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Western Theme Party Supplies!


Western Party Invitations

Western Party Decorations

Western Party Games & Activities

Western Party Food & Cake Ideas



Choosing a Western theme party is great for children and adults, birthdays, anniversaries and especially great for corporate parties. Everyone gets in the spirit of the party when they can come dressed up in their best country and western attire.


After selecting a Western theme for your party, choose a slogan or theme to use in your invitations and to tie in decorations and personalized favors to your Wild, Wild West bash. Find the perfect slogan for your party by trying one of the following, or by thinking of one that fits your guest of honor’s personality:


"Hoe-down Happenin’!" , "Wild, Wild West Party" , "Saddle Up...for a Rootin’ Tootin’ Good Time!"


Western Party/Barnyard Bash/Hoedown Party Invitations  


Send out invitations that give a hint of the fun that is to come with a theme from the Wild West! Here are some ideas:


Make the invitation in the shape of a sheriff's badge. Use Silver Metallic Paper to cut out the shape of a star. Write "You're Invited" in a circular format on the front (like a real sheriff's badge) and write the details of the party on the back of the star.


A cowboy boot is another cute shape to cut out of brown or black paper. With this shape you could add some silver "spurs" and silver lettering and your guests will get a hint of the upcoming fun!


Have your invitation printed on black & white spotted paper!


Create a unique "Wanted" poster featuring the guest of honor on it. Mail in manila envelopes. This would be great is you used wrinkled paper, preferably tan or light brown.


If you choose to use a more traditional style of invitation be sure to enclose some Wild West Metallic Confetti in your cardsy.


Inflate a Cow Balloon, but do not tie off. Write the party details in permanent marker on balloon. Deflate and wipe off end. Mail the balloon to your guests and when they inflate the balloon they will see the party invitation and details!


Attach a note to a Sheriff’s Badge saying "Don’t be an outlaw – mosey on down to our home on the range for Mike’s birthday bash!"


Be sure to encourage your guests to come dressed for the Hoedown in their cowboy boots, 10-gallon hats, bolo ties, bandannas, and big belt buckles before corralling on down to this party.


Have a few bandannas and Cowboy hats on hand for those who show up as city slickers.


Western Party/Barnyard Bash/Hoedown Party Decorations and Ideas:


Arrange bunches of daisies, wheat, sunflowers or wildflowers in cowboy boots, metal coffee pots or tin pitchers.


Setup a special rocking chair(s) for the guest(s) of honor.


Add flowers to empty beer bottles (after soaking off labels) and use as centerpieces.


Use bandanas as napkins, haystacks as seats and lanterns and cowboy hats for decorations.


Hang a large Saloon Banner at the front door.


Western Party/Barnyard Bash/Hoedown Party Activities:


Nothing beats an old fashion kind of campfire when you are doing a Western theme party.


Try to find someone who knows a few songs and can play the guitar while everyone relaxes under the stars. Here are some suggestions: Home on the Range My Darling Clementine Get Along Little Doggies She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain Happy Trails Pony Boy Streets of Laredo Turkey in the Straw Deep in the Heart of Texas


You could also have the guests list as many songs as then can and give a prize to the one with the longest list!


If something a bit more active sounds like the way to go, try some of these suggestions: Hire a caller to teach everyone how to square dance or do the two-step. It's a great time to kick up your heels!

Have a "howling at the moon" contest.


Try your luck at a "lassoing" contest.


Create a favorite photo opportunity with an adorable Jail Standee.


For some fun crowd interaction, have your guests take turn staging a small Western film. Pull out your video camera and play back the short films. Have your guests vote for their favorites in different categories – i.e. funniest, most realistic, John Wayne stand ins, etc. Rent a mechanical bull for some real bucking good times.


Sack Races/Hay Fights/Horseshoes – some things you just never outgrow!


Children love anything Western -cowboys and cowgirls are always popular with them! Here are a few more ideas for the youngsters:


Conduct relay races with cowboy attire. Set aside a cowboy hat, bandanna, vest, broom (horse), wild animal (stuffed animal or some type) and a rope. You will need one set per team. Each team member will have to put on the cowboy hat, bandanna and vest, gallop on a broom horse down to the "wild" animal, pick up the rope, attempt to lasso the animal, and gallop back. You might add that they have to yell, hoop and holler like a cowboy on the way back, too! Then they take off the attire and tag the next team member. The first team through the race wins.


Teach old campfire songs and build a pretend campfire out of sticks and red, orange and yellow tissue paper.


Play "Pin the Tail on the Rodeo Horse" or "Pin the Tail on the Cow".


Play the "cowboy hat game" - which uses the same idea as musical chairs. Place all the hats in the middle of the floor. Play some great country music, turn off the music and everyone dashes to put a cowboy hat on their head. Have one less hat than kids so someone will not get a hat. Take out one hat each round until you have a winner.


You can hide some small Western toys in a pile of hay and have a huge "hunt in the hay"!


Western Party/Barnyard Bash/Hoedown Party Food & Cake Ideas:


Nothing says hoedown better than barbecue sauce! You can barbecue about anything and it will work great! Here are some other suggestions:


For kids - hotdogs, baked beans and chips. Easy, simple and the kids will eat it!


For adults - big bowls of chili, cornbread, and salad. Big tins of trail mix will get everyone in the Western mood! Place a small bowl in the top of a cowboy boot and fill with salsa. Do several of these with different degrees of "hot"!


Sassafras or just plain root beer is sure to please all of your buckaroos whether big or small! Pour into Western Boot mugs for added pleasure!



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