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Free Valentine Craft Projects!

Whether you are planning a Valentine's party for home or a classroom, or just want to make something special with the ones you love - try these free Valentine Crafts Ideas!


Lollipop Valentine Card
These lollipop Valentine cards are very simple to create - even young children can make these sweet Valentines.
Supplies needed:
Pieces of construction paper (red, pink, purple, green)
Regular or heart-shaped lollipops
Optional: A printer (if you want to use heart templates)
Cut out some red, pink or purple hearts - they should be a little bigger than the lollipops you have. Using green construction paper, cut out some leaves.
If you'd like, use a heart template page and print it out to help you draw hearts.
Write a message on one side of each heart.
Glue or tape a lollipop onto the blank side of each heart.
Tape one or more leaves onto the stem of each lollipop.
You now have sweet Valentine cards for all your friends.

Pop-up Heart Garden Card
Make a beautiful heart pop-up card using construction paper. This is a great Valentine's Day Card.
Supplies needed:
Various colors of construction paper
Markers or crayons
Fold two rectangular pieces of construction paper in half. One piece will be the outside of the card and one piece will be the inside.
On the piece that will be the inside, cut two short lines near the middle of the fold.
Fold the two outside flaps that you just made (but do not fold the middle flap). Unfold the flaps. Open the card.
Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card - they will form 2 step-like protuberances.
Refold the card. Cut two short lines through the folded flaps on the sides.
Fold the outside flaps that you just made. Unfold the flaps.
Open the card. Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card - they will form 4 step-like protuberances.
Cut some small hearts, stems and leaves from construction paper. Decorate them with crayons or markers if you like.
Glue the stems, leaves, and hearts to the flaps. Make sure that the hearts do not stick out of the card when the card is closed.
Glue the card to the other piece of folded construction paper. To make sure that you do not glue the flaps down, apply the glue only to the inside of the card and then carefully place it on the outer card.
Write a message on your lovely heart garden pop-up card for Valentine's Day.


Candy Roses
The candy rose can be made by most children (and adults!) and can be given alone along with a handwritten card or tied together with curling ribbon to make a beautiful bouquet that anyone would love!
Supplies needed per Candy Rose:
Two Hershey Kisses
25 inches of floral tape 
Red or pink cellophane wrap (cut 4 1/2 inch squares)
Artificial stem or 18 gauge stem wire (cut a 6 inch piece)
Leaf - Use an artificial  or green hard candy or use green 
cellophane wrap (4 1/2 inch square)
Red or white ribbon
Hold two Hershey kisses flat sides together.  Place both in the center of the square cellophane wrap.   Gather all four corners together and twist at the tip of the bottom kiss.
Lay the stem next to the twisted excess cellophane.  Stretching floral tape tightly begin wrapping the floral tape around the stem and cellophane just under the kisses.  Wrap about 1 inch in length down the stem.
Add artificial or candy or cellophane leaf and wrap floral tape for about 1/2 inch to attach leaf.
If you wanted to you could add a second leaf per stem in the same manner. 
Continue wrapping the floral tape down the stem, overlapping it and pulling it tight until you reach the bottom.  Cut any excess floral tap and wrap end onto the stem. 
If you are planning on placing these in a flower pot, leave about 1/2 in of wire showing on the bottom of stem, so it can be inserted into the foam.  
Tie bow from the ribbon just beneath the leaf of a single stem candy rose, or make several and bunch them together and tie with a ribbon. 
To fill a flower pot full of your candy hearts (using foam in the bottom), make additional cellophane leafs for filler, by taking the square and pinching opposite sides together, wrapping a 20 gauge wire (4 inch piece) around the center and twisting it. Stick the leaves into the foam to fill spaces around your roses. 


Valentine's Day Wreaths:
Supplies Needed:

pink and red construction paper
red, white and pink ribbons
paper plates
Cut small hearts out of red and pink paper as many as required.
Cut the middle portion of a paper plate.
Glue the heart to the remaining edges.
Paste red ribbon bows to complete the look


Puzzle Piece Pin

Jigsaw puzzle pieces
spray paint or acrylic paint
(red, purple, pink)
Paint brush
Craft Glue or glue gun
Pin Backing -craft store
Lay the puzzle pieces on some newspaper before painting. Spray paint according to the instructions on the can ( Mom or Dad's job!). If you are only making a few, you can hand paint the pieces with acrylic craft paint. Then use a paint pen or a very fine brush to write your message. Let the pieces dry.
You may choose to seal the pins with clear spray on acrylic, but it is not necessary. Then using craft glue or a glue gun, attach your pin back to the back of the puzzle piece.

Option: Use a self sticking magnetic tape to make a refrigerator magnet instead


Make Valentine's Day Pins
What You Need:

Plaster of Paris
Measuring cup with a pour spout
Mixing spoon
Plastic heart shaped candy mold
Pin backs
Clear spray paint
Follow the instructions on the back of the plaster of Paris carton and prepare a small portion at a time.
Pour the mixture into the heart-shaped candy mold but do not over fill.
As soon as you fill one heart, place a pin back into the plaster of Paris. Hold until it stands freely.
Let dry overnight. Pop out the pins when dry and let your children paint them. When the paint is dry, an adult can spray a glossy clear paint on the pin to finish.


Valentine's Day Photo Frame:
Supplies Needed:

red or pink paper
sequins/markers/ribbon (optional)
Use a photograph of you and a loved one (best friends, Mom and daughter, etc). Cut into heart shape.
Cur out a heart from cardboard (a bit bigger than the photograph).
Cut out a heart outline from red paper to match the size of the cardboard heart.
Glue the edges of the heart outline to the cardboard.
Slide in the photo, after the glue has dried.
Decorate the outline of the heart with glitter and sequins.


Valentine Hug Box

1 shoe box with lid
Paint, markers, crayons, stickers, ribbons, fabrics, heart stencils, etc (Valentine themed)
Plastic wrap - to line the box and wrap the cookies
Paper- to make thel valentine that will be attached to the box
Decorate the box with your Valentine themed decorations (you could even use pictures from magazines, or words using stencils)
A simple card can be made from drawing paper.
Make the cookies and decorate (see below). Place in the shoebox after they are securely wrapped up in plastic wrap.


Sugar Heart Shaped Cookies

4 cups sifted all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 pound ( 2 sticks) unsalted butter
2 cups sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Note: You can add red food coloring to make red/pink colored cookies.
In a large bowl, sift together flour, salt, and baking powder. Set aside.
Use an electric mixer to cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Beat in eggs.
Add flour mixture and mix on low speed until thoroughly combined. Stir in vanilla. Wrap dough in plastic; chill for about 30 minutes.
Heat oven to 325 degrees. On a floured surface, roll dough to 1/8 inch thickness. Cut into heart shapes. transfer cookies onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake 8-10 minutes, or until edges of cookies just start to brown. Cool on wire racks; decorate as desired


Make Your Own Valentines
Have a table set up for the kids to make their own valentines. Include lots of pink and red paper, doilies, markers, glitter, small heart shaped candies, stickers, and lace.


Pencil Mice Heart Valentines

Heavy construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Decorated Pencils
Hole punch
Black Marker or Pen
From red, pink or purple paper, cut out several hearts approximately 4 inches across. On each, draw a nose and eyes. Punch four holes above the mouse's nose. Thread a short length of pipe cleaner through the top two holes and another through the bottom two.
Lastly, slip a pencil down behind the whiskers, from the backside of the heart.

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ReasonToParty has your Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

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