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Tacky Party!
Tasteless Party/ Cheap and Tacky Party!

A Tacky Party party is tons of fun for everyone, no matter their age or gender. The object is to be as tacky as possible! This is one they will talk about for a long time because it is so unusual and lends itself to tons of giggles for everyone! And with a little imagination, you can also turn this into a Trailer Trash Party!


Tacky Party Invitations:


Use invitations you wouldn't think of for an adult party


You could also create your own invitation using mismatched fonts, sizes and colors. Print them out on your computer.


Tacky Party Decorations:


Use every type of decoration you can think of. Christmas lights, Halloween banners,St Patricks' day wall cut-outs, different color crepe paper strewn about. The "tackier" the better. This includes using kids decorations for your grown up party! Hang old bed sheets on the walls, bring out mismatched throw rugs from other rooms.


Place large pink flamingos around your yard and the party room.


Hang fuzzy dice around the room too


Tacky Party Activities:


Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Twister, Musical chairs, etc. You cannot imagine how much fun grown women and men have playing these games that they most likely haven't played in years! Be sure to take pictures of your guests playing these games for memories and possibly for favors too!

Have a contest for the tackiest outfit, award tacky prizes (items you couldn't sell at a yard sale, for instance. Old LPs, old clothes, hair curlers, etc)


Tacky Party Food:


Use tacky finger foods. Sloppy Joes, hot dogs, off-brand drinks, etc. This can be fun to prepare for and a ton of giggles for your guests to actually see what you've "created".  You can use boxed wine and generic beer.


Tacky Party Favors/Prizes:


A Tiara and sash for the Queen of Tacky, a crown for the King of Tacky! Voted on by everyone, either by secret ballot or showing of hands, etc.


Pass out items you couldn't get rid of at your last garage sale - old LPS, mismatched shoes, hair curlers, old torn up books, etc.


Hand out single use cameras for your guests to capture the fun and tackiness of the evening.


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