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Free Mother's Day Craft Ideas!

Mother's Day Suggestions


Make a poster sign that reads 'MOM is WOW upside down' Take a picture of each child holding the sign and then give the pictures to Mom.

Make Mom a special sunshine T-shirt. Draw a circle on the shirt with yellow fabric paint. Let the child dip a hand in the paint and make a border around the circle, fingers facing outward to create sun rays. Below the sun write "You are My Sunshine." The child may paint a face on the sun, too.

Several weeks before Mother's Day, have children start writing down things about their mother for which they are thankful, such as "Mom made my lunch," Mom read me a bedtime story," or "Mom makes the best Macaroni and Cheese." Place the slips of paper in a decorated jar or shoebox for the children to give on Mother's Day. It will be a gift that will make Mom cry!

Handprints Sign

Print this out, include painted hand prints - a mother's treasure!
When I Was Very Small
Sometimes I might upset you
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But every day I grow a bit
And soon Iíll be so tall
That all those little fingerprints
Will be so hard to recall.
So hereís a special handprint
Just so you can say,
This is how my fingers looked
When I placed them here today.

Flowerpot Pen Holder Craft
This is a simple-to-make flowerpot pen holder that is great as a "Thank you" gift.
A terracotta plant pot holds a beautiful, decorated pen (the pen top is embedded in Plaster of Paris in the plant pot).
For an easier version of this craft (sent in by Ali D.), use green floral foam instead of the plaster -- cut a slab that fits into the plant pot, then you can jab holes in the foam for the pen(s) and omit the painting step.
Supplies needed:
Small, unglazed clay (terracotta) flowerpot
Plaster of paris
Large plastic bowl and stirrer (to mix the plaster)
A ballpoint pen with a top
Green paint
Green florist tape
Tissue paper
Hot glue gun and glue
Mix an amount of Plaster of Paris that will almost fill the flowerpot (use the directions on the package). Pour the plaster in the flowerpot. Before it hardens, push one or more pen tops into the plaster. (Note: the plaster hardens quickly.)
When the Plaster of Paris hardens, paint it green.
Decorate the pen to look like a flower (or use a green pen). First, wrap the pen with green florists' tape.
Make a tissue paper flower and glue it (using hot glue) to the end of the pen.
Put the decorated pen in the flowerpot (place it in its own top). You now have a great gift for someone you care for.

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