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Whale Party Ideas!


Plan an under water adventure for your child's next birthday... a Whale Party!


Many of these great ideas have come from Birthday Express and

Whale Party Invitations:


Write the party details on an inflatable whale. Deflate and mail to your guests. They will have to blow it up to get the details.


Print out a picture of a whale (we have a dot-to-dot one your invitees can color) and include the party specifics on the bottom or back. Or, create your own and use whale stickers on the envelopes. 


Party Decorating Tips:


Spread your table cover on your party table and then cover it with a fishnet. Add toy sharks, fish, octopus, etc to the table too.


Hang fishnet around the party room and include any inflatable, toy or stuffed sea creatures to the fishnet.


Use two different colors of blue crepe paper and hang them from the ceiling to the floor.


Use brown package paper (can be bought at dollar stores), cut out in the shape of the bottom of a boat and hang on the ceiling. To be even more creative, create an anchor out of cardboard and attach it to the bottom of the boat using rope.


Hang Die Cut Green Vines (seaweed), Clear Balloon bubble strands, and some Fish overhead in the area where the children will enter the party.   


The Giant Octopus Standee will be waiting to wrap his arms around the little party guests! 


Cover walls with Dark Blue Water Gossamer. The gossamer also looks terrific as a table cover, puddle around the base of other decorations, or hanging from a doorframe.


Use small nametags with blank whales drawn on them, having the guests write their names and color them in as they arrive.


Whale Party Game Ideas:


These work great for children ages 3-6


Feed The Whale: Draw a large picture of a whale's face onto cardboard and cut out its mouth. Have the children throw bean bags into the whale's mouth. 


Pin the Tail on the Whale: Draw a large picture of a whale, with no tail. Make enough tails for each guest, and a few extras. Using two-sided tape, put a small piece of tape and a number on the back of each tail. Each guest tries to pin the tail on the whale. Only use a blindfold on older kids.


Baby Whale Pickup: Divide the kids into two teams. Place a bowl of goldfish crackers (20 in each) about 15 to 20 feet in front of the teams. Give each team a spoon and an empty container in front of them. Instruct them to go one at a time (one member from each team) down to the goldfish, scoop them up and bring them back and put them in their empty container. The first team to get all of the goldfish transferred is the winner. 


*Remember, very small children do not enjoy competition games and it is best if ALL children are treated as winners!


Fish for a Name Tag - Before the party, make enough whale-shaped name tags for each guest using colorful construction paper. Decorate then attach a paper clip to the mouth of each whale. Create a fishing pole: a sturdy stick with a yarn “line” and a magnet “hook”. Place the whales in a colorfully decorated box or a waterless kiddie pool. Upon their arrival, each guest is given the fishing pole and plays until they catch a whale. Write the child’s name on it and they can wear for the rest of the party.


Deep Sea Fishing - Recommended that you have a helper. Hang a sheet over two tall chairs or string fishing line tightly across the room. Decorate the sheet with printed out, colored paper fish or stickers. Make your own fishing pole by tying string to a pole and attaching a clothespin to the end of the string. Each guest will get a turn to "cast" his or her line over the sheet. While out of sight, your helper can attach small gifts, favors, or treats to the clothespin. The helper yanks gently on the line to pretend that a fish has "bitten". Your guests will reel in their lines and see what they’ve caught.


Humpback Talk - just like Dory in Finding Nemo, have the kids try to "talk Whale". They will have such fun taking turns making their own whale sounds


Squirting Gallery - Lay down a jump rope to mark the standing line. Set up a number of empty plastic pop bottles at a distance 8-10 ft away. Give each guest a squirt bottle or squirt gun and try to knock down the most bottles! For younger children, have the line only 5-6 ft from bottles.


Sea Shell Treasure Hunt - Using a sandbox or a plastic swimming pool filled with sand. Add a lot of different sea shells and bury them. Let the kids hunt for the shells. Makes great party favors.


Making Waves - You will need: cooking oil, glitter, a small plastic bottle for each guest, confetti, blue or green food coloring, rubber cement glue, & water. Fill each bottle half full of water. Add food coloring and gently shake to mix. Next, use a funnel to fill the bottle almost to the top with oil. Add confetti and glitter to decorate the liquid inside the bottle. When finished decorating, seal the lid on the bottle tightly with rubber cement. Allow the glue to dry completely. Then let the kids turn the bottles on their sides and gently tip them back and forth. They have created waves!


Mitten Whale - Make mittens or old socks into whales with felt scraps, glitter, sequins, googly eyes (2 per guest), ribbons, buttons, and permanent markers. They then may want to create a puppet show


Whale Tag - For this game, the birthday child begins as the Whale in the middle of a large playing area. All other players are Fish, who must try to run past the Whale to the other side of the playing area. If a Fish is tagged, he or she holds hands with the Whale and help tag more fish. The last Fish alive becomes the next Whale.


A Bubble Machine will entertain kids for hours as they race around popping underwater bubbles! 


How about old-fashioned three-tentacle (or legged) races, and crab races.  For the crab races, have the kids raise themselves up from a sitting position on their hands and knees, so that their backs are facing the ground. 


Create a deep sea fishing pond, using lots of toy treats for the catch of the day. Get caught up in a wave of fun as the kids make a craft that they can display with pride. 


Wrap a box of individually packaged Goldfishtm snacks (one for each child) with newspaper or butcher paper.  Continue wrapping layer upon layer around the package, so that the kids can unwrap it one sheet at a time.  After you have added approximately 12-15 layers, wrap the final layer with real birthday paper and a fancy bow.  Gather the guests around in a circle, play some music, and tell the kids that when the music stops, whoever is holding the package gets to unwrap the package (be specific that they may only open one layer.)  Continue playing the game until the final layer is removed.  The winner gets to give each person a package of Goldfishtm…so everyone wins!


If your party is at a time when the weather is beautiful, request in the invitation that guests wear a bathing suit and let them get wet!  Have a water balloon fight, play water-hose limbo, or just let the kids play in the sprinkler. 


Whale Party Treats:


Deep Ocean Blue Ice Cream: Let a gallon of vanilla ice cream to soften. Then add 2 tablespoons of blue food coloring or 2 teaspoons of cake icing coloring to the ice cream, stir and then return to freezer


Sail Boats: Make finger sandwiches (tuna, chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly) or you could use slices of pizza, and then take a cracker, tortilla chip or something else rectangular and place it to look like a sail on top of the sandwich or pizza.


Fish Bowl
You will need a large, clear bowl, one package of blue or green Jell-O®, gummy fish, and a cup of low-fat whipped topping. Make Jell-O® according to package instructions. Pour into the bowl and set in the refrigerator. As Jell-O® thickens, (check after about an hour) insert the gummy fish into the "sea." When it is time to serve, spread whipped topping over the top to create the illusion of surf. Serve in cups or small bowls.


Beach Lemonade
Combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup lemon juice, and 5 cups water. Stir until sugar dissolves and add ice to chill. Makes six (8-ounce) servings.



whale party








School of Fish! 

One sheet of rice crispy treats (you’ll want to have one fish per guest at the party, so depending on the number of people you are serving, you may need more than one sheet.)
A large fish cookie cutter
One “board” for displaying the cake
One 16 oz. container of ready-made frosting
Several colors of bright gel or paste food coloring
Piping bag
Edible iridescent glitter
Cut fish out of the rice crispy treats with a cookie cutter. Place them on a large cake board covered with Water Print Gossamer, and frost each one differently with bright colors of frosting. There is no right or wrong way to decorate the fish…and you can even involve your child in the fun!  If you prefer a more traditional cake, simply cut a 9 X 13” cake into a fish shape, and decorate it with bright colors.



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Reason To Party has your Whale Party Supplies  and Whale Party Decorations, Invitations and Whale Party favors.


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