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Nautical Party Theme - Nautical Party Supplies & Decorations!

Plan your Nautical Theme Party ... "Setting Sail for Another Great Decade!", "Anchors Aweigh!", or "Bon Voyage" with the Nautical theme party ideas, decorations and supplies listed here.


Nautical Party Invitations

Nautical Party Decorations

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Nautical Theme Party Games & Activities

Nautical Party Centerpieces

Nautical Theme Party Favors

Nautical Party Food and Recipes


Nautical Party Invitations:

The invitations you decide to send out for a party always set the tone for the nautical theme.

Suggestions for Nautical themed invitations:  Titantic Invitation


Send out simple preprinted party invitations - only add some tiny shells and a pinch or two of sand to the envelope.


For a children's Nautical Themed Birthday party - have the birthday child draw (or cut out) a boat (either a printed or colored picture), or create one out of cardboard. Add the party details and mail the invitations.

Nautical Party Decorations:

The color scheme that works the best with this theme is blue, red, and white, with touches of yellow. A combination of only two of these colors would work as well, so pick what works best for you.

Transport your guests to a nautical paradise:

The first one is the Nautical Boat and Waves which includes a freestanding cardboard Nautical Boat includes an anchor and white-gossamer sail.


The Nautical Flags Arch 8' tall cardboard arch has nautical flags that light up!


Decorate your door with the Life Preserver Arch for a fun way to get the party started. This can also be used as a fun cruise style backdrop for some souvenir picture taking!

Some Nautical Anchors would be great to place on your walls. Then add some Seagulls and Portholes!

Place a Ship's Rail approximately three feet away from a wall. Add some blue Water Gossamer on the floor between the rail and the wall and add a few small white and blue balloons to look just like the ocean!

Nautical themed Murals on the walls makes a huge impact.

Highlight a head table, or a buffet table, by placing a set of Dockside Pilings on either side of the table. Then, line the edge of the table with Nautical Signal Garland.

Some other decorating items that you may want to use around your party site would include lots of:

Fish netting
Glass ball floats
Air plants
Palm trees
Canvas-backed beach chairs
Beacon lights

Nautical Party Table Decorations:

Cover your tables with Blue Table Covers and add Blue Table Skirts. You may use either fine white china for an elegant look, or try Red Plastic Tableware for a real nautical effect.

Use a sand dollar for each guest and use a paint pen to write their names on them. Place one sand dollar on each plate to serve as a place card.

Scatter sand and a few shells across your table like confetti.

Nautical Party Centerpieces

Sailboat Centerpiece
Anchors Around the World Votive

Tropical Table Setting

Place a  Plastic Life Preserver at the center of your table. For the center of the ring, spray paint some tree branches white and hang fish net and shells from them. Use a Styrofoam base to support them and keep them upright.


Use some beautiful coral, air slants and sprinkles of sand for a centerpiece.


Nautical Party Activities/Games:

Play some Caribbean type music, or maybe a little Jimmy Buffet. Don't forget about the theme song to the infamous Love Boat for fun.


Need a quiet activity while guests arrive at a child's or teen party, or something to keep them entertained while waiting for their rides?  Try a Nautical Word Search Puzzle!


Other Free Nautical Party Games to Print - Nautical Party Double Puzzle (Numbered), Nautical Party Double Puzzle (Scrambled).


If you finish your games and presents early and need to keep the kids entertained (or works great if small kids come to your adult party), try our Nautical Coloring Pages! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Enjoy!

Here are a couple of games that work great with this theme and help your guests mingle together throughout the entire evening!


Have a trivia contest based on the Birthday guest of honor. Prepare sheets with 25-30 facts about him/her. Some true and some false. Have a contest to see who can get the most correct. This is fun to get to learn more about someone-even if you thought you knew it all!

Get a list of different nautical symbols. Spell words with the symbols, and have people figure out what the words are. Give out prizes to the person who gets the most right.

You could also play "To Speak, or Not to Speak". Give each player a bag or goodie box with 10 small treasures in it (candy, chocolates, little favors). Have bags labeled with players' names, so they don't get mixed up. Let players know at the start of the game exactly when the game will be ending-this game can be played throughout an entire party if you so choose. The object of the game is to catch fellow players saying one of the forbidden words or phrases:


To help players, post the words prominently on a board where they can be seen often. If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, that person has to give up a treasure from their stash. The player with the biggest haul of goodies at the end of the game is the winner. Lots of fun!


If there will be children at the party - a great craft/activity for them to fill the time and match the theme is Sand Art.

Nautical Party Favors/Prizes:


Use some wonderful Anchors Around the World Votive -they make wonderful party favors!


Neon Sailor hats are fun for all ages! And for the kids, try Sea Creature Beads


Fill a blue personalized fluted glass with sand and a couple beautiful shells!


Give out Captain's Hats or Gob Hats to all your guests as soon as they arrive at your door, with a Captain's hat for the Guest of Honor.



Nautical Party Food and Cake Ideas:


The most logical fare for a Nautical/Cruise Night gala would be seafood of any type. Here are a couple of suggestions - some could be used as appetizers, while others are more of a main entrée option.

Angel hair pasta with shrimp and basil
Shrimp cocktail

Seafood stir fry
Flounder with crabmeat stuffing

A large Popeye's spinach pie!

For the kids, make beach boats by placing a slice of apple on each plate. Cut a cheese slice in half at an angle and place that like a sail on the plate. Add some peanut butter to the apple slice and add a few raisins as the people on the boat

Blue jello with gummy fish floating in it is always a bit hit with the kids at Nautical parties.


Serve punch out of a large punch bowl and add a floating toy sailboat on top.


If cake is the dessert of choice, a simple and sweet cake is as easy as this! Frost a double layer round cake with light beige frosting. Sprinkle big grain brown sugar over it - a striking resemblance to sand! You can then add some doll beach chairs and umbrellas, or just a few plastic seagulls to keep it simple.



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