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Quinceanera Party and Miss Quince Party Ideas!

Try these great resources for planning the perfect Sweet 15 Party, Quinceanera Party!

Planning Books

Celebrating a Quinceanera: A Latina's 15...
Quinceanera Means Sweet Fifteen
Quinceanera/Reina Valera Revision,...

Music CDs - great for your special dances!

Quinceanera De Oro

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There are several parts in the Quinceanera event, starting with a Holy Mass in which your Court of Honor and parents accompany you. You do a prayer of dedication, renew your baptismal vows, and give an offering of fresh roses to the Virgin Mary/Guadeloupe, among the standard Catholic Mass. This means you are now a woman to God and your parish.

Afterwards, there is a large reception. Your Court of Honor traditionally consists of fourteen couples and then you and your Chambelane de Honor make fifteen; each couple representing a year in your life.

The Damas, or ladies, all wear the same dress, usually a color complimenting the quinceanera's dress.

The Chambelanes, or gentleman, rent tuxedos and wear ties or bow ties matching the damas' dresses. They practice the waltz, a presentation ceremony, and if desirable, another choreographed dance, for ex. a merengue.

Then the final show, usually with encore. There is also a father/daughter dance, and the changing of the shoes. You wear flat shoes until the party, when your father changes them to heels. Both of these symbolize that he accepts your transition to womanhood. You also give a porcelain doll to your younger sister, representing your last toy. If you do not have a younger sister, you give the doll to one of your young female relatives.

Quinceanera Party Special Actitvities

-Special Scripture or Poem reading by a designated person
-Candle Lighting Ceremony (14 candles for the Court, parents, Godparents and the Quinceanera)
-Special music
-Signing of the Certificate (Godparents can personally sign)
-Acknowledgement and Recognition of other special people
-Special Prayer or Verse

Quinceanera Dance Program

After the Court is presented and then the Quinceanera, special dances are reserved as follows:
The first dance is a waltz danced with the Quinceanera and her father
The Court of Honor is presented
The Godparents join in
Lastly, the dance floor is open for guests
Males usually take turns dancing with the Quinceanera

After this presentation, the toast is given and the cake is served.

Quinceanera  Mass/Ceremony Options

The Quinceanera is accompanied by her parents and her godparents (padrinos). The Quinceanera is presented to the center of the altar for Mass. The service also includes the blessing of special gifts by the priest, scripture reading, music and song. It can be at this time or after the banquet, yet it is customery for the mother of the Quinceanera to place the tiara upon her daughter’s head, the father change her flat shoes to high heels and the Quinceanera gives her youngest sister (or parents) her porcelain doll. This is like the “cutting of the apron strings” where the Quinceanera becomes a young woman.
Food is a great part of the celebration. A menu of tamales, chicharrones, carnitas, tortillas, salsa, an entire buffet. Buffets work better with large numbers of guests and can be catered in from any local store or caterer. You can opt for a sit-down dinner, but it will be much more expensive and most of your guests would actually prefer something a little more informal, so they can eat as they wish instead of sitting down at a designated time.

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Planning the perfect Quinceanera

Shopping List What to Plan for:

Cake Decoration
Food/Drinks/Banquet Hall
Party Mementos/Favors
Tuxedo Rental
Champagne Glasses

Choreography (learn dances)
Park (for photo)
Decorating the Hall/Banquet Room
Creating the Programs (if any)
Writing out the guest list

Having Fun!!

Quinceanera Party Decorations

It has become increasingly popular for girls to want to throw a themed party for their Quince.. and we can help!  Our theme collection grows daily and includes many of the most popular themes. Or email us today and we can customize something for your upcoming event!



Quinceanera Party  Favors

Rather than waiting until your guests are making their exit to give them a party favor, you can give your guests favors during the party, which will add color and fun! Select favors specific to your theme from one of our "themed" stores, and place them on the tables, or if you are decorating around a color theme, any of the following would be perfect: Glassware, Photo Frames, KeyTags, Snowglobes, Favor Boxes and more.

You can find everything you need in the Online Party Store! Click here!  Balloons, Columns, Gossamer, Favors, Cake Toppers and more!

ReasonToParty has your Quinceanera Party Ideas

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