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St Patrick's Day Party Supplies!


Plan your St Patricks Day Party with these supplies, invitations, favors and ideas and crafts!


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St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas


A St. Patrick's Day party is always lots of fun. Everyone likes to pretend they are Irish for this fun holiday! Wear green, decorate with green and eat and drink green! One easy thing about St. Patrick's Day is the theme green. If you wrap the entire theme around  green, you're more than half way there. Decorations, party supplies, invitations, food and drinks - all in green!



St Patricks' Day Party Decorations


Fill shamrock shaped invitations with shamrock confetti.


Be creative and create your own St Patrick's party invitations!  Using pictures of kettles with rainbows, write the party details letting your guests know where the fun will be.


Send your party details on a green balloon!  Inflate, write the party details on balloon with permanent marker, deflate and mail. Your guests will have fun blowing up the balloon to read the info.


Cover your tables with a green tablecloth. If you prefer a white tablecloth, place die-cut shamrocks all over the top.


For tableware, why not try more green!  Use green plastic utensils, wrap them with white or gold curling ribbon and place at each setting. Or you could use white utensils, wrapped in green and put inside mini leprechaun hats for your place settings.


Shamrock balloons filled with helium make a great centerpiece. Be sure to keep the balloons above eye level so guests can talk at the table.


For placecards, insert a small nametag into a mini green mug. The mini green mugs can serve as favors for the guests too.


For your centerpieces, purchase several different heights of green Taper Candles and place them in a bed of greenery. Add  an Irish Flag into the greens.


Hang balloons from the ceiling and tie them to your chairs and doorknobs to create a party atmosphere.


A Rainbow Mural is a perfect thing to place on a wall leading to the food table, or the "Pot O' Gold" bar!


No St. Paddy's Day party would be complete without Die Cut Shamrocks everywhere. Hang them on your walls, scatter them on the floor, use them as placemats, tape them to your cabinet doors!


Anywhere else in your room (that isn't already covered with shamrocks) you can make green by covering it with Green Gossamer.


Write your guests names on Mini St. Patrick's Top Hats and place one at each place setting.

To create a sea of green around the house, drape green gossamer over the curtains and chairs. Cover each entranceway with metallic green curtains. Create balloon garlands with a mix of green balloons and shamrock around balloons.

Turn a green hi-hat upside-down, line it with green napkins and fill it with chips or pretzels.


St Patricks Day Party Supplies


St Patrick's Day Party Favors


Because wearing green is so important on St. Patrick's Day (given the pinch factor) providing green for your guests is a good idea. You don't need to spend a lot of money. Below are a few ideas:

Green St. Patrick's Day Hi-Hats (green cardboard hat with a shiny gold band)

Green Irish Leis.

Green Plastic derby Hats with and without green hair.

Green and white plastic St. Patrick's day vest.

Green shamrock bonkers.

Festive mugs or St. Patrick's Stadium cups are another useful favor for adults

St Patrick's Day Party Activities


It is never too late to start new holiday traditions. Why not hang a St. Patrick's Cascade of shamrock and create a St. Patrick's Day "Mistle/Shamrock/Toe"


Place a rainbow in the room (using a mural) and rest a leprechaun at its base in a large kettle. Ask party guests to make a wish or prediction for the coming year. Review the wishes and predictions next St. Patrick's Day.


Create a giant Blarney Stone and have each guest kiss it for good luck.


For office parties, it is nice to select a charity and have employees bring in new or slightly used books or toys to donate to a local charity.


Select a few Irish songs before the party begins. At the top of each hour, encourage all guests to join in singing some Old Irish favorites. Start with Danny Boy. If it is the only Irish song people know, sing it again each hour.


Most of all remember to have fun. Pin on a big button or wrap a garter around your arm that says "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and let the party begin. If you are having a good time, your guests will too.


On the back of a number of die cut shamrocks write trivia questions. The questions can be fun facts about St. Patrick's Day (let us know if you need help preparing these questions, its free!), fun facts about guests, or things that are green. Place the shamrocks on the dining tables to act as ice breakers during the meal or have a contest to see who can answer the most correctly.

St Patrick's Day Party Menu Suggestions

Drinks should be anything green.

Options for food for your St Patrick's Day party.... One is sticking to the Irish standards. Serve up heaping piles of corned beef and cabbage, potato cakes, soda bread and potatoes. Make a Potato Bar for those who don't like Corned Beef & Cabbage.

Or, serve only green items. A large tossed leafy salad, green vegetables like beans, peas and artichokes, and green fruit like green apples and kiwi. For a main dish, select meat that works with a white cream sauce or gravy and color the sauce green using food coloring. The guests may have trouble at first, but it is all part of the fun. Besides, it works well with green beer. (Remember, a little green food coloring goes a long way.)

Guacamole dip

Spinach dip

Leafy green salad

Green beans, peas & other vegetables

Green fruit like green apples and kiwi

Whatever you serve, add a tribute to Ireland by putting a few Irish Flag Picks in your serving dishes!

Of course, green beer is very popular for a St. Paddy's Day celebration, but you can also serve green ginger ale or green Sprite. A fun punch to serve out of your shamrock-filled punch bowl is lime sherbet and 7-Up.

Irish coffee is another favorite for the hot beverage lovers in your group. To make your own, simply combine some Irish Whiskey, hot coffee, whipped cream, and brown sugar for some unusually fabulous flavor!

Cake Idea

A fun and simple cake that will make all you Leprechauns want more than just a bite would be our Pot O' Gold Cake. Here are the instructions:

Bake a 9" round cake and let cool. Cut the cake in half and place each CUT SIDE down next to each other on a platter. Frost the entire cake and make it a rainbow by either adding stripes of colored frosting or Skittles candy to the sides. At the base of one side of the "rainbow" place our Mini Black Kettle filled with gold coins.

St. Patrick's Day Party Activities

Much of the celebration of St. Paddy's Day is centered around the green food and beer as well as the kisses and pinches. But we have a few suggestions for you if you wish to do something more planned.

On the back of a number of Die-Cut Shamrocks write some trivia questions. The questions can be fun facts about St. Patrick's Day, fun facts about guests, or about things that are green. Place the shamrocks on the dining tables to act as ice breakers during the meal or have a contest to see who can answer the most correctly.

Place a giant Rainbow Mural on the wall and place a pot of gold at one end. Ask party guests to make a wish or prediction for the coming year. Review the wishes and predictions next St. Patrick's Day.

It is never too late to start new holiday traditions. Hang a St. Patrick's Cascade and call it a "Mistle/Shamrock/Toe" and encourage the kissing to begin - even if you aren't Irish!

At the top of each hour, have your guests join in singing some old Irish folk songs! Start with "Danny Boy" and continue on to other Irish songs. If "Danny Boy" is the only song people know, then sing it again every hour!

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