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Valentine's Party Ideas!

Adult and Teen Parties
Kid's Parties
Valentine's Ideas
Gift Ideas
Valentine's Craft Ideas
Free Valentine Coloring Pages to Print - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Free Valentine Word Search Puzzle
Love Poems
Valentine's Day Craft and Activities Ideas
Valentine's Day Ideas for the Family



Adult and Teen Parties/Dances

There is no better excuse for throwing a sweetheart dance or banquet than Valentine's Day. The invitations you choose to send will set the stage for a romantic and fun filled evening! We have the following recommendations for an invitation that will spark the romantic fires even before the evening arrives!


Valentine Party Invitation Ideas

Send a single Silk Red Rose tied with ribbon and a note. This is a beautiful and elegant way to invite your guests to come to your party and celebrate their love.


Sometimes a simple heart-shaped box of chocolates is a nice way to entice people to come celebrate this occasion with their sweetheart! Simply glue a small piece of red or pink paper on the top of the box with all of the party details!

Valentine Party Decorations


Check out the large amounts of heart-shaped props, centerpieces, tableware, favors and more in the Valentine's store - including heart-shaped balloons, cut-out cupids, tissue fan hearts, die-cut hearts, heart garland, heart shaped tiaras - you name it! Here are some tips to help you pull it all together for an incredibly romantic look that is sure to have Cupid working overtime!


Tell your guests to come dressed  in red from head to toe. Then as they arrive, present them with a red Silk Rose.


Decorate walls, doorways, or tables with red and silver die-cut hearts enhanced with your own wording written with a paint pen. The more hearts you use, the better the effect!


hang twinkle lights everywhere!


Add some romantic Murals. They work great at hiding unsightly walls and add flair.


To add a special touch to your party, tie big red bows with trailing streamers on the backs of your chairs. Gossamer works perfectly to create lovely bows at a budget price. Drape and swag gossamer across ceilings and walls. Twist red and pink together for a stunning look.

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Valentine Party Activities

Generally speaking, most Valentine's celebrations include a sweetheart dance. Many times this is all that is required in the way of entertainment for the guests at your event, but if you are looking for some other ideas to keep your lovebirds busy that night, we have the following suggestions:


Heart Tunes
Divide your group into two teams and see how many songs with the word heart in them each team can sing. The team that can sing the most wins!


Steal My Heart
Give everyone a Heart Badge with Be Mine Ribbon at the start of the party. The object is to not cross your legs but to catch people who do! If you catch someone in the act then they must give you their pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the evening is the winner.


Sweet Fortune
Kids and grownups alike are crazy for sweets. This activity is a fun version of fortune-telling that involves a big bowl of Valentine candy! Have your guests grab a small handful of candy from the bowl and interpret their fortune according to the list below. The more of each color, the greater the influence will be in your life. The great part of this game is if you don't like your fortune, eat it up and try your luck again!

Red: Love
Pink: Friendship
White: Popularity and Power
Purple: Loneliness
Green: Wishes - For each green one, you can make a wish that will come true!
Blue: Wealth


Mended Hearts
What you need:
Red construction paper
Large bowl
Cut one heart for every two guests from construction paper. Cut each heart in half in a unique way (one with a zig-zag, one straight, and so on) and place all the "broken hearts" in a bowl. As each guest arrives, have them pick half a heart from the bowl. After everyone is there, have your guests find the person who has the matching half. The pair that finds their partner first, wins!


Valentine Scramble
See how many words the guests can make out of the words "Valentine's Day" in five minutes.


Sweet Conversations
Sit in a circle and have each player take five conversation hearts. One person starts a story with a few lines using all of the words on their hearts. The next person in the circle continues the story using their words. Each player must use all the heart words in their lines. Once you have gone around the whole circle, you can eat your words at the end!


The Newlywed Game
This is a familiar game, but in case you need a refresher course, here is how you play. Choose 4 couples to compete. Ask the men to leave the room and then ask the women about 4 or 5 questions. Write down their responses. Invite the men back into the room and ask the same questions. The object is for the men to respond with the same answers as their partner. Then the game is reversed and the women leave the room. The couple with the most matched answers wins the game.

Have several couples to tell the group how they met and fell in love. Make sure that married couples include the juicy details of the marriage proposal and the wedding day.


Valentines Party Table Decorations and Food

Before you begin to think about how you will decorate your tables for a Valentine's Day event, you will first want to decide whether you are going to go very romantic with candlelight and roses, or whether you wish to create a fun atmosphere with confetti and candy. Either idea is wonderfully appropriate and we have some tips to decorate your tables for either choice.


Use white Tablecovers to cover your tables and then for an added touch use fabric paint and draw hearts and X's and O's randomly on the cloth. For something a bit sexier, apply bright red lipstick and kiss the cloth to leave the outline of lips across the table!


Decorate your tabletops with Heart Shaped Candleholders and white and red candles


Cut sandwiches into hearts and X's and O's


If you will be using a buffet table to serve your lovers, dish up the food into heart-shaped dishes. Use glass cake stands to elevate some dishes and add dimension to the table. It always looks beautiful and adds romance when you line platters with a few roses or edible flowers (such as pansies).

Your food choices are unlimited for this holiday - you can serve about whatever you would like and serve it buffet style or sit down dinner style!


Use pink and red food coloring in as much food as possible.


Go to a gourmet cooking supply store and look for edible hearts and cupids and use it to decorate all your foods.


Serve red or pink punch in clear plastic cups with a pink or red ribbon tied around the base.


Valentine Hearts Party goods at BirthdayInABox

Valentines Party Favors and Napkins


It is always a special gesture to send your guests home with a small gift to keep the memory of the evening alive in their hearts and minds. Here are a few ideas to do just that!


Place candles at each place setting and at the end of the evening let the guests take them home.


Bundle up your silverware and napkin with a Valentine Garter that also serves as a great favor.


Purchase waffle cones and fill them with assorted Valentine candy and wrap the entire cone with red Cellophane.







Romantic Gift Ideas


For Her


Roses always a favorite


Lingerie (actually a gift for both of you)

A night out. Arrange for the babysitter, pick her up at the house, open her car door and take her out to a romantic dinner. A glass of champagne is always a nice touch.

Champagne/strawberries and chocolate

A massage (either give it yourself or hire someone to come to your home).

A bubble bath for two -- lots of bubbles and don't forget candles and music to set the mood.

Symphony tickets

A CD of her favorite music

A home-made coupon book. Create certificates goof for things like:

A night out with the girls while you watch the kids

Hubby cooks dinner tonight

You get to pick the TV shows for the night

A massage

A night of romance

You to the housework


Ask her friends for the items she really wants

Write a love letter or poem

An evening by the fire

Tickets to a show, play or performance that she has always wanted to see

Breakfast in bed

Put together a photo album of your years together and add your own creative captions.

Surprise her with airline tickets and take her away for the weekend. But don't tell her where you're going till you get to the airport.

Hire a limo for a night out on the town.

Perfume that you really like on her.

A romantic card that really says what you feel.

Cards/messages hidden where she'll find them throughout the day.

A chilled bottle of wine with cheese and crackers and fruit to share.

A balloon bouquet

Notecards with her initials on them.

For Him

A romantic lunch. Have him meet out for lunch. Have fast food in the car and head to a local hotel for "dessert."

Pampering. If he's never tried it, get him a manicure and pedicure at a private place.

Sports equipment. It's hard to go wrong with a new golf club, bowling ball or tennis racquet.

Any electronic gizmo. Men love all things high-tech so check out new TV's CD players, clock/radios, etc.

A picture of you for his desk.

A love letter.

Silk boxers.

A home-made coupon book good for:

A massage

A night out with the boys.

He gets to pick the move you see.

Candy (chocolate).

2 tickets to a sporting event he really likes.

No tools!

A satellite dish.

A new, cool pair of sunglasses.

A basketball hoop.

A computer or cool computer games with golf, football, basketball or mystery games.

Cook him a candlelight dinner and have a picnic on the floor.

A favorite CD.

Ask his parents about his favorite childhood toys and get him one.

Massage oil.

Book of romantic ideas (sometimes guys need a head start).

A new keychain.

Arrange a poker night for him and his friends. You get the beer, sandwiches and chips and head out for the evening.




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