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Celestial Party or Star Party!

Get your friends together for a Celestial Party or Star Gazing party!


Star Party Invitations:


If using store bought Invitations, include some Star Confetti in the envelopes!


Use Die-cut Stars and write on the back and place it in an envelope with Star Confetti.

If you are able to hand deliver your invitations, print out the party details and attach them to a play telescope.

Star Party Dress Code:


Have your guests all dress in black, like space itself. If you plan on venturing outdoors with your telescope, be sure to tell them to dress for the weather.

Star Party Decorations:

Name your tables after constellations! The Guest of Honor will have tons of fun helping with this. 

Cover each table with dark blue or black tablecloths and then throw some star confetti all around. Use gold and silver clackers to get the party started! Makes great favors too!


Build an arch or balloon columns out of celestial balloons to mark the entryway of your galaxy party!

Use cut out stars (made with construction paper) or Dimensional Stars on walls or hanging from ceilings!

Activities for a Star Gazing Party:


Visit Your Local Observatory


Local universities and community groups, as well as larger observatories, offer regular open-nights for their telescopes; call and find out if you can schedule a special visit for you and your friends.


Visit the Astronomical Society for great ideas on a Star party!

The Night Sky on Your Own
You will need:
1) Good Binoculars and/or Telescopes
2) Star Maps or Guides


Activities for a Star Party or Celestial Party:

Play star trivia (can be movie star trivia, baseball stars, sports stars, or moon and stars trivia)
Play name that tune with songs containing the word 'star'
Decorate a star-shaped photo frame
Pass the Star (sing an inflatable or cardboard shaped star)


Food for your Star Party or Celestial Party:


Pack a picnic hamper with anything that underscores the black and white beauty of the night skies!


Campbell's Chicken and Stars soup; dark chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate chips, Oreos, star fruit, hot chocolate with marshmallows (ok, that's a stretch, but if you're peering skyward from some bare, windy hilltop, you'll appreciate a toasty cup of hot chocolate). A star-shaped cookie-cutter works just as well on sliced swiss cheese and dark rye as it does on cookie dough! And of course, you must include Mars and Milky Way bars.


Some great recommended reading/maps:


Set up your telescope(s) on level ground. Bring a red flashlight (or tape some red cellophane over a flashlight) so that you can consult your star maps without causing your eyes to adjust every time you use the light.

Bring blankets, for there is great pleasure in lying on the ground and gazing at the sky. Otherwise eat, talk, hunt constellations and just relax!

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