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Weddings and Wedding Planning!

Planning the Perfect Wedding!

Tips to Make Your Wedding Unique

Recommended Resources:

The Perfect Wedding Reception: Stylish...


Planning a wedding can be exciting, hectic and frustrating all at the same time. Somehow, after all of the hours of hard work, a spectacular wedding emerges. Here are a few little touches to consider when planning your wedding.

Ask the florist to place two loose roses in your bridal bouquet. During the wedding ceremony, perhaps during a hymn or after the lighting of the candles, remove the two roses. Together, as bride and groom, walk down to both sets of parents. Greet the bride's parents first, and present the mothers with the roses. Give each parent (father and mother alike) a small hug and a quick word or two of love and thankfulness. ("Thank you for everything, I love you" - "Thanks for being such wonderful parents" - "Thanks for sharing your wonderful son with me") Return to the altar. If there are more then two sets of parents ask the florist for more "loose" roses in the bouquet and visit each set or individual. This entire process should be executed quickly.

Often times a receiving line at a reception can be very long, and the process can be tiring and tedious for the wedding party and guests alike. One way to have a brief visit with each guest is to usher guests out, aisle by aisle, as the new Mr. and Mrs.. After the big kiss and the recessional walk down the aisle, let the main ushers return for key family members…Moms and Dads and grandparents. Return down the aisle as husband and wife. Stand at the first row and invite the guests to leave the church. As they get up to leave, greet each guest and say a QUICK "thank you for coming – you look great – See you at the reception – save a dance for me – " etc. The guests can then proceed to the back of the church, where, if your parents wish, they can also say hello and thank the guests for coming. The key here is to keep the lines moving so no one is waiting too long. Guests are much more comfortable sitting and waiting to be greeted with beautiful music playing than they are standing in a long line!

Everyone always wonders who's who in the wedding party. Why not spell it out in the program. There is usually plenty of room on the back or inside of the program to give a brief bio of each individual in the wedding party. You might list how you are related, how you met, how long you've been friends, etc. It is also fun to add a small note to personalize each such as: Lynn and I have been friends since we were 3. She taught me how to make perfect mud pies and later double dated with me at the Senior Prom. She has been a dear friend for as long as I can remember. Lynn currently lives in Chicago and works for Quaker Oats. Remember, keep it clean and nice. What may seem like a good joke when you are working on the drafts may not be appropriate on your wedding day. Bear in mind that your grandmother will read this!

Another fun program addition is courtship highlights. List key locations, players, and events that lead up to the wedding day. Perhaps the name of the person who introduced you, the name of the first movie you went to, the location where you first said "I Love You". The list does not require explanation, as those close to you will know most of them and for others it is fun to figure them out as you wait for the ceremony to start.

If you will be moving, why not list your new address on the back of the program.

It can never hurt to thank your parents and friends in writing. For example: A special thank you to our parents for supporting us through the years. For being there through tears and laughter. You have made our lives special with your love and understanding. As we begin as two, we pray to follow the example of love and family commitment that you have presented to us. All our love."

Bubbles are a fun addition to a wedding or reception. Have guests blow bubbles as you leave the church or as you leave for your honeymoon.

Place a small basket of essentials at the church and at the reception for the wedding party. Place it in the restrooms. Most attendants will not be carrying a purse. Include in the basket items for makeup touchups, safety pins, brush and a comb, breath mints, bobby pins, perfume, you name it. This can save last minute panic!

Design a Wedding Recipe book. Pass it to friends/special guests and allow them to add their special recipes for a happy marriage.

If any young children are to be included in the reception, make plans to keep them occupied during the meal and special toasts. Prior to the wedding, leave a coloring book and package of crayons at each child's place setting. They will be excited…and quiet!

Scatter various herbs on the entry or dance floor so the air is filled with a delicious fragrance. Try thyme, mint, lemon balm or ground eucalyptus. Create an instant feeling of warmth and happiness.

Instead of using numbers for your tables, give them names. Use names of romantic figures, such as "Cupid", "Casanova", "Romeo" and "Juliet" and others. Or, choose names that are special to you – countries you have visited, cities located in the country you will honeymoon, etc.

Entertain your guests with a special video or slide show of the happy couple from childhood to current time.

Honor your parents by using the cake-topper from their wedding cake, displaying photos from their wedding day and by playing their wedding song.
Another special touch would be to use two of our silk flowers in your wedding colors and add them to your bouquet. Do not tie them into the bouquet, but place them around the outside of the flowers so that you can easily detach them. Tie a small note to each flower with a satin ribbon in your wedding colors. During a special moment in the wedding ceremony, give one flower to your mother, and one to your mother-in-law. Your note may want to be a "Thank you for all your hard work" message, or "Thank you for sharing your wonderful son with me" message, or just a simple "I love you". This will be a nice keepsake for the two mothers.

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chocolate leaves, autumn wedding favors

Groom's Responsibilities

Six to Twelve Months Prior:

Select a wedding date and time with your bride-to-be
Select your attendants -- ask them to be part of your wedding celebration
Decide on an engagement ring for your bride -- if you haven't already presented her with one
Begin compiling a guest list -- check with bride for estimated numbers
Begin your honeymoon plans -- either as a surprise for your bride or with her
Discuss your housing situation with your future wife
Determine all financial arrangements and responsibilities

Four Months Prior:
Order wedding attire for your attendants -- be sure to get everyone's correct size, shoe sizes too!
Shop for wedding bands
Complete guest list including names, titles and addresses
Make final honeymoon arrangements
Two Months Prior:
Select appropriate gifts for your wedding party
Finalize rehearsal dinner plans with your parents


One Month Prior:
Get your marriage license
Arrange your transportation for your wedding day
Pick up your rings and try them on for size


One Week Prior:
Get your haircut
Pack luggage for honeymoon
Pick up all necessary tickets for honeymoon
Try on all wedding day attire
Help fiancée with final details
Take your fiancee out for a quiet dinner, don't discuss wedding details. Reminder her how much you love her.


Your Wedding Day:
Give the bride's ring to your best man
Remember to take your marriage license to the ceremony
Prepare the officiant's fee and give to best man
Don't skip any meals
Take your time and enjoy your day!




Maid or Matron of Honor's Responsibilities

Help the bride select a wedding dress
Offer your assistance to the bride with all wedding details
Help the bride address the wedding invitations
Plan a bachelorette party
Throw a wedding shower/bridesmaids luncheon for the bride
Get a recipe from friends and family members and develop a "recipes from those who love you" cookbook for the bride
Pay for your own wedding attire
Make sure all bridesmaids take care of their dress arrangements and fittings
Attend the rehearsal
Help the bride dress on her big day
Arrange the bride's train and veil before going up the aisle
Hold the groom's ring during the ceremony
Holds the bride's bouquet at the alter
Straighten the bride's train before the recessional
Sign the wedding certificate as a legal witness
Stand in the receiving line
Dance with the Best Man at the reception




Best Man's Responsibilities


Plan the Bachelor Party for the groom
Make sure that all groomsmen have their attire and are fitted properly
Attend the rehearsal
Make sure that the groom is at the ceremony on time
Hold the bride's ring during the ceremony
Deliver the officiant's fee
Sign the wedding certificate as a legal witness
Stand in the receiving line
Handle the limousine provider
Make the first toast at the reception
Dance with the Maid / Matron of Honor at the reception
Assist with the couple's "getaway" plans and arrange airport transportation if needed
Return the groom's attire to the appropriate place after the reception
Arrange to (tastefully) decorate the getaway car


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Wedding Party Gift Ideas



It is never easy to decide what gifts to buy for your wedding party. These are your dearest friends and they deserve the best. The following list is to help generate ideas for gifts for those whose hard work, love and support will make your wedding day special. You might find something perfect for your wedding party, or perhaps a suggestion will trigger the perfect gift. Whatever you choose, wrap the gifts in beautiful paper, tie them with flowing gossamer streamers and attach a silk or real flower as a finishing touch!



Announce It! Custom candy bar wrappers for all occasions. Adorable graphics with many sizes and prices to fit any budget.



Frames – imprinted or unimprinted. Take a photo of each member of the wedding party with the bride or groom and forward it to them after the wedding with a special note of thanks. A frame is an excellent gift as everyone can always use one more.


Photo Albums – imprinted or unimprinted. These can be filled with pictures of the wedding…sent after the fact, with a quick thank you note. They can also be filled with pictures of great times from the history you have shared. Stash a few pictures in each album of childhood years, class pictures, prom photos…you name it. You might also add a note in the front of the photo album stating again how much the friendship means to you…yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Photo Boxes – imprinted or unimprinted. Fill the box with photo memories old and new, as well as simple reminders of shared experiences.


Keytags - imprinted or unimprinted. A simple gift that everyone can use. The key tags can be presented to wedding attendants at the rehearsal dinner. They make terrific napkin holders!


Glassware - imprinted or unimprinted. Simple wineglasses are a nice gift with or without an accompanying bottle of wine, wine decanter or wine cooler. Along with the wineglass, extend an invitation to share a bottle of wine after the honeymoon, and your attendants will know they won't be forgotten just because you have chosen to marry!


Mugs - imprinted or unimprinted. Give one or a set of 4 or more. Have them imprinted with the names of the entire wedding party, or with a simple message of gratitude for the role they have played in your life.


Lamps – imprinted or unimprinted. A simple candle lamp can change an evening meal into an event. The lamp, with candles included, can be used again and again.


CD Holder - imprinted or unimprinted. Great for music or computer discs.

Etched Glass Keepsake Box – A wonderful spot to store jewelry, cuff links, and change.

Money Clip – imprinted or unimprinted. A simple gift for the groom's party.


Candles - imprinted or unimprinted, with or without a scent. Candles have become increasingly popular, and again, you can never have too many.


Jewelry – Simple pearl earrings, a heart shaped locket, a dainty bracelet…a lovely gift to give to the bridal party so that all the attendants are wearing matching jewelry during the ceremony. Jewelry is a wonderful lifetime keepsake!


Books – A coffee table book that is hand selected for each member of the wedding party is an excellent option.


Bowls – Another option is a decorative bowl. Select a style that fits the taste of each individual.
Jewelry Holder – Alone or with a small pair of earrings, everyone can use a case to carry their jewelry when they travel.


Wine Opener – Alone or with a nice bottle of wine in a decorative bag.


Embroidered Pillow, Hand Towel or Saying – If you have the time and talent, a handcrafted gift is a wonderful way to show you care.


Holiday Treasure – If your wedding is close to a holiday such as Christmas or Halloween, a decoration for the season is an excellent idea. Each year when the holiday comes around and they pull out the decoration they will think of the bride and groom on their anniversary.


300x250 Bridal Banner



Engraved Pens
Leather Planners
Hat boxes
Sporting Event Tickets
Hard to get Tee-times on a great course
Certificates for Spa treatments
Restaurant gift certificates
Luggage / weekend bag
Leather toiletry kit
Swiss Army Knife
Gourmet foods basket
Theatre tickets
Wine holder and bottle of wine
Velvet pillows
Martini set
Cufflinks for the men
Leather cellular phone holder
Palm Pilot holder
Cashmere blanket or scarf
Silk scarves for the women
Magazine subscriptions
Desk accessories
For themed weddings, the attendant's gifts can tie in with the theme.



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Theme Weddings


1. Why have themed weddings become so popular?
Themed weddings provide the bride and groom the opportunity to let their own personality shine through. Couples are getting married at a later age and have developed more of their own sense of style by the time they start planning the biggest day of their lives. They are no longer completely tied to the desires of the Mothers when planning a wedding. By selecting a theme that both the bride and groom have an interest in, they are in essence, providing friends and family a glimpse of their personality as a new couple.


In addition, having a themed wedding can be more fun and relaxing. Many couples nowadays, see the traditional wedding as too rigid. As society becomes more mobile and individuals travel across the country and globe, their friendship ring extends beyond the usual city and state boundaries. If friends are flying in for a wedding, many feel it should be more than your typical everyday wedding. By creating an "Event" the wedding couple is providing more of a reason for guests to attend.


Themed weddings can also be a way to save on the wedding costs. Bypassing a number of traditional wedding elements like a sit-down dinner, band, large cake, flowers, etc with themed elements, money can be saved.


Also, people increasingly want to make a statement, to be different and create an event that no one will forget. Las Vegas at one time was all about the small intimate wedding chapel. Now, the Bellagio or Venetian will create lush, extravagant events to meet all needs. Creating one-of-a-kind wedding celebrations is a goal of many young couples.


Themed "weddings" usually include a more traditional ceremony and a themed reception. This provides the opportunity to please both sets of parents and the bride and groom. The trend to these types of events in the last several years has grown tremendously. From what we are seeing, by talking to individuals across the country, is approximately 30 – 40% of weddings have some type of non-traditional/themed twist.


2. What basics should brides and grooms keep in mind when considering a themed wedding? Or rather, what criteria should they use to determine whether or not a themed wedding is right for them?

When the bride and groom are considering a themed wedding, they should take a close look at why they are looking at bucking tradition. Many couples incorporate a themed element into their wedding festivities because they have a true combined interest that defines them as a couple. Examples might include, a love for traveling, involvement in country music, horses or the great West, a chance meeting on the beach in Hawaii where they fell in love, a love-at-first-site meeting at a Harley road rally, or something meaningful. Perhaps, the couple is moving to an army base in the orient for several years and wants to set the mood at the wedding. Whatever the reason or theme, if both the bride and the groom are excited about the idea, why not?!


However, if the reasons are to simply go against Mom and Dad to make a "statement" perhaps it is not a good idea. After all, a wedding should be a reflection of the bride and groom and the love they have for each other. It is not a show, but rather a celebration.


The basics for planning a themed wedding are listed below:
Keep in mind the true reason for the celebration, a reflection of the bride and groom and the love they have for each other. Do not lose the basic meaning of the wedding in the theme.


Make sure that both the bride and the groom are equally excited about the theme. If the groom loves Harley's and the bride goes along with the theme but secretly looks forward to the day he will trade in that old bike for a SUV, perhaps it isn't a good idea.


Even a themed event must have limits. Select a budget and stick to it. Even if you are having a Western Theme and Garth Brooks is available for a huge price, a DJ will work fine and within the budget.


Incorporate the theme into all elements of the event. Start with the invitations, decorations, attire, favors, music, food, thank you notes et al.


Select a location that works well with the theme. For a sports theme, perhaps a local stadium, for a Parisian theme – an art museum, for a Hawaiian theme – a Botanical Garden, or for a Halloween theme – an old house that has been turned into a restaurant. Be creative, look for unique locations.

Incorporate the guests and the wedding party. Carry through the theme as much as possible, even at the rehearsal dinner.


Work to incorporate the Parents into the themed event. It may not be their first choice, but through patience and combined effort, get them to buy into the idea. It is not worth it to get the marriage off on the wrong foot when dealing with parents and in-laws.

3. What are some of the ways that couples have brought their theme to life?

Halloween Themed Wedding – Halloween Weddings are popular during the latter part of October. Couples who find themselves selecting a late October date are torn with the timing of Halloween. Many decide to stick with the date and incorporate elements of a Halloween celebration.


Invitations – The invitations can be used to set the theme by inviting guests to attend a spooktacular event, the union of Beth and Tom. Print the invitations in black or orange and include a variety of words that play on the theme. Haunting union, don't be invisible, no tricks all treats, the bride will be bootiful etc. The invites can also include confetti or cobwebs. Small amounts of cobwebs can be used to indicate the length of the union to come.


Church Decorations – Leading up to the church small pumpkins with heart carvings can be used like luminarias. Each can contain a small candle to light the way. For more playful pumpkins, carve pumpkins that resemble the wedding party and perhaps the parents of the bride and groom. Inside the church, the decorations can be more traditional. If the wedding colors are black and orange, decorate with gossamer to create flowing bows and drapes. The bride and her party can carry orange flowers, or a fall arrangement bouquet. Add small ghosts, spiders or cobwebs into the arrangements. Some Halloween themed weddings go to the extent of having the wedding party dress in costumes.


Reception Decorations – Again, depending on how formal the event is, we recommend using pumpkins on the tables. They can rest on a mirror with lights around with festive bows tied to the stem, or carved out to be used as a taper holder, or carved like a jack-o-lantern with small votive candles inside. Keep in mind, carved pumpkins will smell after several days and should be cut the day before the event. Fall leaves of silk, or tissue can be used to accent the pumpkin centerpieces along with fall floral arrangements. Add black gemstones too. Use simple masks with names written with a material pen as placecards and favors. Tie the carving knife with an orange bow and sprinkle orange and black confetti on the tables in either star or Halloween shapes like pumpkins, bats and ghosts.

 Use imprinted napkins in orange and black with the theme, date and couples names. Also, personalized glassware candles with black and orange wax add a nice festive touch. Black, orange and white balloons, gossamer and twinkle lights are other products to use on tables, columns and entrances. Balloon arches and columns topped with ghosts and pumpkins can affordably transform any room. For a fun finish, use glow necklaces in the centerpieces.


Favors - Use an imprinted frame with a Halloween imprint and the couple's name and date as a placecard/take home favor. Or imprinted bubbles with the same spooktacular theme and leave them at each place setting for a fun decoration and take home favor. Include in the wedding program an outline of the wedding party and their background as well as a list of "couple" moments. "Couple" moments are a list of events, locations, individuals and things that help to divine the bride and grooms courtship. Let the guests enjoy learning more about the bridal party.


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Masquerade Theme Wedding -- Another twist on a Halloween themed wedding is to have a Costume party. A more formal twist to the typical pumpkins. This will allow the guests to take part in the theme and still dress for the occasion. We recommend a Masquerade themed event.


Invitations – Set the theme early by sending out invitations in the shape of a mask with a soft feather accent. Incorporate the colors of the wedding into the invitations. If the colors will be traditional Mardi Gras colors (purple, green and gold) use these colors in the invitation. If you have selected alternative colors, send out the invitations to match. Mask confetti can easily be added to the invitation. Or select our Starry Night Confetti invitation that includes a cover filled with mask confetti.


Church Decorations – Create braids of gossamer using purple, green and gold gossamer to mark off different sections of the church. Add filmy gossamer bows. Leave in the pews with the program or in the program an explanation of the night to follow so everyone can feel like they are a part of the event as it unfolds. Create a giant balloon arch and state your vows under the arch.


Reception Decorations – Using the purple, green and gold color theme, use costume accessories for decorations. This will allow the guests to get into the spirit of the event even if they didn't come prepared. Place hats, beads, leis, and masks on the table in an arrangement that will act as a centerpiece. Have helium balloons rise out of an upside-down hat. Create other centerpieces with masks attached to sticks at different heights, incorporate candles for a more elegant effect. Decorate the room with balloon arches and giant masks.


Favors – offer garters for favors so everyone can have a simple memento of the big event. These can be placed in the centerpiece, used as napkin rings, or they can act as placecards by writing a name on each "paper disk" attached to the garter. Offer imprinted toasting glasses at each place setting with toss beads hanging out of the top. This will add color and provide a personalized favor. Imprint bubbles with a Masquerade theme and place them at each place setting.


A Harley Davidson themed wedding is not as uncommon as one might believe. Harley's are becoming more and more mainstream in a sense, and many couples enjoy the social interaction and events associated with individuals who own a Harley.


Invitations – For a Harley themed wedding, we recommend stating the theme right up front. Sending out invitations with a motorcycle on the front or reference in the copy is important. Going Hog wild and getting married, Two Hogs will become one, Ride like the wind etc.


Church Decorations – A guest registry is available with the Harley theme. It is available at specialty stores, ask your local Harley dealer for a location near you. The ensemble also includes a cake topper with a motorcycle, as well as other basic accessories. If you can not find these, go to a toy store and purchase Harley toy motorcycles. Songs such as "Born to Be Wild" can be used as a processional song or used elsewhere in the ceremony.


Reception Decorations – Ask all your friends who own Harley's to ride them to the wedding and reception. This will provide a bit of outside decorating to set the mood. Place one nice Harley inside the reception area to carry out the theme. Incorporate toy Harley's into the centerpieces. Use Harley bandannas as napkins at each place setting. Tie black, orange and white gossamer on the back of each chair to create bows in Harley colors. Float black, orange and white balloons on each table, secure to the table by tying to a large model motorcycle.


Favors – Provide personalized favors to use as decorations and take home mementos. Imprinted keytags or keytags with chains, frames, photo albums or sunglasses with the theme imprinted would work well with the Harley theme. Mugs would also make an excellent imprinted favor. For an additional theme related favor, place temporary tattoos on each table for guests to adhere.


Other Ideas – Be sure to take several wedding photos on the bikes. Some as a couple and a few with the entire wedding party. Even get Grams and Gramps into the action in a few photos.



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Hawaiian/Nautical Themed Wedding–

– Start your Hawaiian theme off with invitations that illustrate the theme. Using flowers on the invitations, shells, a beach setting, or palm trees. Simple confetti can also be added to the invitations to set the theme.


Church Decorations – If your budget allows, I would recommend tropical flowers throughout the church. These flowers can also be incorporated into the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets and flowers for the groomsmen. Placing decorative palm trees with felt leaves at the entrance (available in our All Occasion Store) provides an elegant flair. If the wedding is at night, decorate with lighted palm trees. Tie bows on the pews using Hawaiian gossamer. Outside the church, line the walk with luminaria filled with sand and glowing candles.


Reception Decorations – Extend the Church decorations to the reception area. Decorate with palm trees and grass matting. Add a giant Aloha banner over the door that you will enter and exit. Decorate walls and tables with grass skirting or tapa corrugated paper. Drape fishnet across doorway corners. Decorate the tables with tropical flowers, candles, leis and shells. Use shells as candleholders. Sprinkle confetti on the tables to match your theme using palm trees, fish or perhaps flamingos.


Parisian Themed Wedding

Invitations – Even if you don't speak French add a touch of French to your invitations. Mon amour, Mon cher, Bon apetite to name a few. Look up your old high school French teacher for ideas. You might add some silk rose petals in the invitations as well.


Church Decorations – Decorate using fresh red roses, red silk roses or red cracked ice roses. A nice color theme is red and black. Twinkle lights add a romantic touch. Add cracked ice roses to the end of each pew. Instead of elaborate bouquets, have the bride's maids carry a single long stem red rose tied with a black satin ribbon.


Reception Decorations – Behind the band or DJ place a giant 3-D Eiffel Tower outlined in twinkle lights. Place topiary trees around the room, real or created with tissue squares. Rent "carts" and fill them with flowers or place them around the room and use them as serving stations for food or place favors in them for guests. Place mini Eiffel towers on each table and add votive candles, gemstones, and confetti. Imprint napkins with a Parisian theme or with French words along with the couple's name and the date.


Favors– Provide personalized favors to use as decorations and take home mementos. Imprinted glitter or gel candles can be used to create centerpieces and then provided as a take home favor. Use personalized snowdomes or frames with French photos or phrases as placecards and then invite guests to take them home. The French love their wine; custom imprinted wineglasses are a useful and personal gift for wedding guests. Elegant imprinted lamps (with candles that glow inside) will create a romantic mood for a more formal setting.


4. What can couples do to avoid going over the top with their theme -- or is they're never such a thing as over-the-top with themes?

The bride and groom must decide for themselves how to define over-the-top. For some couples, you are correct; there is no such thing as too much. For others, they only want a small hint of a theme to define who they are as a couple. Again, the key is deciding the boundaries upfront and sticking to them. It is important, not to alienate the parents of the bride or groom before the wedding. If a couple is getting a lot of backlash over their theme choices from the family, I recommend they talk as a couple and determine how important all the elements are to each of them. Deciding what is a must have Vs a nice to have Vs not important, should be done along the way to create stress free (or as stress free as possible) wedding planning.


5. What are the pros and cons of getting the guests involved? Should you require them to wear costumes, buy certain gifts, participate in certain activities, etc.? If so, what is the best way to communicate this desire?

Most wedding guest's list includes a diverse group of individuals. Diverse in age, background, and attitude. I always recommend that no guest be forced into doing something they are uncomfortable with at a wedding. With that said, any event is more fun if everyone participates. Allowing various levels of participation is critical. If you are having a Western themed event, guests can come in full western attire, dance the two step all night, call a square dance or two, eat all the BBQ they can hold, buy the bride and groom matching cowboy boots and lasso the mother-of-the-bride. Or, for the rest of us, we can simply wear the hat provided for a portion of the event, tie the bandanna/napkin around our necks and do the Electric Slide – once. Providing a wide range of involvement will allow everyone to select what he or she is most comfortable with for the event. However, it is important to let guests know what to expect ahead of time so they won't be surprised.


One suggestion for many couples is to set up a website explaining/outlining the wedding weekend events. The site can also include photos; gift registry links and other important information like hotel reservations and directions. The site can also help to track RSVP information. For many, I recommend setting up a virtual wedding so guests who can not make the trip can watch the event on-line.


6. What resources would you suggest brides and grooms use to help them plan their themed wedding?

An excellent resource is ReasonToParty! We offer free party planning for any event. Working with one of our party planners, your themed wedding can be easily personalized to match the interests of the bride and groom. In addition, if the bride and groom are in a different location than the family (mother-of-the-bride) they can all see the same items without leaving their home. For specific themes, I also recommend visiting a related store for inspiration. For a Harley-Davidson theme, stop by a Harley store. They sell a variety of times other than motorcycles. For a Western Themed wedding, visit a local Western Store for accessories.


7. Let's talk dollars and cents. Where do themed weddings fit in the range of the cost of weddings and are they ever money savers? If not, what can you do to trim costs?

Like any wedding, the budget range is up to the bride and the groom. Planning a themed wedding is not more expensive than a traditional wedding. Depending on the elements included the themed wedding it can be done on a budget or can be an extravagant event. Trading out a floral centerpiece for $100 each for a cowboy hat, mini straw bales and balloons centerpiece for $10 each is a big savings. However, if you add a cowboy hat to the floral arrangement each centerpiece would still be over $100. Custom imprinted products such as napkins and candles can be purchased at for less than the more traditional linens and rental glassware. Often times themed weddings are located at a unique location such as an old barn which can reduce the cost of an event. Themed weddings at various venues are also growing more popular. Restaurants such as those with a medieval theme cater to wedding parties during the afternoon. The setting, food, decorations etc all tie to the selected theme.



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8. Is there anything else you can tell me about the secrets to throwing a fabulous themed wedding?

Keep in mind that no idea is too outlandish if it is comfortable to the bride and groom. After all, this is their day to celebrate. Just like with a more traditional wedding, preplanning and attention to detail is critical. Determining what you want and which elements are most important at the start will help you make decisions in the long run.


Don't forget to have plenty of cameras around. If you are planning the wedding event to be remembered, you'll definitely want to capture it on film. After all, your children will be looking at your event in years to come.




Additional Wedding Theme Ideas:

Star Wars®
Civil War
Mickey Mouse®
Teddy Bears



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Wedding Favor Ideas

Personalized Bubbles
Personalized Votive holders with candles
Personalized Glassware – wine glasses, champagne flutes, brandy snifters
Small gift boxes filled with candy, mints, nuts, "secret family recipe" cookies, poems or sayings
A single bud vase, filled with one fresh stem, or a silk flower
Small imprinted frames that can be used as placecards at the reception, then filled later with a fond memory
Personalized Snowdome frames
Personalized favor bags
Personalized gourmet chocolates
Personalized Candy Jars
Keytags (they also make terrific napkin holders for the reception)
Potpourri wrapped in tulle, tied with ribbon imprinted with names of the bride and groom
Scrolls with thank you message
Disposable cameras
Personalized photo albums
Napkin rings
Tree seedling to plant in honor of the bride and groom
Small potted plants or herbs
Cookies/special "family" treat with attached recipe
Bags of birdseed
Personalized CD with the couple's favorite songs and wedding music
Decorative fans
Wedding bells
Miniature Flower Pots – filled with bulbs for spring or fall planting
Glass slippers (perfect for Cinderella theme weddings)
Stationery tied with tulle and ribbons
Potted orchids
Wooden boxes filled with different flavors of tea
China tea cup
Personalized pens
Fancy beverage stir sticks
Mini bottles of champagne
Mini bottle of wine
Beer Bottles with a photo of the bride and groom
Bookmark with information about the day, date, time names and special wish to friends and family
Personalized shot glasses
Personalized candles
Themed favors – leis, cowboy hats, clapboard frames, sea shells, Mardi Gras masks, Christmas ornaments, etc.
Personalized plastic ware
Fortune cookies filled with personalized messages presented in a mini "takeout" container
A simple but fun item that honors the bride and groom's heritage, hobbies or shared Alma Mater
Personalized lotions/bath supplies
Spa Certificates



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