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Weddings - Wedding Planning and Wedding Ideas!

Planning a wedding can either be one of the most stressful events in a couple's life, or one of the most joyous! Let us help you with all of the details so you can spend your time daydreaming about living happily ever after instead!


We recommend the following resources for wedding planning help:

Your Perfect Wedding Planner
The Funny Bride Guide
The Perfect Wedding Reception: Stylish...



The Basics of Planning



Make a Wish List - A wedding is the beginning of 2 lives becoming 1, why not start out by including your fiance in the planning. Sit down with two notebooks and list out the different items that each of you would like to see in your wedding. Don’t worry at this point how much anything will cost, consider this as your wedding “wish list”. Go over this site together, search the internet together and look at bridal magazines for more ideas.

Begin your planning by taking your wish list and separating it into different wedding categories such as ceremony sites, reception sites, reception food, music, photography, bakeries, attire, florists, honeymoon sites, etc. Combine both your list and your fiancé's list. Within each category, write the minimum and the maximum of what you would expect to spend for the particular item. Discuss what you absolutely cannot do without (the ribbons in your bouquet do add a nice touch) and what you absolutely do not need (maybe the giant ice sculpture of two swans kissing could be passed up just this once).

Share the Duties - Once a firm list has been compiled, discuss what each of you would like to take care of. You may want to take care of arrangements with the florist, he may want to research and hire a limousine company.

Family members of the bride and groom typically assist with the wedding planning. Delegate some of the tasks to immediate family members (mom may like to assist with picking invitations or favors) and recruit some of the wedding party (especially your maid/matron of honor) to assist with helping you keep track of gifts received. They could also keep track of thank you cards sent and possible other tasks like assisting with putting together wedding favors or picking up items that have previously been ordered by you. Check traditional tasks for your bridal party.

Set aside time to work on your wedding plans together. Decide on dates that you would like specific items completed and meet the deadline. Be sure to set up a calendar date book to keep track of the deadlines that you and your fiancee agreed on. Try to get as much done as possible within the first few months of your engagement so that you can enjoy the planning instead of feeling rushed. Use our Timeline / To do lists.

Be sure to communicate! Communication is key!  Share details with each other on what you both have accomplished in your planning, discuss your likes/dislikes openly. Doing so will bring the two of you even closer together, as well as ensure that you don’t end up with 400 chairs at your garden wedding when you only needed 200! Be flexible and understanding to the wants of your partner, it won’t kill you to have just one layer of the cake as his favorite flavor, or to stay at the reception just a little bit longer so she can talk with her favorite Aunt Betty she hasn’t seen in a while.



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10 Most Asked Questions by Brides


1. How can I let people know where I am registered?
Word of mouth is really only the "proper" way to inform people where you are registered. You really
must wait until they ask you or other family members. All friends and family members should be told where you are registered so they can inform others when asked. Today, many brides are including cards from the Department Store where they are registered in their shower invitation. However, this is still NEVER done in the wedding invitation.

2. How can I ask for money instead of a gift?
Actually, there is NO way of wording the asking of money for wedding gifts in lieu of something else
without being tacky. I'm afraid this is a cardinal rule of etiquette that must be taken seriously.
The only thing you can do is tell your friends and relatives your preference. Then, when others ask,
your family and friends can say that you would prefer money because you are... (i.e. saving for a house, etc.). Then, guests can do whatever they like. If they take the hint - GREAT - but if they don't, accept the gift with a gracious thank you!

3. How can I let people know that I don't want children at the wedding?
The only thing you can do is NOT include the children's names on the invitations. However, you'll find that some people will still bring their children. So you might want to be prepared with a "kids table"
that includes crayons, coloring books, and candy. Some even hire a babysitter to look after the children at the "kids table". Some brides are now having "adult only" printed on their invitations but again, even at that, some people ignore the printing and assume "their children" are, of course, invited.


Wedding Planning Guide



4. Who Pays for What?
A growing trend today is for wedding expenses to be shared among the bride's family, the bride and groom and the groom's family.  But, just in case you're wondering, here are the traditional "who pays for what"...

Groom and His Family

* Bride’s wedding and engagement rings
* Groom’s wedding attire
* Rehearsal dinner
* Marriage license
* Accommodations for out-of-town ushers
* Alcohol at reception
* Wedding gifts for the bride, best man and ushers
* Flowers for the bride’s bouquet, corsages for the mothers and grandmothers
* Boutonnieres for ushers, ring bearers and fathers
* Officiant's fee
* Honeymoon and transportation to the honeymoon

Bride and Bride's Family

* Wedding consultant’s fee
* Invitations, personal notes and mailing expense
* Transportation for the wedding party
* Wedding dress, headpiece and accessories
* Lingerie
* Attendants’ bouquets
* Groom’s gift
* Guest book
* Cost of the reception
* Cost of the ceremony
* Photography and videography expense
* Groom’s wedding ring
* Favors
* Accommodations for out-of-town bride’s attendants



chocolate leaves, autumn wedding favors


* Wedding attire - Bridesmaid dress, shoes & accessories
* Travel costs
* Shower and wedding gift for the couple
* Shower given by bridesmaids and/or maid of honor


* Wedding attire rental
* Wedding gift for the couple
* Travel costs
* Bachelor party given by best man and/or ushers

5. How many invited guests should I expect will actually attend my wedding?
The general rule of thumb is if you're having over 200 guests, then you can estimate that about 25-28% of your guests will be unable to attend. If you are having less 200 guests, then the percentage usually decreases to about 15-20% or less. Other factors include how many guests you invite that live out-of-town and the travel distance required to attend the wedding. Remember, every family and guest list is different - so always be prepared in case EVERYONE is able to come!

6. What are the Maid of Honor's Responsibilities?
The main role of the maid of honor is to help the bride with the wedding planning. This can include shopping for dresses, addressing invitations, putting together favors and just being there when the bride needs some extra help, support or someone to talk to.

7. What is appropriate to wear for a second wedding?
No matter whether it is your first, second or third wedding the focal point is still the wedding dress.
Many second-time brides choose a simpler, more elegant or sophisticated wedding dress. Many choose a floor length or cocktail length dress in white, off-white or a pretty pastel.
Many "etiquette experts" advise second-time brides to not wear a veil or a long train for their second wedding. DON'T LISTEN to them! This is your day - wear what YOU want to wear! Maybe you had a very small first wedding and now you want to go all out! Wear what makes you feel beautiful!

8. How Do I Personalize my Wedding?
There are plenty of tips and ideas to make your wedding unique and personal. But, which ideas are
right for you? Only YOU can decide. Think about what is important to you and your fiancé. Think about special interests or hobbies that you share together. Or, maybe there is a special place - the beach or some quaint little Inn you went to when he proposed. Incorporate THESE elements and these "feelings" into your wedding and it will be truly unique and personal. Check Out - Tips for Sentimental Wedding

9. Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors?
Your caterer or reception site serving the food will include their gratuities with your bill. So, a tip
is not necessarily expected. As for your other vendors (wedding consultant, band or DJ, limo driver, photographer), again a tip is not required. However, if you feel a vendor went "above and beyond the call of duty", then feel free to provide them with an extra tip. If you are concerned whether or not a vendor is "expecting" a tip, then discuss it with them.

10. What fee should I pay my clergy?
This can be a tough one... most clergy do not have a "fee" but instead ask for a donation. In
this case, anywhere from $50 - $100 or more. A lot depends on how well you know them and whether or not counseling sessions were involved. If you are still unsure what the appropriate amount should be - then talk to the church secretary and ask for an "acceptable range" for a donation.
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Reception Ideas

There are many reception options available to the bride and groom. The most popular choice is a lunch or dinner reception. It is important to keep in mind that this is your day . . . plan the reception to satisfy your own style.



The Perfect Wedding Reception: Stylish...


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