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Barnyard Party Ideas and Barnyard Party Supplies!

Kids and adults alike love Barnyard Parties.. they are great for young children, preteens and even adult's birthday, anniversary, mitzvah or school event.


Barnyard Party Invitations

Barnyard Party Decorations

Barnyard Party Activities

Barnyard Party Delectable Treats


Barnyard Party Invitations


Send a red bandana, (that your guests can then wear to the party) with the party details attached to it.


In the invitation, tell your guests to wear jeans or overalls and tie on red bandanas as they arrive or give them each their very own straw hat or cowboy hat.... or have them dress as their favorite animal. 



Barnyard Party Decorations


Put up pictures of animals — cut out of magazines, on posters, from coloring books — to help turn your home into a real barnyard.  If this is a child's party, set small animal figurines around the room, on the tables, etc.


Using red construction paper, construct your own barn door mural for one wall. And a bale of hay in front and this makes a great seating place as well as a place to have pictures taken with the Guest of Honor.


Create large cow spots out of black construction paper and hang on white walls, or add to a white tablecloth.


Use red bandanas as napkins and placemats.


Purchase white cups and, using a black marker, create cow prints on the cups.


If the party is outdoors, create a cardboard swinging barn door at the entrance to the party. Use bales of hay around the yard for seating. Use large cow stand-ups (or create your own out of cardboard) as decorations.


Use flower pots as centerpieces. These can be natural or painted to fit your themes colors, or even the cow print again.


Using a large cardboard box (get some from stores, they're free!), create a barn for the little ones to play in. The Birthday boy/girl would love to help paint this the week prior to the party!

Put up pictures of wild animals - cut out of magazines, on posters, from coloring books - to help turn your home into a wilderness. If you're feeling especially adventurous, make trees out of rolled up newspapers and color them green (instructions below) or get some plastic foliage from an arts and crafts store and arrange strategically.

Barnyard Party Activities


Egg Find Use large plastic eggs and insert a number or sticker pertaining to a barnyard animal. Hide the eggs in a large tub filled with straw. Make sure you have one egg for each child at the party. After they dig and find an egg, have your guests form a circle. Make sure each kid know their animals and then sing “Old MacDonald had a Farm,” with each child acting like and making their animal sound in turn!


Barnyard Bingo This version of bingo requires preparation, but can be easily adapted for the age of your guests. Before the party, create bingo cards with a picture/sticker of a barnyard animal in each square instead of a number. Write the corresponding names of the animals on slips of paper and place them in a hat. At the party, let the birthday child draw the slips of paper from the hat one at a time, calling out the animal’s name and/or making the appropriate animal sound. Give players candy corn to mark off the animals on their cards. Award BINGO winners with theme-related prizes!


Music – Square dance, country, banjo or fiddle. Recommended CD "Singing in the Bathtub" by John Lithgow (Third Rock from the Sun), Includes: I Had a Rooster, The Codfish Ball, Inchworm and more. Children will love this!


Duck, Duck, Goose This classic children’s game is perfect for your barnyard party! Seat your guests in a circle and choose a leader. The leader walks around the circle tapping each child on the head and saying "Duck." When ready, the leader says "Goose" when tapping a chosen person on the head. The Goose must get up and chase the leader around the circle. If the Goose doesn’t catch the leader before he or she makes it back to the open spot, then the Goose becomes the new leader. If the Goose catches the leader, he or she sits back down and the leader continues the game.


Little Piggies Don’t be surprised if your guests make pigs of themselves during this game! To prepare, make one small bowl of Jell-O® for each child (plus a few extra). Line the bowls along the ground outside if the weather permits. If playing inside, lay a tablecloth or other mess protection under the bowls for easier cleanup.

To play, the kids place their hands on the ground beside their bowls and must keep them there throughout the game. When the command is given to start, all contestants begin eating their bowl of gelatin. The first one to clean his or her bowl, wins!


Sloppin’ the Hogs This is a great activity for kids of all ages! Purchase or make bean bags suitable for tossing and draw a large picture of a pig on a piece of cardboard with its mouth wide open (Birthday Express shipping boxes also work well). Draw and cut out the mouth so you have a hole large enough to toss the bean bags through. Place the box about ten feet away (adjust distance for the age of your guests) and give each kid a chance to toss the bean bags into the pig’s mouth!


Sheep Herding Before the party, inflate two white balloons. Attach short pieces of black curling ribbon to make sheep tails and use a black marker to draw faces on them.

To play, divide your guests into two teams. Give the first player on each team a broom, or fly swatter, that they will use to herd their team’s sheep across the room and back to the next player in line. The first team to finish herding their sheep wins! (You may want to have “sheep” clones ready in case the originals pop.)


Barnyard Party Delectable Treats


Animal crackers, cookies, Jell-OTM, American cheese, and cold cuts can all be animal-shaped by using the right cookie cutters. Ice cream cakes are often available in animal shapes, or you can make your own cake and decorate with plastic animals (these can be given to children as party favors).


Visit Birthday Express for the Little Red Barn cake recipe and decorating instructions. The highlight of the party!


Feed Bags

Fill small burlap bags with Chex Mix®, animal crackers, gummy worms or other snack of your choice. Close with twine and write “FEED” across the front with a black marker. Hand them out as guests arrive or send them home as fun party favors.


Pigs in a Blanket

You’ll need refrigerator croissants, hot dogs and cheese. Slice dogs lengthwise; cut cheese in strips. Unroll croissants. Layer with cheese and hot dogs. Roll up and bake as directed, or until golden brown. Don’t be surprised if your guests squeal for more!


Cricket Cooler

A day before your party, fill several ice trays with water. Place a few raisins in each compartment to create “cricket” cubes; freeze overnight. On the party day, place one tablespoon of grenadine syrup in each child’s glass. Add a few cricket cubes. Fill the glasses with cream soda as your guests watch. They’ll be amazed how their buggy drink turns pink and foamy!


Garden Tray

Share your prize-winning vegetables with everyone! Serve baby carrots, olives, and your child’s favorite veggies cut in bite-size pieces. Serve plain or with dip.


Giant Eggs

One of your chickens has laid giant eggs! Boil four eggs for 15 to 20 min. until they are hard-boiled. Run cold water over the eggs; crack and peel carefully.

Divide 1/2 lb. ground breakfast sausage in 4 equal portions and flatten each into a round patty (about 5” across). Wrap a patty around each of the hard-boiled eggs, covering them completely.

Beat one raw egg in a small bowl. Brush each sausage-wrapped egg in the beaten egg. Then roll each egg in crushed saltine crackers, covering completely. Arrange eggs in a shallow dish and bake 25 to 30 min. or until sausage is no longer pink. Note: Be sure to show off your record-breaking eggs before dividing them into smaller portions at mealtime!


Barnyard Party Cake

Bake a large sheet cake or buy one from a bakery. Decorate it using edible materials to create a farm scene. Build a barn using graham crackers and frost it with red icing. Sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies or instant cocoa powder on top to make dirt in the barnyard. Use pretzel sticks to make a corral, green frosting for grass, etc. Finish your scene by placing animal figurines on top of the cake. Be creative and have fun!


Animal Cookies

Let your partygoers decorate their own animal cookies. Make sugar cookies and create all the animals on the farm using cookie cutters. Use as many different animal-shaped cookie cutters as you can find.

Make glossy icing by sifting confectioners’ sugar into a bowl and slowly adding hot water; mix until it becomes a smooth paste. Add food coloring to separate bowls of icing to create an array of colors.

Set out the cookies, bowls of icing, sprinkles, and other creative toppings on the table and let the kids loose to decorate 2-3 of their very own animal cookies.



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