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Hanukkah Party Supplies!

Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday sometimes referred to as the Festival of Lights, is a wonderful celebration of family, faith, and traditions for the Jewish community. The history of this holiday dates back more than 2,000 years ago when the Maccabees recaptured Jerusalem and the Jewish people returned to rededicate their Temple. The miracle that is still celebrated today is that the small amount of oil found in the temple burned for eight days instead of only one. The celebration continues for eight days and is known as the Festival of Lights.


Many different types of celebrations are held during these eight days, and there are some wonderful products that will help you throw a very memorable and significant gathering of friends and family.


Hanukkah Party Invitations


Make your own Hanukkah party invite by attaching the party details to a dreidel. 


Hanukkah Party Decorations


The traditional colors to use for your Hanukkah celebration are blue, white, and silver. Use these colors when decorating: balloons, streamers, gossamer fabrics, candles, etc. Creates a beautiful party atmosphere.


Use Menorahs as centerpieces, grouped together or alone.


Personalize Dreidels and put them at table settings, double as place cards.


It is especially important to set a beautiful table. Use your finest table linens and dishes and add some of the following for an extra special touch:


Scatter Star of David Confetti across the entire table.


Gelt is the chocolate money that comes in small mesh bags and is very popular during the Hanukkah season. Place one of these at each table setting and attach a placecard to it with a ribbon.


If you prefer a very subtle, elegant look, try covering your tables with blue linens and using Silver Metallic Plates for your dinner


Here are a few ideas to make your Hanukkah Party special:


Along with the custom of centering conversation around ancient miracles, ask each guest to come prepared to share an inspiring story of their ancestors, or something that has touched them in a special way in the past year. Giving guests the opportunity to prepare will make this a very special activity - encourage them to bring photographs or any other props that would be appropriate to their story. You might even want to record the stories on video tape, or on a tape cassette recorder.

Play the traditional Hanukkah game played with a dreidel, a spinning top. Purchase these from us and pass them out as favors for your guests to take home.


Have a latke exchange! Have everyone make their favorite latke recipe (enough for everyone that will be attending the party), and then share everyone's favorite recipe!


Have your guests join you in singing all the traditional blessings. Invite a Cantor into your home to sing for you. Two favorite Hanukkah songs are "My Dreidel" and "Hanukkah O Hanukkah".


A Chanukah party is the perfect occasion for all manner of board and card games. Choose your favorites, and then set up several small card tables around a room, so that guests can rotate, and choose their favorites. It would be perfectly appropriate to award prizes and/or favors for the skilled or lucky in your group!


Hanukkah Party Food Ideas


To start your menu, you definitely will need to include the traditionally popular latkes (potato pancakes) with several different accompaniments. Sour cream and applesauce are two good choices as well as many others.

Many popular foods for this celebration are centered around oil and cheese. The oil is a reminder of the oil that burned for eight days instead of one, and the cheese is a reminder of the cheese dishes that Judith fed to Holofernes, the Syrian commander whom she be-headed. With that in mind, you may want to add some of the following to your menu:


Wheat bread sticks
braid the dough into miniature challah
Doughnuts or Apple Fritters
Cheese Filled Sufganiyot
Applesauce Cookies
Lemon Cutout Cookies
use Chanukah cookie cutters
Chanukah Chocolate Mousse
Salad, with an oil based dressing


Hanukkah Party Favors


You may want to send your guests home with something small that speaks volumes about what they mean to you and how privileged you feel that they came to your gathering. Here are a couple of suggestions for great favors for your Hanukkah celebration:


Wooden Dreidel Game is a great favor idea!


The Molded Menorah Candle that makes for a terrific favor. It can also be used as a decoration on your table!


Bubbles are always a great favor and can be personalized just for your intimate celebration!



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ReasonToParty has all of your Hanukkah party supplies, decorations, scene setters and Hanukkah party favors.


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