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50s Sock Hop Party




party supplies





Sock Hop - 50s Party!


A 1950s Sock Hop party theme is terrific for all ages, all occasions! Plan your Sock Hop 50s theme party today with these great sock hop and 50s party supplies, decorations, party favors and more!



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Rock N Roll supplies are a must: inflatable instruments, juke boxes and cutouts. Save yourself tons of dishes by using matching sock hop/1950s paper party products.


Entertain your party guests with a Balloon Drop!

Have plenty of Elvis Wigs and Pink Beehive wigs on hand for your family and friends, and send them home as party favors.


Have dance marathons, serve pizza and have an ice cream sundae bar and root beer floats.


And don't forget the party favors! Send them home with PomPoms, Pastel Pearls, Glow Bracelets and more! We can even help with the Music !!


Your Sock Hop is one party that everyone will remember!

1950s Sock Hop Party Ideas:


Soda Shop
Sock Hop


Create a Fifties party table


Red and white gingham checked tablecloths give it that 50s diner look.

Simple record centerpieces, complete with titles from the 1950s would be a great treat.

Don't forget a sprinkle or two of Rock 'n Roll confetti.

Favors - a great way to thank your guests for coming to your 50s sock hop party

Place a pair of sunglasses at each setting and they can be a napkin ring when you tuck a napkin into the fold.

Imprint Cola glasses for use at the party and as party favors afterwards.

Inflatable instruments like guitars, saxophones and trumpets are also great favors and fun to play with during the party.

Give your guests Musical Note Tamborines.

1950s Sock Hop Party Decorations and Supplies




A jukebox/or fifties music is a vital part of any fifties party. Rent a jukebox or create a pretend jukebox for looks and spin records on a stereo.


Create balloon arches with white and pink balloons. Dangle 45s/records from the center.

Some great cars were introduced in the 1950s, a 57' Chevy, real or constructed can be a good focal point. Print out great pictures of fabulous 1950s cars on your printer and place around the party room (on walls, ceilings!, in frames on the food table, etc). Give it the diner look by having them hung around the tables ad chairs.


Hang giant records/posters on the wall with your favorite artist from the fifties.


Create pretend soda shop billboards and place your actual menu for the party on it.


Using black construction paper, create large musical notes and adorn your walls with them. These can be made by downloading a picture of a musical note and creating a stencil (heavy cardstock or a manila file folder work great). Then trace onto black construction paper (or any color to match your theme) and hang on the walls, attach to back of chairs, dangling from the ceilings.



1950s Party/Sock Hop Themed Activities



A dance contest, once it gets going, is always good for lots of laughs. Start with easy dance steps and encourage everyone to try.


Play Name That Tune using old fifties songs extra points are given to the team that can name the title and the artist/group.


Create a list of products ask guests to guess its price now Vs the price in 1950s. The team with the closest guesses wins.


For older children or teens, have female guests make poodle skirts. Using felt cut the material into a circle. In the center of the circle, cut a second hole for the waste. Use a pin to secure the size of the waste, or attach a piece of wide elastic using a sewing machine. Have the girls cut out records and write on names, or cut out fuzzy poodles (check old dog books for poodle designs). Attach the cut outs with a low-temp glue gun or fabric glue.

1950s Sock Hop Invitation Idea


Visit old second hand record stores and buy old 45s. Cover the label with the details of the Sock Hop party where, when, RSVP, etc. Use these as invitations. Or, if you can't find the real thing, cut records from black poster board and had your own label.
Ask your guests to wear their craziest socks and give prizes for craziest design, brightest color, funniest, etc
If a larger party or Corporate Sock Hop event - ask each guest to bring a brand new extra pair of socks and donate them to charity!


1950s Sock Hop Party Food Ideas and Recipes


Get your 1950s Sock Hop off to the right start by providing your guests with the ultimate 1950s sock hop feast! Nothing beats a good hamburger and basket of fries unless of course it is a good hotdog and a basket of fries and onion rings. Keeping the meal simple similar to a soda shop can ease the stress in the kitchen.
No 1950s sock hop party would be complete without a float/shake/malt of some kind. Get the blender out and whip up some tasty treats. Or pour root beer over vanilla ice cream. Simple and rewarding. Don't forget the cherries.
For a large crowd, try a Buffet style menu or finger foods. Whenever possible choose food that can be prepared a few days prior to the party, or hire caterers, and purchase prepared food from restaurants, delicatessens, and food service markets. There is no need to create extra stress when the party is upon you, and you will have more time to mingle and enjoy the festivities.

1950s Sock Hop Buffet ideas:

Burgers and hot dogs

Built-your-own Tacos or Nachos
Mini pizzas 

Mini eggrolls
Chicken wings
Giant deli sandwiches

Chicken strips (offer several sauces for dipping)
Meatballs, either Swedish or BBQ
Veggies and dip
Water chestnuts wrapped in bacon
Sandwiches made on mini buns (about 3-4 bite size). 
Make everything ahead of time. Store hot items in a warming tray or in 200 degree oven. Place bowls of munchies around so your guests can mingle and snack.

See more 1950's sock hop party recipes - click here!

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