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Free Patriotic Craft Projects!


Patriotic Pinwheel
A simple-to-make pinwheel for older children.
(This craft uses a push-pin, so it is not suitable for younger children.)
Supplies needed:
2 pieces of construction paper (the thicker the better)
A hole punch
A push-pin
A pencil with an eraser
Markers or crayons
Start by making two square pieces of paper.To start making a square, put the two pieces of paper together. Fold the corner of the pieces of paper over as shown.
To finish making the squares, cut off the small rectangles, forming two squares (which are already folded into a triangle).
Fold the triangle in half.
Unfold the paper.
Decorate one side of each sheet of paper.
Put the undecorated sides of the paper together.
Make four cuts along the fold lines - about halfway to the center.
Punch four holes in the pinwheel, one at each corner.
Gently gather each of the four points (with a hole) to the center. (Be careful not to crease the paper.)
Push a push-pin through the four punched holes through the center of the pinwheel to attach the pinwheel to the side of a pencil's eraser.

Craft Stick Flag Craft
This is a simple-to-make US flag made from craft sticks. Since this tiny flag does not have the correct number of stars and stripes, explain to the children that the real US flag has 13 red and white stripes (that represent the original 13 colonies) and 50 stars (that represent the 50 US states).
Supplies needed:
9 craft sticks
Red and white acrylic paint
Blue construction paper
Either white paper or a white gel pen
Paint 5 craft sticks red and 4 craft sticks white. Let them dry.
Glue them together in an alternating pattern by gluing them to one craft stick (on the right side) and two broken craft sticks (in the middle and on the left side).
Cut a small square of blue construction paper. Either draw a lot of white stars on the blue paper using a white gel pen, or cut and glue tiny white stars onto the blue paper.
When the glue has set, turn the flag over. Glue on the square of blue construction paper and glue another craft stick to the long craft stick on the back. Let the glue set.
You now have a little US flag to celebrate July Fourth, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, or any other day.

Purchase clear acrylic frames. Glue down ribbon along the edges of the frames. Try layering thinner ribbons on top of thicker ones. Embellish the corners with oversized buttons.

Purchase red, white or blue ankle socks and embellish them with thin satin ribbon bows. Add a jewel in the center of the bow for extra sparkle. Embellishments can either be sewn on or glued on with fabric glue.

Purchase a plain white porcelain mug and use porcelain paints to decorate. Paint the top half of the mug blue, leaving small white spaces for the stars. Paint the bottom half of the mug with red stripes.

Lay a strip of strong double-sided tape along the length of your pencil. Beginning at the bottom end of the pencil, wrap two or three colors of embroidery floss around the pencil, angling it up as you go. Continue until the entire pencil in wrapped. Finish by gluing the ends of the floss down.

Purchase wooden star shapes and paint them in a variety of patterns using red, white and blue. Vary the patterns of the stars -- polka dots, stripes and plaids all work well. Glue a ribbon loop onto the back for hanging.

Ribbon belts are back in style again! Purchase 1 yards of red, white and blue striped ribbon. Slip two D-rings onto the end of the ribbon and sew the ribbon closed around them. Embellish with jewels, as desired.

Antique Flags
Purchase small flags at the variety store. Take them off the dowel and soak them in warm water that has four to five tea bags steeping in it. Allow it to sit in the tea bath for about 20 minutes. Remove the flags and lay on towels to dry. Instead of replacing them onto the dowels, tie them onto sticks with twine, for a real country look.

Rip thin strips of red tissue paper and a rectangle of blue tissue paper. Glue them onto a white card with a glue-stick so that it looks like a flag. Write your message in the white "stripes" of the card.

Reduce and photocopy a picture of a flag so that it measures about 3/4" tall. Cut it out and fit it into a soda bottle cap. Working on a protected surface and following manufacturer's directions, pour in enough 3-D Crystal Lacquer (or any liquid resin that dries hard and clear) to fill the cavity of the bottle cap. Let it dry over night, Glue or tape on a pin back onto the back of the bottle cap.

Embellish thick, stretchy poly/cotton headbands with red, white and blue jewels.

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ReasonToParty has Free Patriotic Craft Projects

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