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Decorating with Gossamer
Gossamer Fabric Decorating

Gossamer (Gossamer Fabric) is an extremely light, non-woven "fabric" that is used to create wonderful ceilings and walls, to create amazing bows, and to wrap with. Gossamer drapes and swags beautifully and is a decorating must-have for creating a number of different stunning looks. Gossamer comes in a wide array of colors, patterns, and metallics, and in widths and lengths to suit any party decorating need!

How to Decorate with Gossamer Book

Suspend a 3' metal ring or a 3' circle of 1/2" plywood in the center of the area to be decorated. The distance above the floor is determined by personal preference, and ceiling height. If the gossamer strips that will make up the ceiling cannot be fastened directly to the outside walls of the room, run a wire around the room attached by inconspicuous screw eyes. The wire could be an all-purpose steel or aluminum decorating wire from a hardware or craft store. You could also use a monofilament line of 30 or 40 pound test.

Use 60" wide or 107" wide gossamer strips to run from the center to the outside walls. To determine the length of the gossamer strips, use a builder's or carpenter's measuring tape and measure from the center ring or plywood disc to the walls. Start by measuring the distance to the four corners - since those will be the longest strips. If your ring or circle is positioned correctly in the center of the room, you need only measure to one corner since all four will be the same. Allow additional gossamer to fasten around the ring or fasten on top of the circle and to fasten to the wall or around the wire.


Put up a test strip of gossamer to one corner. If you have a ring, gather the gossamer to 2" or 3" across, loop it around the ring and staple gossamer to itself. The stapled loop is on top of the strip of gossamer, out of sight. If you have a wooden disc, gather the gossamer the same way and use a staple gun to fasten it to the top of the disc. Carry the gossamer to the wall, loop it over the wire (or fasten it directly to the wall) and staple the gossamer in the same way - allowing for a swag or droop in the fabric.

At the outside wall, pleat or gather the gossamer to 1/2 its original width for the best appearance. The 60" wide gossamer should be 30" wide, the 107" wide gossamer should be 54" wide.

19" wide gossamer is not practical to use for ceilings in any but the smallest of rooms.

Measure additional strips and fill in the complete ceiling the same way.



Strips of gossamer of any length can be swagged across a room from one side to the other. If you cannot fasten the gossamer directly to the walls, attach wires along two opposite walls. Use screw eyes to hold the wires. A wire on each side of a room will allow you to create a single swag of gossamer from one side to another. An additional wire down the center of the room, parallel to the two side wires, will create a double swag. Three equally spaced wires will create four swags in the gossamer from one side of the room to the other.

60" or 107" wide gossamer make the most successful ceilings. At the outside wall, pleat or gather the gossamer to 1/2 its original width for the best appearance.

Strips of any width gossamer can also be attached to all four walls and woven in and out (basket-like) for an unusual ceiling treatment.

Use 19" wide gossamer to make bows from 18" wide to 24" wide. Cut a 6' length of 19" wide gossamer. Fold it in half the long way to 9 1/2" wide. Find the center of the gossamer (length). Fold the ends in to the center and overlap slightly. Staple the ends in place. Repeat the process with three more 6' lengths of gossamer. Line up the lengths one on top of another. Twist the top three lengths slightly at a few degrees of angle to create a wider bow. Staple all the lengths together. Cut a short piece of 19" wide gossamer, pleat and gather it to about 6" wide. Wrap it around the center of the lengths, pull it tight and staple it together in the back of the bow.

The same method can be used to make bows of any size, using 60" wide or 107" wide material.

The gossamer holds its shape beautifully. The bows have the same type of fullness that can only be created with wired ribbon, at a fraction of the cost.



Any type of wall surface can be covered with gossamer. Gossamer looks best if slightly stretched and pleated. Pleat each gossamer strip to 1/2 its original width. Fasten the gossamer to a wall or run a wire at the top and bottom of the wall. Attach the wires at each end with a screw eye.

One, two or three colors of gossamer can be braided together to create roping to swag from walls or ceilings. Use 19" lengths of gossamer and gather them to approximately 2" wide. Braid the lengths of gossamer using the standard method. Staple the braid at each end to keep the lengths of gossamer in place.


An attractive, illuminated rope can be created by wrapping a strand of clear twinkle lights in a length of pleated gossamer. The pleated gossamer, with lights in the center, should be approximately 5" in diameter.

Tie the gossamer into sausage-like sections with curling ribbon pieces. Allow the ends of the knotted curling ribbon pieces to hang down several feet. Give extra curl to the ribbon lengths by pulling them over the open blade of a scissors.

Hang the gossamer rope in swags from walls or ceilings.

Stretched, pleated gossamer can be effectively used to cover doors and columns, following the steps outlined for covering walls. Add gossamer bows or gossamer rope for easy-to-make accents.


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