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Wedding Anniversary Parties


Anniversary Party Supplies


Celebrating an anniversary is fun and exciting! This day is a very special event, whether it is the first anniversary or the 75th anniversary. Start by selecting a theme. Then invitations, party supplies, decorations, food, and other details are much easier to plan.

Themes can be the number of years or the theme can be more specific like a Western, Fifties, Roaring Twenties or something similar.

The theme can be focused on guests of honor and their hobbies or interests. If they got married in Vegas, have a Casino theme, or if the couple loves to go to the beach, have a Luau or Beach theme

Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations

Once you've decided a theme, you want to choose the invitations. They can range from do-it-yourself Anniversary Invitations, to luxurious, printed invites. 

For handmade invitations - scan a wedding picture of the guests of honor. Print off the invitations in black and white with the picture on the front. Lightly add some color to the photo with colored pencils. Print out the details of the party on the inside.

Wedding Anniversary Party Decorating

To decorate for a wedding anniversary, choose a color scheme that works with the year, your theme, or the favorite colors of the guest of honors. The list below shows the traditional anniversary gifts associated with each year of marriage. This can be a guide to help you choose your color scheme based on these gifts, but any colors work well.

First: Paper
Second: Cotton, Calico, Straw
Third: Leather
Fourth: Flowers, Silk, Linen
Fifth: Wood
Sixth: Sweets, Iron
Seventh: Wool, Copper, Bronze
Eighth: Bronze, Pottery
Ninth: Pottery, China, Crystal
Tenth: Tin, Aluminum
Eleventh: Steel
Twelfth: Silk, Nylon, Linen
Thirteenth: Lace
Fourteenth: Agate, Ivory
Fifteenth: Glass, Crystal
Twentieth: China
Twenty-Fifth: Silver
Thirtieth: Pearl, Personal Items
Thirty-Fifth: Coral, Jade
Fortieth: Ruby, Garnet
Forty-Fifth: Sapphire
Fiftieth: Gold
Fifty-Fifth: Turquoise, Emerald
Sixtieth: Diamond, Gold
Seventieth: Diamond, Gold

Once you have chosen a color scheme, use Gossamer to create a beautiful and intimate atmosphere even in a large reception hall.

Balloons can turn any area into a party space in minutes at a low cost. Use balloons anywhere and everywhere. Helium and non-helium filled work great.

Place a large sign on the door with a big number 50 (or whatever the year of celebration is). Try a Personalized Anniversary Banner!

Use mementos from the year they got married. Bikes, toys, clothing, etc. 

Create a special walkway leading to the door with Metallic Luminarias.

Use Twinkle lights down the center of your tables, or twined around centerpieces and glassware. 

Create a simple anniversary centerpiece with fresh or silk flowers surrounding large numbers representing the year the couple is celebrating. 

Fill crystal bowls or vases with brightly colored glass ornaments (silver for 25th, gold for 50th) and place them on the table in a bed of Metallic Shred.

Personalize your table decorations to your guests of honor. For example, one table could display the bride's cheerleading poms from when they met and another table could show the groom's baseball glove from his college years.

Try an ice sculpture on the buffet table. Have a large anniversary year number carved out of ice, or an ice sculpture in the shape of a vase. Fill with flowers similar to the bride's bouquet from years ago.

Create placemats from old photos. Enlarge color or black and white photos and have them laminated. Place a different picture at each guest's place for a lifelong collage! Or use old love letters and newspaper articles (also laminated).

Scatter confetti down the center of the table to tie in the number of years, colors, or theme.

Create placecards for your tables. If the group is small and well connected, make copies of old photos of each guest with the honored guests. Adhere them to a heavy cardboard "tent". Let each guest find their seat by locating the old photo of themselves.

Car Decorations: The wedding day isn't the only time to decorate a car.  Paint on the car with car paint, " 12 years ago today Marco hit his first Homerun!" Add streamers and balloons

Special walkway: Create a special walkway up to the door with metallic luminaries. Match the year color theme with silver or gold, or use metallic black. 

Wedding Anniversary Party Table Ideas

Imprinted napkins: Add a personalized message and a giant 50th to beverage and luncheon napkins. 

Centerpieces: Cut out large numbers or draw them on shiny gold paper. Surround the numbers with fresh or silk flowers.

Table Ensemble: If your event isn't too formal, use paper or plastic plates etc. This will make clean up a snap. 

Wedding Anniversary Party Activities

Start/continue a tradition of retelling the wedding story. Have the guests of honor include as many details as possible. Story telling is a traditional way to pass on information from one to another and it keeps the memory alive. If there are several generations, have each tell the story from their own viewpoint. What important details and funny things did Grandpa see at the wedding? Ask the same questions to the siblings of the bride and groom because each personal will have a different, yet colorful perspective.

Here are some other activities for the celebration:


Guess the price game: Have guests work as individuals or teams to guess the prices of key products dating back to the date of the event. What did people pay for a gallon of milk 50 years ago? What was the price of a new Ford truck? The team or individual with the closest guesses wins; however, everyone will have fun reliving the past.

Name that year: Visit the library and get copies of newspapers (front pages) of the date of the event, 5 years later, 10 years later, you select the dates. Type of a list of events from the front page of each and have the guests determine what year it was. Select some newspapers with dates far apart and some close together to make it harder.

Dancing through the years: Not everyone likes to dance, but most like to laugh and remember. Select different types of music from different years. Have each couple pull a style of dance or music from a hat and have them perform the dance. The other couples have to determine which dance they are "attempting" If you have the time, prepare music for each possible selection.

Story Time: If the anniversary is a wedding or a first step, create a tradition of retelling the story. Include as many details as possible. Story telling is a traditional way to pass on information from one to another and it keeps the memory alive. If there are several generations, have each tell the story from their own viewpoint. What important details and funnies did Grandpa see at the wedding, what about the Bride and Groom, Sister, etc. Each will have a different, yet colorful perspective.

Create a video presentation that spans the life of the bride and groom. There are many services out there these days that can take all of your old photos and put them into video form with background music of your choice. Be sure to include holidays, vacations, births, and other special events for a complete tribute to their lives together.

Place disposable cameras on tables and encourage guests to use them. You'll have plenty of memories captured to pass along to your guests. Set up a photo backdrop area - either with Columns, a balloon arch or a metallic curtain - so that the couple can have their picture taken with either individuals or groupings of their choice.

Visit the library and get copies of newspapers (front pages) from the wedding day, 5 years later, 10 years later, etc. Type a list of events from the front page of each and have the guests determine what year it was. Select some newspapers with dates far apart and some close together to make it harder.

Create a Christmas Tree Keepsake. No matter what time of year you are celebrating an anniversary for a special couple, this keepsake can be presented at the party for a new seasonal tradition to begin. First, purchase an artificial Christmas tree of any size. Gather old and present photos of family members, special events, homes, etc. Create small ornaments by mounting these photos (or copies of photos) onto our Flat or Corrugated Paper cut into stars, ovals, or any other shapes. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each ornament and tie ribbon through it for hanging. Have special guests present the ornaments to the couple that night by hanging them on the tree and saying a brief word about the photos. Each Christmas season after that, the couple will be proud to display their meaningful tree in their home.

Wedding Anniversary Party Favors

Imprinted Glassware; Parfaits, dessert dishes, and candy dishes; photo frames imprinted with special party details. 

Imprinted Acrylic Frames; snow globes, Personalized Bubbles; Favor Boxes

Wedding Anniversary Party Food & Cake Ideas

Your food options for an anniversary party are limitless! You can have an extravagant, sit-down dinner, or simple appetizers and drinks. The choice is really up to you and your budget.

If you are going with a theme party, choose foods that fit that theme. For instance, if you are throwing a Western party, make ribs, burgers, beans, coleslaw, and other "cook-out" foods.

For dessert, you may want to consider replicating the couple's original wedding cake. Most brides keep their cake topper, so be sure to ask her for that as well!



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