2 teams. Give each team a plastic kitchen spatula or large plastic spoon and a group of small plastic figures, about 1 to 2 inches in size. Place 2 cartons, one opposite each team.  A child must carry a small figure on the spatula, place it in the carton and run back and give the spatula to the next child in line.  The first team that 'rescues' all the people wins.


Arrange for a visit and tour of your local fire station, where the kids will get to sit in the front seat of a fire truck, see where the firefighters live when on duty, and maybe even spray water from a real fire hose. Many departments, provided they aren't called away on an emergency, are willing to send a fire engine to your home to give the kids a thrilling close-up view. Either option will provide the opportunity for some priceless photos, with all the kids wearing Fire Chief Hats and a smile that reaches from ear to ear.


Cool off with water games. Here are some ideas:


Tug of War - A garden hose is the perfect "rope" to use in this tug of war. If the day is a scorcher, fill a kiddie pool, and set it in the middle of the two teams!

Water Balloon Toss - a timeless favorite!

Bucket Brigade - Let the kids run a relay with filled-to-the-brim cups of water to fill a big bucket. The team that fills their bucket first wins. Great wet fun!

If you run out of activities, play some standard party favorites such as "Pass the Bucket" (Hot Potato), "Fire Alarm, False Alarm" (Red Light, Green Light), and "Hot, Hot, Cold" (Duck, Duck, Goose.)

See our list of other fun kids games and activities too

Fireman Party Favors

Have inexpensive Bubbles imprinted with your party slogan... a must for any birthday party!

Patriotic Flag Funtoos are just right for all the little rescue heroes.

All the little firefighters will love Fire Chief Hats!

Add some patriotic fun to each goodie bag - Patriotic Pinwheels, Flag Stickers, Flags on Staffs, or Patriotic Bandanas.

Plastic Whistles and Click Clacks are budget priced, and just right for this theme.

Traditional loot bags filled with treats and sweets will always be a big hit with party-goers.



Firefighter Food/Cake Ideas:

You can serve everyone's favorites: hot dogs or burgers and tater-tots, or beef stew with kid friendly veggies. Or for a party of kids ages 3-7 cake and ice cream will usually do the trick.


Red Hots™, Fire Balls™, red Jell-O™, red licorice, barbeque potato chips…but this would be for slightly older kids!

Red Licorice Fire Hoses - Coil thin red licorice ropes to look like coiled fire hoses. Serve hoses on a tray and let each guest choose their own. Before gobbling them up, your fire fighters can uncoil their hoses and put out a pretend fire with their miniature hoses. Note: for more fun, purchase canned bread sticks and shape the dough into coiled fire hoses before baking.


Hook 'n Ladder Hot Dogs - Grab a hot dog in a bun, quick and crunchy carrot sticks, and applesauce. Set out the condiments so the kids and make their hot dogs just the way they like them. Include ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, onions, and grated cheese. Have their plates ready to grab, already loaded with carrot sticks and applesauce, all they have to do is add the hot dog!

Frothy Fruit Punch - You will need: 1-10 oz. package frozen strawberries (partially thawed); 1-10 oz. package frozen raspberries (partially thawed); 1-12 oz. can frozen lime juice concentrate; 1-32 oz. bottle of ginger ale (chilled); 1-32 oz. bottle of club soda (chilled); and 1 pint vanilla ice cream. Puree fruit in a blender and combine with the lime juice concentrate. Chill for at least one hour. Pour mixture into a punch bowl, add ginger ale, club soda and scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Spotted Dalmatians - Bring a bunch of spotted dogs to your party with this easy recipe! Simply make your favorite sugar cookies and add miniature chocolate chips to resemble Dalmatians. Roll the dough, cut out dog shapes with a cookie cutter, and bake according to recipe instructions. To accompany your dogs, cut out one cookie in the shape of a fire hydrant and decorate it with red frosting. For extra fun, insert sticks into each cookie before baking to make cookie pops. After the cookies have cooled, arrange them on a piece of Styrofoam with the fire hydrant in the middle. Cover the Styrofoam with shredded green paper or plastic Easter grass for added fun.


Firehouse Floats - Bubbling excitement is barely contained in these tasty treats. Fill a tall glass two-thirds full with root beer and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Watch the bubbling action but don’t let it overflow! Serve with a long-handled spoon and straw.

Try this Fire Engine Cake for a dessert that is sure to please all your hungry little firefighters!


What you'll need:
1 cake mix
1˝-16 oz. containers of ready-made pink frosting
Red food coloring
6 pieces of black licorice to make the ladders
6 Hostess™ chocolate mini donuts for the wheels
2 Hershey's Kisses™ for the headlights
3 gum drops for the siren lights
1 small tube of black writing gel to outline gumdrops and windows
1 cup of white butter cream frosting
1 piece of red string licorice for the hose

Does a BIG birthday cake taste better than a small cake? No, but a really big cake sure is fun to look at, and makes a great centerpiece for a birthday table! The following guidelines will give you an idea of what size to choose for your party:

9" X 13" Rectangle pan - 1 mix: serves 12-18 guests
18" X 13" Rectangle pan - 2 mixes: serves 18-28 guests (If you are using this size pan, just double the amount of frosting…all other ingredient amounts will remain the same.)

Because you are cutting the cake into a shape, you will be discarding some of the cake, and will need to adjust the size accordingly. If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by 2 boxed mixes, we recommend that you either bake extra cupcakes, or an extra rectangular cake. All can just be frosted simply, and cut and served behind the scenes.

Cut and assemble the cake according to the diagrams below.

Using white frosting, add windows. Next, frost entire engine with the red frosting. Outline windows with the black gel. Add ladders (use two whole pieces, and cut one to make ladder rungs,) headlights, siren, door handle (a "ladder rung"), and the red licorice hose (we added a tiny piece of tin foil to the end of the licorice to create a nozzle.) Enjoy!

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