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Weddings and Wedding Planning!

Wedding Planning!

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Bridal Party Help

Bride's Timeline
Wedding Planning
The Wedding Budget
10 Most Questions asked by Brides
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Including Children in Your Unity Candle Ceremony

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Wedding Planning - The Reception

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The Reception
Reception Decorating
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Wedding Toast Guidelines
The Icing on the Wedding Cake

Wedding Resources - Great Wedding Planning Guides!

Your Perfect Wedding Planner
The Funny Bride Guide
The Perfect Wedding Reception: Stylish...
The Perfect Wedding
More Wedding Planning Help

Countdown to your big day!

Wedding Articles to help with your Wedding Planning - Click Here!

More Wedding Planning Help

Six to Twelve Months Prior:

Select a wedding date and time with your husband-to-be
Make an initial budget -- discuss with all appropriate parties
Decide on the type of wedding you want -- discuss with your husband-to-be
Reserve your ceremony and reception location
Determine who will officiate your ceremony
Choose your wedding consultant if desired
Choose your wedding attendants -- ask them to be a part of your wedding celebration
Determine how many guests will attend -- work on this number with all necessary parties
Select your wedding colors
Start your reception planning
Discuss with your fiancee the important aspects of a reception are in his mind
Announce your engagement in the local newspapers
Select your wedding attendant's attire
Order your dress
Arrange hotel accommodations for your guests
Choose a local florist
Choose a photographer

Four Months Prior:
Choose a honeymoon destination with your husband-to-be
Confirm that all attendant's attire is ordered
Complete guest list including names, titles and addresses -- this is a great spreadsheet on the computer so counts can be easily made
Register at your favorite bridal registries -- take along the groom
Select and order your invitations
Confirm all ceremony arrangements
Shop with your fiancé for wedding rings

Key Decisions to Lock In:
Ceremony location
Reception location
Music (Band/DJ)

Two Months Prior:
Sample wedding cakes
Address all invitations. These should be sent out 6 weeks before your date
Finalize all ceremony and reception details

One Month Prior:
Select appropriate gifts for all attendants
Arrange a final fitting of your gown
Schedule any necessary doctors or dental appointments
Get your marriage license
Have your formal bridal portrait done
Begin your thank-you notes as gifts come in
Pick up your rings and try them on for size

One Week Prior:
Work out your seating arrangement
Continue to write thank-you notes
Arrange for all attendants attire to be picked up
Have a rehearsal for all involved
Prepare your honeymoon luggage
Finalize your music choices with musicians
Give a final guest count to your caterer
Go through a trial hair and make-up session with your hair dresser

Your Wedding Day:
Schedule your hair and make-up appointments 3 to 4 hours before your ceremony
Begin your music 30 minutes before your ceremony is to start
Don't skip your meals
Take your time and enjoy your day!




The Wedding Budget


The attached budget is intended to act as a guide only of potential expenses.


Wedding Shopping List


Everyone's wedding shopping list will look a little different. This list has been pulled together to act as a guide. Review it carefully and add or delete items to meet your individual wishes.

Unity Candle
Ring Bearer's Pillow
Guest Book
Aisle Runner
Wedding Rice
Toasting Glasses
Cake Knife & Server Set
Place Cards
Cake or Candy Boxes
Disposable Cameras
Bridesmaids Gifts
Groomsmen Gifts
Ring Bearer Gift
Flower Girl Gift
Reception Centerpieces
Decorations -- Ceremony and Reception
Bride's Register Box
Wedding Planner
Dance Instruction Video
Lucky Sixpence
Thank You Cards
Car Decorating Kit
Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Flowers for flower girl
Flowers for special family members
Flowers for the reader
Guest book stand





More Wedding Planning Help



Wedding Toast Guidelines


Creating the perfect toast is never simple. Short, sweet and eloquent are some general guidelines that will serve you in good stead. Since public speaking is the number one fear in the world -- yes, even more than heights, spiders or another Batman sequel -- it's important to be prepared. Don't wait till the last minute and hope for divine inspiration. Spontaneous rehearsal is always a good idea. A few general tips:

Be sober. It sounds pretty basic, but how often have we seen someone hit the champagne too early? By the time the wedding toasts are being delivered, their tongue has certainly become far too loose. Avoid this danger by having only one glass prior to your toast. Then you can partake at higher levels if you wish, but remember that you have been chosen to be part of the most special day of your friend's life…honor and respect your friend.

Prepare ahead of time. You don't want to read a toast to the group. Practice your toast ahead of time in front of a mirror so that your comments are not off the cuff. This way you won't forget key things that you want to say. Notes are okay, but only refer to them -- don't give a speech.

Humor works. This is a joyous and special day and appropriate humor and stories about yourself and the groom can be good icebreakers. Remember that this is not the bachelor party and the comments about the new bride, old girlfriends, previous indiscretions, his new in-laws, etc., are all off base. Avoid faint praise like, "Even though you lost the love of your life, now that you've found Julie you'll be happy again." Or, "At first, Sally and I didn't get along very well, but now I can see that she's not as bad as I thought." Those would be inappropriate comments. Consider your mother and the new bride as your audience and keep your comments appropriate. School or childhood stories are always good areas to consider.

Love sells. As much as you may dislike public comments of love and affection, this is the perfect time. Poetry, song lyrics and titles, movie stories all can serve as great reference points to build around. Check out quotations and thoughts from others on love and romance -- Shakespeare and greeting cards can serve equally well for inspiration. Romance will always be in season. Be creative.

Keep it short, but be positive, uplifting and full of praise. You have a brief shining moment to add to the event. Set the tone for a day that your friends will always remember. Since many receptions are now video taped -- remember that the bride and groom's children and grandchildren will someday hear your eloquence. Don't make it your inaugural address or a tryout for the local comedy club. Your friend and the guests will appreciate it.

Try it out in "Peoria." Before you open your mouth and insert your foot, try your toast out on a good male and female friend for comment. Get their honest reaction so that you can adjust accordingly.




Toast time is generally regarded as the time after all guests have received their glasses of champagne and/or have been seated. The Best Man can "clink" his glass with a spoon to get the attention of the audience. Make sure you have the full attention of the Bride and Groom before commencing with your toast.

The Best Man is designated as the first toast giver and generally the Groom will respond by thanking his Best Man for the comments and then recognizing family, friends, and his new in-laws. The Bride may sometimes make a toast following the same guidelines. The toasts of parents and other guests can then follow.

Always stand to give your toast. "Cheers" is always a fine ending line. "Bottoms up" is not appropriate.

Wedding Ideas!


Cinderella Wedding
Beach theme Wedding
Harley Davidson Wedding
Parisian Theme Wedding
Italian Theme
Irish Theme
International Theme
Fiesta Wedding
Luau Wedding
Halloween Wedding
French Themed Wedding
Asian Wedding
Mediterranean Wedding
Nautical Themed Wedding

More Wedding Planning Help


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