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Toga Party Supplies!


Toga Party Invitations

Toga Party Decorations

Toga Party Games & Activities

Toga Party Favors

Toga Party Food & Cake Ideas



Planning a Toga party is a great theme choice for any occasion - birthday bash, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, New Year's Eve or even a reunion. This is also a great theme for kids and teens (minus any alcoholic beverages). The tone of the party is entirely up to you!  Read below for Ideas, supplies and decorations for your Toga Party!

Be sure to ask all of your guests to come dressed up in anything from a simple bed-sheet toga, to something more elaborate . . .a Roman slave, or a figure of Greek mythology (Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Athena, Helen of Troy, etc.).

Toga Party Invitations


Design your own using Toga themed clipart found online and write your party details.


Another clever idea is to wrap up your handmade invitations into a scroll, tie them with ribbon and hand deliver to your guests.

Toga Party Decorations


Decorate primarily in white and gold.


Use gold spray paint to cover anything that isn't breathing or living!

Go for a look that is reminiscent of classical Greek architecture. Lots of Columns, terra cotta urns and classical statue busts (fun to make out of paper mache). Also, pedestals and balustrades.

Grapevines, oil-burning lamps, and Ivy Vine Garland will add an instant Greek feel to the room!

Candles, candles, and more Candles.  As long as there are no small children around fill tables with various sized candles and keep them lit throughout the evening. Floating candles work great. Place a glass bowl or several different sized wineglasses filled with water on a mirror. Add small candles.

Drape and sway white or gold Gossamer across ceilings, walls, and the edges of table skirting. Twist two colors together for a stunning look.

Never underestimate the power of decorating with Balloons, as they can transform any size room into a cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You can choose to inflate balloons with helium, but there are other options. In order to save money, inflate hundreds of balloons in white and gold without using helium. Tie a 6-8 foot piece of Curling Ribbon to the end of each one. Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins, hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors.

Use Plastic Cutlery.  Use a gold paint pen to draw random Roman numerals or the Grecian block pattern on the handles of white plastic cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with gold ribbon - big impact at a little price!

Drape Gold Ivy Garland along the edges of all your tables. This will add an easy and authentic Greek feel to your party room!

If you are using a plain tablecloth, decorate it with fabric paint. Paint large golden swirls, a Grecian block pattern, or Roman numerals (in the appropriate number if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary). As an alternative, stamp a fancy design with a pre-cut sponge or attach ribbon in a Grecian pattern.

Toga Party Games & Activities


For a formal, elegant tone, hire a harpist to play during the mingling and dining portion of your party. Tyres and panpipes are other instruments that would provide appropriate entertainment. For dancing, go with fun dance music provided by a DJ or your own stereo!

A costume contest is a terrific idea for a Toga Party. Award prizes for "best costume", "most authentic", "best accessories", "most likely to become a Roman goddess", etc.

Prepare a trivia quiz filled with information about Greek mythology and Roman customs and traditions - a great way to entertain and educate your guests!

Play a fun game of "bobbing for olives" (or grapes)! Use individual wide-mouth glasses or bowls - one per player - filled with either martinis or sparkling water. Let each player bob for the olive using only his or her mouth. Use a stopwatch and time players one at a time. Good for lots of laughs!

Create a backdrop for "official" Toga Party photos. Whether your backdrop is as simple as a stunning metallic curtain or a column decorated with hanging vines, reserve a place where everyone can have a special souvenir photo taken. This is a night they will want to remember forever!


Toga Party Favors

Rather than waiting until your guests are making their exit to give them a party favor, some favors can be given during the party. The following favors should appeal to most ages:

Try some personalized Stem Flutes. Guests can drink wine or water from the special glass all evening, then take the glass home!

Have a gold stem flutes imprinted with your party's Greek theme. The imprinted Gold Stem Flute Glitter Candle filled with gold glitter would be a perfect favor for this theme!

Give your guests Frames imprinted with special party details. Try one of these inexpensive imprinted acrylic frames, or one of the other specially imprinted frames. Either use a Polaroid camera to send a picture home with your guests, or mail souvenir photos at a later date. Take lots of pictures at the party, or leave disposable cameras (spray paint them gold for an elegant touch) on tables and encourage guests to use them throughout the evening. You'll have plenty of warm memories captured to pass along to your appreciative friends.

Think glow in the dark, especially for an "Animal House" party! Check out the glow in the dark Bracelets and Necklaces. Not only do the children love them, but adults do too! We've seen the necklaces worn in some pretty creative places on the body because they can be connected together, and configured many creative ways!

Toga Party Food and Cake Ideas


Here are some suggestions for Toga Party munchies:

Use large platters (purchase inexpensive platters - even disposable foil will work) and spray paint them gold. Fill them with fresh chunks of cheese in a variety of colors, huge bunches of grapes still on the vine, fruits, dates, figs and nuts, and big whole loaves of bread in varying sizes.

For heartier fare, serve chicken with figs, a phyllo spinach tart, and garlicky olives. Cover the platters with vine leaves.

Serve robust wine from a terra cotta urn or golden pitchers.

If an "Animal House" atmosphere is more to your taste, serve lots of finger food, chips, beer nuts, etc. - and have a couple of kegs of beer on hand!

For a decadent twist, have your guests feed each other!


Do as the Romans and serve Secunda Mensa - the final part of the meal that was made up of desserts. Cakes sweetened with honey as well as apples, pears, grapes, nuts and figs might be served.

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