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Football Party
Tailgating Party
Super Bowl Party!

Plan a Super Bowl Party, Football Party or Tailgating Party with these Football Party Supplies, Ideas, Invitations and Party Favors!

Party Invitations

Decorations and Supplies

Games and Activities

Party Favors

Tailgating or Football Party Recipes

Super Bowl Party Tips

Tailgating Tips

Football Party Supplies:

Football Party/Tailgating Party/Superbowl Party Invitations


Create invitations that look like game tickets, include party kick off time, seat number, car location, etc. You can create these yourself on your computer.


Attach a real game ticket to your printed card invitation.


Send an inflatable football to your guests, with the details written with marker. They inflate the football to get the details!


Cut a football shape out of construction paper and use fancy markers and make laces with string or yarn.


Send them a Football clacker or a Football whistle with the party info attached with a piece of paper.



Football Party/Tailgating Party/Superbowl Party Favors



Use green tote bags filled with white shred and glue football nametags on each bag and write the guest's name.


Fill gift bag with: Football Beads, Pencils, NFL tattoos, Water Bottles, Football Folding Fans, and Football Horns. 


Give guests tickets to a football game, football trading cards, a football Trivia book, favorite football team paraphernalia, velour football hats with guest's name, jerseys with guest's name, rooter rattles, pom poms, # 1 foam hands, seat cushions and sports towels.


Imprint custom car flags for everyone to attach to their car


Football Clackers, Football Bead Necklaces, Pens and Pencils, Football Pillows, Football Whistles, Football Mugs...




Football Party/Tailgating Party/Superbowl Party Ideas



Use tableware, skirts and table covers designed for the Superbowl.


Use tableware and party goods in your favorite team's colors!


Decorate your party room with your favorite team's party kits!


Set up a goal post in your parking lot, backyard, frontyard, etc or create football goal posts and hang on opposite walls.


Divide guests into teams with different colors. Ask your guests to dress in team colors. Also, assign each guest a player number. These numbers can be used for games, raffles, door prizes.


Use Mini Football bowls and serve dry food in them.


Make centerpieces out of pipe cleaners, shape them into goal posts and place them on fake grass

surrounded with mini footballs.


Have a Luau theme tailgate party – or other appropriate theme – change your theme with each tailgate. Don't be afraid to choose a seasonal theme, e.g. a Thanksgiving theme tailgate.


Football Party/Tailgating Party/Superbowl Party Activities



Play touch football. Have a tournament and play other sports games.


Football Trivia (see our Super Bowl party tip for questions)


Play game pools – who will get the first touch down, what song will the cheerleaders do a dance to, etc.


Do the pick a square game/pool (see our Super Bowl party tip for more information)


Use cheer phones to catch the football in the cheer phone game, etc.


Have a tailgating king and queen – sash, tiara, crown, etc. – make them wear it into the game.


Get face paint to let guests color faces in team colors


Split the group into two teams and see who can come up with the best cheer



Super Bowl Party Tips



You can never have too much food at a Super Bowl Party. A simple tip is to keep the menu simple to keep you out of the kitchen. Try a "Pot Luck". Or, create food that is based on the local cuisine of the two teams. 


Have a second TV set up during the party. 


Have Pom poms, cheerphones, mini footballs, glow in the dark wearables, and noisemakers around or everyone. These also make great party favors to send home.


Have face paint available for when your guests arrive: Encourage them to show their loyalty to their favorite team.


Plan a few friendly game wagers to make the party fun for everyone, fans and partiers. Select wagers that require little or no football knowledge.


Host a football trivia game at half time.


Create your own football field serving center right at the party using artificial grass turf and masking tape. Setting up your own football fanatic mood isn't difficult or costly! Add real life football props in your decorating to complete the look. An upside down football helmet makes a terrific serving bowl for chips or other dry snacks.


Balloons! Purchase a ton of balloons in the colors of the two competing Super Bowl teams. Allow the fans of the winning team to "burst the bubble" of the fans of the opposing (losing) team...let them pop the balloons in the opponent's colors each time their team scores. 


Tailgating Tips and Ideas


Wear your team colors and get there early!


Make a checklist of items to take with you, including a first aid kit, sun block, plenty of ice, paper products (cups, plates, napkins, etc), condiments, plastic utensils and damp towels (or wet wipes) in storage bags for cleaning up and wiping off sauces. Don't forget garbage bags too! May be a good idea to bring your own roll of toilet paper too, in case they run out in the port-a-lets!


Freeze bottled water and use in cooler in place of loose ice. Prevents food from getting wet from melting ice and provides you with cold water for after the game!


If you're grilling, allow at least 30 minutes for the charcoal to get hot and make sure your food is ready to eat 1 to 2 hours before the game.  This gives you plenty of time to eat, clean up and still get to the game on time!


If you don't have enough time to grill at your tailgating party, then bring fried chicken, wings, lunch meat and cheeses, deli sandwiches, potato salads, cookies and brownies!


Always clean up before you leave.


Football Party/Tailgating Party/Superbowl Party Activites/Games



Keep everyone at your Super Bowl bash entertained with activities that aren't just for sports nuts! Even if you don't know the difference between a quarterback and a cornerback, these activities will keep everyone cheering. Plus, many don't even require you to leave the recliner!


Scoring squares game! Draw a grid with 121 squares (create one in your spreadsheet software) on a piece of paper. At the top of the paper, number the squares 0 to 9. Be sure to leave the square in the upper left-hand corner blank. Label the numbers at the top "NFC Team Score". Number the squares on the left 0 to 9, again leaving the square in the upper left-hand corner of the page blank. Label this the "AFC Team Score". Have each guest pay $5 (or whatever fee you choose; the bigger the fee, the bigger the winner's pot!) and sign his or her name in a square. The numbers at the top and bottom represent the last digit (or only digit for scores under 10) of the NFC or AFC team's score. At the end of the game, the person whose name lines up with the numbers that match the score wins the pot! For example, if the final score was Bengals (AFC team) 27, 49ers (NFC team) 10, the person who bought the square that corresponds with the 0 at the top and 7 on the left wins! You can award prizes at the end of each quarter, half, or end of game. Decide ahead of time which way to play it.

* For adult parties where no one is driving home, you can turn this into a drinking game. Instead of paying for the squares, every time the game goes to commercial, whoever's name that is in the square that matches the scoring above, takes a drink (or can be the one to designate someone else to drink, whichever way you decide to play it).


TONGUE FUMBLE! - Give each player a bag, stadium cup, or a cheer phone labeled with their name. Fill the bag with 10 small items (candy, chocolate, little favors). Let players know at the start of the game exactly when the game will be ending—this game can be played throughout an entire party or just at half time if you so choose. The object of the game is to catch fellow players saying one of the following words or phrases:




To help players, post the words prominently where they can be seen often. If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, that person has to give up an item from their stash. The player with the biggest haul of goodies at the end of the game is the winner! This game is always a huge hit.

FOOTBALL TRIVIA QUIZ – Create a trivia quiz related to football—Hall of Famers, Super Bowl's of the past, today's hottest college and NFL teams, and even a few general football questions! 



Football Party/Tailgating Party/Superbowl Party Food Ideas



Throwing a Super Bowl Party calls for some seriously hearty comfort food! Fill a table with easy to eat goodies, or ask all your guests to bring their own mid-winter favorite appetizer or dessert…a perfect party for a potluck! Use disposable paper/plastic goods so that cleanup will be extra easy.


Make the food simple, but plentiful. 


Great football food includes chicken wings, chicken strips (with dipping sauces), meatballs (Swedish or BBQ), mini eggrolls, whole water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, nachos, or an assortment of sandwiches made on mini buns (about 3-4 bite size).


Make as much ahead of time as possible. Store hot items in a warming tray, or in an oven set at 200 degrees until ready to eat.


Cut slices of pumpernickel bread out in the shape of footballs using cookie cutters. Make mini Rueben sandwiches by adding corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. Garnish the "footballs" with shredded mozzarella cheese placed on the sandwiches to resemble laces.


Scatter several bowls of munchies around the areas where your guests will be watching the game…Chips, pretzels, nuts, M&Ms, popcorn, Chex Mix.


Serve brownies and cookies, made into football shapes, or make a football cake using Wilton's™ "First and Ten" Football pan. It comes with easy to follow directions.


Label foods with football nametags.



This party calls for beer, pop, mineral water, punch, and coffee…nothing hi-brow! Make sure that you have plenty of ice on hand - usually one pound or ice per adult guest.



Football Cake Recipes



Pillsbury Football Cake Recipe

Fabulous Foods Football Field Cake

Football Cake Decorations



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