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Weddings - Wedding Planning and Wedding Ideas!


Wedding Planning Guide and Wedding Articles






Five Ways to Have a Seaside Wedding

Fantasizing about the sunset, the fresh sea air, and your darling? Make your beach wedding dreams a reality with these top ten ways to have a seaside ceremony to remember.


Talk to the Local Beach Council
Before you rent those tiki torches, check out local ordinances regarding your beach wedding. Find out if there are guest maximums, if food and alcohol are allowed, if there are restrooms nearby, if you can light a bonfire, if you can pitch a tent, the tide schedule, and other mandatory information.


Have a Great Backup Plan
Good luck or no, if it rains the day of your sandy nuptials, your dream day will be a bust. Make sure you have a sturdy alternate plan in case of rain. Secure a location away from the waves and have a tent prepared, just in case. Include alternative plans and directions in your invitation.


Prepare Your Guests
Send a save-the-date announcement up to six months in advance so your family and friends have a chance to prepare for the special location. In addition, when you send your invitations, remind guests to bring extra clothes in case it gets chilly.


Decorate Wisely
Sure, you want to line your "aisle" with luminaries and put up that trellis laden with flowers - but will your decorations go flying into the wind 2 minutes into the ceremony? Be sure and test all your ceremony special touches before the Big Day so you know what to expect in terms of wind, seaspray, and sand.


Use the Ocean as Inspiration
When choosing the layout of your ceremony, remember you have chosen a location with a million years of spiritual pretext. Incorporate the spiritual influence of the ocean into your ceremony with beach-inspired readings, poems, and vows that reflect the power of your surroundings as well as the power of your love for one.

Copyright 2003 Red Galoshes, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Announce It! Custom candy bar wrappers for all occasions. Adorable graphics with many sizes and prices to fit any budget.

A Wedding Website Will Reduce Stress


Personal Wedding Websites are becoming a necessity for every wedding for many reasons. Including important information eliminates questions that accompanied weddings in the pre - internet era. The stress reducing effect is as beneficial for the guests as it is for the couple.

Take for example, the gift registry. It is considered inappropriate to tell guests where one is registered in the invitation. This results in many phone calls by guests attempting to discover where the couple's gift registry is located. If the guest is not close to the immediate family, they will not know who to call to find out what stores the couple has selected to receive their gifts. This results in another bowl or serving piece that the couple will have to return the day after the wedding.

To avoid this stressful situation for the couple and the guests, couples can include their wedding website address in the invitation (which is completely acceptable according to all wedding etiquette experts). When guests visit the website to see their story, pictures, details, and other important information, they can easily find direct links to their online registries.

Another example of making life easier on the couple and their guests is having the details and maps posted directly on the wedding website where guests can access them anytime worldwide. Without a website, the couple will receive many phone calls about where and when each event is, as well as, "what's the best way to get there". The couple can also avoid including extra notes in the invitation to tell out of town guests where hotel arrangements have been made, if they have a wedding website.

Some guests seem to take their time returning the RSVP card that usually accompanies the invitation. Not many weddings go by without the need to call some guests directly to see whether they are planning to attend or not. Having a wedding website can reduce this pursuit. When guests visit the website to see all kinds of information and pictures they can RSVP at the click of a button.

The benefits of a personal wedding website are plentiful, including sharing pictures and stories with friends and family. Thanks to the advancements in technology, one can create a beautiful website without any knowledge of programming whatsoever. makes it as easy as filling in forms. Your information is fed into a beautiful design template of your choice. There is a 7 day Free Trial with no credit card required. Creating a website will make life easier for you and your guests and as a bonus you will have a lot of Fun doing it. To learn more, visit

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Top Tips For Bridal Beauty

Just because there are a million things to plan for your big day doesn't mean you can ignore your beauty routine or put off starting one. Dealing with bad skin, broken nails and brittle hair the day of your wedding can be a nightmare.

From the Professionals Professional salons recommend beginning your beauty program 6 months in advance. Here are their 10 ways to be sure you look your best.

Set your beauty budget. Look for special bridal packages offered by salons and spas. Book necessary appointments well in advance. A good hairstylist is worth his/her weight in gold.

Discuss the type of cut and color that will best suit your face and hair, and keep it in mind when you buy your headpiece.

If you're considering a chemical process like a perm or color, have it done now so you can see if you like it.

Start using a nail strengthening treatment now. It's also a good time to lose nasty nail habits like biting and polish-peeling!

Select a makeup artist, or schedule a makeup lesson with a pro while you've got time to practice.

Begin a skin-care regimen. Consider consulting a dermatologist or aesthetician to help you clear up any persistent problems and get a recommended program for your skin type.

Start waxing legs. Repeated waxing actually thins hair growth.

Begin a fitness routine emphasizing a low-fat diet and plenty of exercise.  
Remember that extreme weight changes can wreak havoc on your looks and health, so this probably isn't the time for drastic dieting.

The Last Word
Your beauty routine should also focus on your "inner glow". Take time to deal with stress and anxiety with massage, yoga, or a soak in the tub. When you relax and recharge, you will shine inside and out on your wedding day!

Copyright 2003 Red Galoshes, Inc. All rights reserved.



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The Icing On the Wedding Cake

Do you want fondant, royal, or buttercream? Walk in to the bakery like a pro armed with your dictionary of wedding cake terms.


A traditional, rich and creamy icing. It is easily colored or flavored, and is used for fancy decorations like shells, swags, basketweaves, icing flowers, etc. Since it's made almost entirely of butter, buttercream has a tendency to melt in extreme heat, so it's not recommended for outdoor weddings.


This icing looks smooth and stiff and is made with gelatin and corn syrup to give it its helmet-like appearance. It looks the best when decorated with marzipan fruits, gum paste flowers, or a simple ribbon. Fondant does not need refrigeration.


Royal Icing
A mix of confectioner's sugar and milk or egg whites, royal icing is what the faces of gingerbread men are decorated wtih. It's white, shiny, and hard, and does not need to be refrigerated. It's used for decorations like dots and latticework.

This chocolate and heavy cream combination can be poured over cakes for a glass-like chocolate finish, or whipped into a filling that it stands up beautifully between cake layers. Due to the ingredients, however, it's unstable - no heat or humid weather, or the icing will slide right off the cake.

The Last Word
Be sure to look at different styles of cakes before you go to your baker so you have an idea of what you want. The more froo-froo you get on your wedding dessert, obviously, the more it will cost, so sometimes the simpler way is better. And, don't forget to ask for a taste test!
Copyright 2003 Red Galoshes, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Including Children in Your Unity Candle Ceremony

If you're tying the knot for the second time around, especially if your children are involved, there are several unique ways to still celebrate the beauty of the Unity Candle Ceremony.

If you're tying the knot for the second time around, especially if your children are involved, there are several unique ways to still celebrate the beauty of the Unity Candle Ceremony.

Include your children in the meaningful lighting of the Unity Candle. The eternal symbol of two flames becoming one not only means two hearts becoming one, but an entire family uniting as one force. Here are some ideas for you and your children's Unity Candle Ceremony.

Have Your Kids Light the Candles
During the processional, or just right before the ceremony, have both of your children light the individual tapers - mom's kids light mom's candle, and the same for dad. If only one of you have children, you might consider having the child light the parent's candle while the other's mother lights their individual candle. This is a great way to include your children in the ceremony, as well as make them feel a part of their new family.

Have Your Kids Join You In Lighting the Unity Candle
If you have your parents light your individual tapers before the ceremony begins, or perhaps if you, the bride and groom, light them yourselves, also have your kids light an individual taper for themselves as well. When it's time to light the the Unity Candle, each member of your new family takes their own taper candle and contributes to the single flame. This is a beautiful, emotional way to bring your family together in a ceremonial bond.

Create Your Own Unique Ceremony
Reverend Ann Palmer of Palm Springs, CA, told us about an unusual rendition of the Unity Candle Ceremony: "I would like to tell you about one surprising Unity Candle service I did. The bride had 2 daughters and the Groom had 2 sons. They wanted to have the children feel a part of their union. I suggested that we include them in the Unity Candle service. After we had gone through most of the candle service including their individual vows to each other they had written, they lit the Unity candle. After that, I had the Groom light the Bride's daughters' candles and the Bride light the Groom's sons candles. In unison they read a statement to the children, then all six joined their individual candles to the one Unity candle. Of course we hadn't practiced and we were all surpassed to see the flame flare up. The audience all swooned "ahhhh" - it was a surprising moment but beautiful. That was the most unusual Unity Candle service I have done to date."

Including all of your new family in the lighting of your unity candle makes it a unique, personal ceremony that everyone will remember for years to come.

These great tips for including your children into your Wedding Ceremony are brought to you by our friends at The Printed Candle Company

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